Thursday, November 26, 2009

Christmas Update Info...

It's getting very exciting, and very manic around here... the BIG Christmas update is always a big challenge {especially in Scotland!} - as I am always fighting against the fading or non-existing light to shoot the 'goods'... but this year especially, I have THREE business' 'goodies' to photograph and style, and one, for the very first time.


I am totally delighted to be able to tell you I will be launching my Christmas Jewellery update this coming Monday, Mister Bell will be updating his shop too - and we will, finally, be unveiling the grand launch of abigail*ryan homewares.

I really am over the top excited to be able to share the homewares collection, finally - after so many months of work! And excited too, as I know just how many more things we have in the pipe-line for the New Year to add...

Christmas will be a little different this year in our shops - so I thought I would explain a little about it. I hope you will bear with me! ;)


Having always worked 'to order' - I am switching things up this year. All new items will have inventory bars letting you know an item is in stock {I have made multiples in advance which means I can ship them out to you faster!} - I will work hard to keep items in stock as they are selling, however, if an item goes 'out of stock', you can still contact me to order it... but it will take my normal quoted 14 working days.

I will of course work hard to make this faster where possible, but am hoping the whole new system will make getting bijoux to YOU, from me, as quick and easy as we can! Our aim is to ship within 3 working days.

abigail*ryan homewares will be running in the same way! We have costed all our shipping as regular airmail with the option to add 'insured, trackable shipping bolt-on upgrades'. It is *always* my preference to send goods recorded, and I do this for jewellery as standard - but we wanted to give people the choice when it came to the fabric goods...

Everything will be explained clearly on each website - so have a wee read when all is live and get in touch if you have ANY questions at all. :)

VERY last postal date to the USA is the 11.12.09
VERY last postal date to Europe is 11.12.09
VERY last postal date in UK is 23.12.09

Please order as early as you can in advance of these dates so we can ensure you get your orders in time for Christmas Day!!

Stay tuned to Abigail A. Percy - Designer Jewellery, DesireLines, and to abigail*ryan so as not to miss out on the launch.

I will be back soon to reveal all!!


p.s. You may have noticed I have retired many designs from my Vintage Collection. Many can still be specially ordered, so if you can't see what you are looking for in my shop - see my portfolio website for the full back catalogue of designs. :)

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