Thursday, July 30, 2009

Back on the wagon...

When speaking to my Mum on the phone today, she remarked she was tired of looking at my bowl of rice crispies and to 'get blogging, baby!' always, she was right. It has been far too long.

I can't seem to keep up these days - my weeks are now split travelling between Glasgow and Belfast {where my lovely man lives}...between managing and making orders, running my business, creating new work AND, most importantly and challenging of all, forming a new business with said lovely man - so it's no wonder something had to give. It was my poor neglected blog, and I feel bad...and rather silly too, if I'm honest. After all, my blog helps me hugely in processing my thoughts and work and keeping me feeling like I have accomplished something each day/week/month.

I'm going to try and let this be a lesson to me, because, I know I have been hellishly busy over the last weeks and months, but feel I have less to show for it somehow {sans regular blogging}... and so it all feels a little 'where did the time go, what happened?'...

I guess life is about balance, and it's not always easy to keep, or to find.

Anyway, putting that aside, I can share a little of what I have been up to when over in Belfast for the last two weeks {not much, mind, as it seems I was even too busy to pick up my camera that often ;)} of the highlights of the trip was catering a party for the misters parents 30th anniversary. I was a lovely night - and we were so pleased with the feast we created. The savory food was demolished before I had a chance to photograph it {but believe me, it was yummy!}, but my glossy wee pearl meringues managed to get snapped... my first ever meringues in fact, I think even my granny would be proud, they were delish and were ALL dispatched pronto! ;)

...I really enjoyed arranging masses of californian bluebells along with some stock and pink roses, and lavender plucked from the garden just before everyone arrived..all presented in mis-matched glass beer mugs, it turned even a vase-less bachelor pad into something fit for a pretty partaaaay! ;)

...and finally, a sneak peek at just one of the drawings I have been working on, which are forming the basis for our textile pattern designs. It's like a dream come true to see this collection come together and I am loving learning about transitioning hand drawings onto the computer and editing them there. This one is amazing at it, and I am so lucky to have him teach me as we work together... especially, as you know, I am not the most technologically minded gal on the block...

So, really, I think that is me just about up to date. In between I have developed a passion for Project Runway {said bachelor pad has a digi box!}...Camera Obscura and a strong craving for fish and vegetables {I am tired...I need fuel, clearly}...I even took today off in the end, some time to clear my head was sorely needed.

Lastly... thanks to my lovely Mum for giving me the push I needed today. I love you. Always.

And here is to striving, every day, to find that balance needed.

More soon, and that's a promise!
;) xo

p.s. the summer necklaces I have been working on are almost ready, I just need to photograph stay tuned for those over the weekend...I am so happy with how the juicy gemstones look against the silver... :)


Vivienne Percy said...

My Sweet Girl
That's just the ticket! beautiful photos and lovely thoughts. As always an inspiration and food for thought for all who read. Your drawings are delicious and I can't wait to see the finished new business ideas.
love you
mum x

Anonymous said...

Hi abigail!
Thanks for your help yester eve!I've been following your blog for years]months and have been always too shy to comment. An admirer from a far i guess! So glad your mom gave you that push. Such pleasure reading and what looks like yummy delights too;) You truly are an inspiration. Keep up the good work. oh and Sketches are beautiful too.

Trish said...

So glad to have you back on the blogoshphere! I was just telling my boyfriend last night that I was really missing your posts! ;)
Couldn't agree with your mum more: beautiful photos and lovely thoughts indeed. Love the drawings and looking forward to hearing more soon :)

kelly said...

so happy to see you back in this space with such lovely tales to selfish side is saying don't go wandering off for so long but my nice side is over the moon for you that you were clearly having a ball! i'm so excited about your new business with mister b...please don't keep us in suspenders for too much longer! the teaser of your exquisite drawing is making me giddy : )

have a fantastic weekend abigail. hugs Xx

ooo and p.s. wow...those pearl meringues are just the perfect sort of sweet treat i imagined a jeweller would bake! if you're free in 2034 can i book you guys to cater for our 30th??!

lisa s said...

always glad to see you here... and glad that you are too busy to blog :) although we miss you....

shash said...

very excited to learn more about your pattern project. your drawings are so incredible. i always wish you would make a book of them. it makes perfect sense that you would work on patterns! so exciting abigail! congrats on all the developments.