Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Oh what-a-to-do!!....I am trying to decide on the images I want to use, as I am getting some new postcards printed {that I will also use to make up press packs for One Year On}. This one is a new photo of the Sweet Horse Chestnut Carved Necklace....and it was the 'un-posed' version, just shot how the necklace fell....and it has grown on me. Do you think it would make a nice postcard?? I am also thinking this, this and this to make up a set of four....hoping to represent as much of my work as possible. So, SO hard to decide......

On Monday I went to Fopp and picked up Amelie at LONG last!! can you believe I have never seen it!...anyway, I simply loved it, and just can't wait to make some time to sit down and watch it again...there are so many moments of perfection, sheer beauty..genius! Oh I loved it so....:)

It was my Mums birthday weekend just passed, so I am a little behind on work {and beginning to feel very stressed..and am making it worse by accidentally sleeping in in the mornings...ahhh!!}...deadlines are looming, ideas, thought and to-do lists are whirring in my head, and I don't know what to do with myself. Fiddle with images of jewellery....that's it!!???? ;)

Hope everyone had a good long weekend....xox

Saturday, May 27, 2006


So, while I am working on painting up the new pattern, I thought I would show you the image of the source of inspiration from my trip to Paris. These beautiful leaves were just outside Notre Dame cathedral...And were just so fresh and new....totally gorgeous! I love the blossom puff spindles above, and wanted to include a more linear illustrative quality into a print to represent this....... is the basic layout {some details missing..this is just the tracing to help with the motif spacing} I am in the process of making sure I don't want another layout...or what colours to do it...{still}, ahhh..indecision ;)

Speaking of inspiration...I am sure most of you have now heard of or are reading Selvedge magazine ....if you love it, do check out the the Selvedge Bookshop , a treasure-trove of textile and fashion related books...all rounded up in the one place!!.....also if you have a bit of free time, have some fun designing your own Modernist Poster {see link in the sidebar} on the Victoria and Albert Museum site...:)

I got these shoes through from Camper and I love them.....they are so, so comfy...and as I always have a problem getting comfy shoes {big feet!} I really applaud them for making size 9's {42}....yay! All in all, a good day so far...picked up work from a gallery {some sales!! :D} and now just chilling out before heading out to the supermarket later on....

Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend as well....xox

Thursday, May 25, 2006

How time flies....

..When you are busy working!!.....chop, chop, file, file.....and nothing much interesting to post about, sorry for the unexpected absence! I have been working on a new pattern, which is well on it's way now...and I am about to start painting it up {trying to decide on colours} finally. Here is a sneaky peak as to what the leaves look like. It is based on all the new spring horse chestnut leaves that are coming out this time of year..drooping and hanging in clusters with the feathery blossoms standing proudly above. I will share the pattern soon...:) I am pleased to be doing some new designing brings more balance to work life, as you feel that excitement and unsure-ness again, which is nice....I love having the time to devote to fact, I love it most of all!!

Now...a huge *thank you* to the lovely Marieke of Treats and Treasures fame who sent me this wonderful parcel of paper and fabric goodness....such beauty and part of our wee swap! {aren't swaps just the BEST!?}...she included some origami papers, vintage floral cards, old postcards, buttons and pretty stamps....some of everything!! I have just got her parcel ready to go as off to the post office tomorrow with me!

I have just given a huge batch of work to the have until Tuesday to fill my time with other things. I will do some ivory carving tomorrow, big complicated ones {eek}, and maybe start laying down the pattern in paint...and I have the place to myself tomorrow night, so maybe a good film too! I will be posting over the next few I plan to have stuff to show that won't bore folk to tears...haha! ;)

Have a fab evening friends, xox

ps, please check out this beauty from the3robbers on

Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Sum of the Parts...

"At this moment, design, fabric, form - sprinkled with small clusters of particles called stories turn into a high-spirited butterfly to take on the journey through one hundred years of memory." Omata, Chiyoshi {Director of Culture Design Department of 'Shiseido'}
I was reading more of Mina Perhonen 'Particle' today..and this quote, and these particular images set me thinking. Notions and ideas of design have been floating about in my head for a few weeks, what with Mav's posts about Design and the conversations that ensued, amongst other things {maybe it's because I am designing at the moment??}. What has been at the forefront of my mind has been the idea of 'process' and the notion that the sum of the parts equal the whole {the finished design}....but that the design is nothing without the parts, or the process...that the process is what gives design a basis, a story..meaning.
I suppose this also fits in with my thinking of the art of all things handmade...and how important the process one goes though to achieve a handmade product actually is. My job and role, in effect is always rooted and consumed by a process....the exploration of thoughts, the visual research and fleshing out of this...the physical manufacture of this 'idea', which becomes {in my case} a piece of jewellery. The journey, in most peoples eyes, is only now about to begin..when the jewel can be worn and is bought, but that is where my involvement for me is (nothing without the) process.
This brings me back to the images I have shown today...which I think show ' process' in such a beautiful way, not existing without the other. I love how the shells that have been used to make the mother of pearl buttons, with their pierced holes, have been placed next to the buttons themselves..showing the impact process has on the base material....and the Tori bird bag {which I covet so badly} which is shown in pieces, which highlights how well the making process shines though in the finished article, preserved and not hidden. I think this public airing of process is really important as it highlights the different ways that design is experienced. Is design appreciated differently by those who have insight into the process? I'm not sure.....but I think the way I view design, and the design I like, is the direct result {mostly} of my feeling some connection to a process the maker has gone short I want to be able to see it.
" I like using my hands to create products. I like to see the accidental happenings during the process of production, such as surprises found in nice linings or sections of materials, or intriguing mistakes" Hiroyasu Omura {Leather Artist}
This afternoon, I watched The Scent of Green Papaya which is just an amazing film. So slow and delicate, showing the processes and repetitions in life..time and care taken over these tasks, such beauty. Maybe when it comes to process...{to life} it really is true that fruits are only produced after much labour...?

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Leaves a' plenty.....

Lots more leaves were cut out today, and they are all lined up like little soldiers on my bench awaiting the chop tomorrow morning.....the ones at the front are for Rena who has sold out of the last batch of earrings..hooray!!

I am feeling a little tired today....and so thought the best thing to do was to stick a camera on top of my head and pull a face!! .....cheers one right up.... hehe!! Who knew??

Just a short one for tonight....I am feeling ashamed of myself for watching the fist night of Big Brother 7....really appalling...and I am now feeling like falling into a deep sleep, so, to bed!
Roll on Friday ;)


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Order in Chaos....

A big bit of silver sheet I had ordered came in the post today...which let me get on with lots of making!! There has been a HUGE hike in silver prices lately which is hitting us jewellers! But anyway....the silver let me get on with making a brooch {another like the Begonia one I have on my business card}..lots of Geranium Outline's to become earrings, and necklace...and new shape Begonia Outlines as earrings. Much silver dust everywhere!!
It is fair to say my bench is a tip! I will no doubt have to try and sort it out at some point......such chaos everywhere, is order possible from this??

Btw....WHAT is going on with Flickr?? I am not liking the new set-up if thats what it is....I am kinda hoping it's a system problem cos it's proving pernickety and bothersome. humf.....I will need to go do some detective work on their blog and find out what the deal is. Double boo!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Blossom Rain...

I am simply loving all the little spring showers we are getting in the evenings..cooling down the warm, and giving all the plants a drink. As if by magic the back gardens have sprung forth with a burst of pinks and greens..and when the rain comes, cascades of petal confetti from the blossoming tree fall in spiraling clouds. Such's even warm enough to hang washing out to dry......! (although I haven't yet)

I really think all this warm weather is having an effect on me (despite my being indoors most of the time!)..just look at my flickr favourites..what a yellow bias there is, it has just crept up on me somehow! *beam*

Here are some canvases that I printed up with my pattern designs to go to a show (just to accompany this jewellery work on them as I couldn't send them in their heavy glass cases)....I am currently working on some new pattern designs to inspire some new forms and work for the forthcoming show. It has been so long since I have made a new pattern, as each has such mileage for jewellery designs to take from it. But I love it's nice to be doing this once more.

I thought I would share a link to one of my all-time favourite artist jewellers - Bettina Speckner's work is just beautiful, and is very high end gallery 'art' work. I first saw her work in person when I visited Munich in Germany (where she shows a lot) and was blown away..(the backs of her pieces are as beautiful as the fronts)..they are like little paintings, such wonderful compositions, and I love the photographic etchings and transfers and use of delicious!
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend...I will be working, as I have lots to make, but as I can look out the window at the beautiful blossom really ain't all bad at all!
hugs to all xox

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

At Home..

A picture taken at dusk as I was flying into Glasgow after my trip....It was almost dark in London when we left, but we followed the sun all the way north and it was still more light when we arrived than when we departed down south..amazing. The river snaking through the picture is the Clyde, which runs through the city. A welcome sight!

I have been (and will be) working, working ,working hard!....I have so much to do for One Year On, so much jewellery to make, so much press material to prepare! My head is spinning..and despite planning I still feel a bit wooly as to what to do first and where to start. Scary. Very.

So, just a short post for this evening as I must plough on. Hope alls well where you are, and as sunny and warm as it is here in bonny Glasgow....happy Wednesday to you :) xox

Monday, May 08, 2006

Pretty for Spring....

Here is a Special Spring offering! A one off, unique necklace inspired by Rhododendrons (all coming into bloom about now).....

I made this hand-pierced Silver necklace a wee while ago, but have decided to sell it and let it go to a good home! It is a large domed pendant form (approx 7.5 cm diameter), and has delicate pierced floral detailing inspired by a 1950's print hangs from a medium weight oval belcher chain and has a silver lobster claw will look fabulous against summer it casts delicate shadows on the wearer.

The necklace is being offered up to the first lovely lady (or gent) to Email Me for the special price of £125.00 {GBP}, including gift packaging, and postage.... please feel free to ask any questions about the piece first, and I can send along more photo's too...:)

Happy Monday all!! Xox

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Sleepy Saturday..

Oh, a busy few days! Yesterday I flew down to London for my training day to prepare me for 'One Year On' it was a very long day 6.30am till 11.00pm...and boy I am tired!! Cheapo (or not so cheap in this case!) Easyjet flights sure ain't comfy, and it was so HOT down south, and I was dressed for a Scottish chill... is one of my favourite pictures that I took in Paris. I found this huge archway down a wee backstreet (near the Seine, and the Musee D'Orsay) after we had got off the train returning from Versailles Palace (great public transport in Paris btw!!!)..I love the carvings and the detail, so majestic and beautiful..*beam*

A wee link for the day to a lovely lady I have just been in contact with via the wonders of blog-land. Michelle Caplan makes beautiful artwork from collaged vintage ephemera..very delicate and lovely, and with just the right touch of romance (which I am so in the mood for {visually ;P} after Paris!)...her website is here, and she also has a blog and an etsy check them out if you too are in the mood for some seriously pretty inspiration :) !

I was going to catch up today with my five senses post...but as the title of this post suggests I am just too darn sleepy (and stiff) to sit in front of the comp for much longer tonight. I hope you are all having a lovely weekend so far....hope everyone enjoys their Sunday lie-in, I know I will!!


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Flea-markets.... is for sharing some of my favourite flea-market finds from my Paris trip. I love how flea markets have such a great mix of things..from the tasteful to the tacky, and from the cheap to the short, something for everyone, and LOTS to look at. The first treasures I found were these antique silk bobbins (above), that were unlike any I had ever seen before..due to their shape and size. They are about 5 inches long, and have a beautiful undulating wooden form. The silks they still have on them are the most stunningly beautiful tones of mauvey-lavender grey...sagey, smokey pale turquoise and an ochre-yellow in a very pale tone. I was sold even before I heard their story! (which may or may not be true..but it is fun to believe!!)...the dealer told me he bought the lot (huge box of them) from an old factory that had been closing down that had been operating since the 19th Century and was the first French manufacturer of Silk Jacquard fabric..these bobbins dated back to then, as the colours could be identified from their catalogues..OOoh lala!!! How amazing is that...all for a tiny 6 euros per reel!!

Next find was these exquisite 1910 Lithographs of plant studies (I am such a sucker for botanical prints!)...I could not choose between I got them both! I love the detail of the Anemone (great flowers!)..and it's pale green backdrop..and I love the way the Angelica print is stronger in tone, and bursts forth from its 'box' at the top..such great work, I am really looking forward to framing these!! So, for me..that was a pretty successful trip to the up to the French mantra of quality not quantity!! :)

A wee link for the day is to the Rare Device fashion shoot, where some of my jewellery has been photographed. It is so thrilling for me to see it in context, and on a person..and I love how it has been styled!! Here are the Spring/Summer Fashions shots..and this is my favourite from the group!!! Thanks Rena! :)

Till tomorrow friends..Xox

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Paris is Pretty....

What always strikes me about Paris is how utterly beautiful everything is..or rather, is made. In France, such care is taken over the things 'we' (ie, our society) has come to mostly ignore, skip over and mock. The care and attention that is afforded to food in France is just amazing....beautiful ingredients, beautifully and simply cooked...all in nice surroundings, for, and here is the thing (!), not much money at fact, much cheaper than here! People still take the time at the weekends to slow things down..go visiting, buying cakes..and artisan chocolates..stunning flowers to take as gifts. This is the norm there, and it is so refreshing!! Instead of a starbucks on every corner, there is an individual patisserie, or a cafe with people sitting supping a drink watching the world go is my impression (and delight!) that Paris embraces the unique and the expert at every given opportunity, not what is simply easy or fast (food)...It is like they have all the time in the world (perhaps because they make the time!). Quality not quantity seems to be the mantra they live by. So, so great....

The top photo was taken at Versailles (total eye candy for me, carving wise)....every detail is so was really wonderful. I would like to go back in the winter when everything is frozen, glittering and frosty...the white light would look amazing on the marble!

So many flower stalls and shops....almost one on every street, so beautifully turned out, with the most gorgeous of blooms, like these peonies (only 9 euros!!!) with their buttercream insides, and pretty frothy pink petticoats on I couldn't buy them, I had to snap them!! Peonies are my favourites...

The facade of the famous tearoom Laduree....where they sell their divine, and world famous Macaroons which are out of this world!!! My favourite flavour (if I had to pick) was the Salted Butter Caramel...Mmmm...I bought a little box of the miniature ones to savour at the hotel. Apparently the macaroons take 24 hours to make, and I am not can taste every minute!

Tomorrow I will share some flea-market finds....1910 lithograph prints and 19th Century Silk bobbins! How will I ever contain myself!!!!! :)

Thank you so much for such a warm welcome back dear blog pleased to be back!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Home sweet home...

Hello! I am back from my trip....and it seems like yonks since I was in front of the computer last...not just a week! I had a lovely time in Paris..thank you all so much for the well wishes for my trip, it was lovely to read on my return :) Alas..I am back down to earth with a bump, back to nice it would be to wander the world in search of pretty things (Paris sure is a good place to start!)....ah to dream!

Here is my favourite little pic from the trip, I will share lots more this coming week, but I am easing in gently - I just loved this little sausage dog painted on the pavement to indicate a 'dog lane' for all the Parisian pooches trotting along with their well coiffed, so fab!

We got wonderful spring-like and warm, and saw lots..found new places, and ate lots of delicious food..I am still full!!!! I found some amazing treasures at the flea markets that I will photograph this week too...I must find some spaces to put them first!...and unpack (I am so lazy at that!..the suitcase always lies around for days!). Anyway...I am glad to be back to sunny Glasgow, and to catch up with all my favourite blogs that I so love to read..I have missed you all! Hope you will have just had a lovely weekend....more Paris ramblings tomorrow!!

Xox mailbox in my email quickly filled up with spam emails when I was away (grrrr!!!), and as a result, I think all emails since the 24th were returned....if you did email me, I would be ever so grateful if you could forward it on again (if you still have it that is?)..and apologies for the no show reply from me thus far! x