Friday, June 26, 2009


Mister Bell and I are busying ourselves away in the workshop this week - I'm working on orders and scheming up new ideas for some limited edition necklaces using some gorgeous new gemstones supplies I picked up {green garnets and these gorgeous colourful quartz which are the most beautiful summery juicy shades!}... I'm also itching for July to arrive as I will be spending a few weeks in Belfast working on lots of pattern design/new products and beginning work on my limited edition items for an August birthday there is much to stay tuned for {and to do!}!!

Mister Bell has been busily piercing out flocks of darling little birds, for his first wholesale order - soon to be with MirrorMirror, and busily working on orders too after last week's shop launch. He picked up some yummy supplies at the bead shop too {aquamarine and freshwater pearls as below} - so I can't wait to see what new jewellery he will create!

In addition to that, my inspiration wall got a bit of an update with some gorgeous Laura Ashley wallpaper, some Lucienne Day fabric scraps and new postcards galore - so the workshop has been highly industrious all in all...

Both Mister Bell and I have set up Facebook business pages recently where you can get some extra info about our work and news... you can become a fan of me HERE, and of Mister Bell right HERE...hell, you could even become a fan of *both* of us, if you fancy!?

I also made a yummy banana and date if anyone fancies the recipe, just let me know and I shall post it! We are finding it makes the perfect breakfast...and afternoon snack...and supper... ;)

Back soon with more workshop scenes!

Monday, June 22, 2009


...been finding lots of little bits of plants on the pavement during my travels. The wind that has been keeping me awake at night has also been helpfully blowing little bits off the trees for me to find - I guess everything in life is a trade-off...

I am thinking a lot about silhouette {so, obviously, profile} I could turn a piece of something and document it, through drawing, to create movement in pattern. Almost like a still stop motion animation...or something. ;)

I also had my first froth this week...and managed to capture the beauties in full bloom just before they turned. Peony perfection.

Oh, and making me swoon today - Ceramics and beauty from Caroline Swift {via poppytalk}, right?

I'm very excited today as my Mister arrives tomorrow...and I just cannot *wait* to see him!! Yay!! 
Thanks so much for all your kind words about Mister Bell's big launch, too. Your feedback and support was really lovely...and we hope you will enjoy watching our forthcoming collaborations as they develop over the summer. We will be sharing some scenes from the workshop as the week goes on too, so stay tuned as we are both working on new pieces...

Back soon, Happy Monday!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mister Bell's BIG Launch!!...

Hi everyone...well, today is the day! After much hard work and many a long hour, Mister Bell has finally launched his brand new shop, FULLY stocked to the brim with two *brand new* debut jewellery collections and the full inventory of his stunning new one off  handbag designs...I am so happy to be able to tell you a bit more about what he has been feverishly working on, today...

The shop is broken down into three categories for you to browse through...

The Menagerie CollectionA collection of elegant, whimsical, but defiantly fun creatures, borne from his own illustrations and doodles, each character is hand pierced from sheet sterling silver and carefully hand finished. Beautiful quality and decidedly wearable, these designs are perfect for every day wear and to add a touch of humour to any outfit. Entirely handmade in the workshop we share in Glasgow...

The Woodland Collection: A stunning collection of hand fused, wood and nature inspired pieces, which range from dramatic and theatrical to delicate and perfectly wearable for day to day. 
All the pieces are hand made from sterling silver, and combine beautiful semi-precious gemstones beads, freshwater pearls, and vintage japanese cabochon flowers. Entirely handmade in the workshop we share in Glasgow.

Handbags: Created in his Belfast studio, every single DesireLines bag Mister Bell makes is a one off design, never to be repeated in exactly the same way again. He loves the creative challenge this affords him, dreaming up new and exciting colour and texture combinations each time, and knowing that every customer will be carrying something totally unique to them! Each bag is crafted from the finest of materials, hand woven Scottish tweeds, tartans and buttersoft Italian leathers and expensive, luxurious and unusual hardwear

*{I am a HUGE fan of  his handbags, and own three myself, so can swoon and wax lyrical galore about their dreamy quality and beautiful finish!! You know...I think I have already ;)}

You can read a little more about Mister Bell's back-ground {in his own cheeky words!} right here ... ;)

 ...I hope you will all enjoy browsing the work as much as I have! I know I may be biased, as this boy is my love, but he really is one hell of a talented chap and I am sure his new work is going to go down a storm!

Stay tuned for some collaboration work we have in store in the coming months...handbags, jewellery and even some home products. I plan to, at last, get back to my love of pattern you can see what Mister Bell + me + a sewing machine + inspiration galore + a jewellery workshop + a computer, can come up with.

I hope you'll agree, it's quite an exciting prospect ;)

So...without further ado - is officially OPEN!!!

...spread the word friends!


Monday, June 15, 2009


Just a wee quick intermission before the pics from the Jewellery dept at the art school, and Mister Bells big news...I finally got my website up and running. Have been working on it for yonks {I have had my domain for an AGE!} - just somewhere to house 'everything' under one banner, very simple and likely, always evolving... it is :)

Happy Monday, all! 

Sunday, June 14, 2009

GSA Ceramics Degree Show 2009...

Kayleigh Lockhart - Ceramic Design

Peter Kiernan - Architectural and Contemporary Ceramic Design

Gillian Rae - Ceramic Design

Stuart Carey - Architectural and Studio Ceramics

Ayala King - Art and Ceramics

Yesterday, my friend Helen and I went along to see the degree show at Glasgow School of Art...the school we both graduated from in 2004, and 2005 respectively. 

I took along my camera, wanting to document some of the new graduating talent - and have shots to share from Ceramics today, and later, from the Silversmithing and Jewellery department. 

Ceramics was my favourite show in the school by a mile. I walked in and the first word I said was 'wow' was truly fantastic. This, however, is hugely bittersweet as the department is being closed next year - it seems they plan on going out with a bang, still, I can't for the life of me understand why they would remove such an important and viable discipline from the schools curriculum, especially when Ceramics is such a vibrant, marketable skill. *sigh* There is a 'Save GSA Ceramics' blog, for more information...

Some highlights above... {if any of the makers have sites or photostores they would like me to link to, please just let me know :) - and, on a side note, I would highly recommend *all* new graduates set up a blog page with some images of their work and contact details so that, in the aftermath of their shows, people who google them can find some more information on you and some visual prompts to remind them of your great work!}

Congrats to all the graduates from Ceramics 2009 - a really lovely exhibition...  :)

The show runs until the 20th of June and is well worth a look!

More soon,

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A busy Summer so far...

I really cannot believe how fast the time is flying - and even, how little is getting done every day because of this odd {and very real, let's pretend} time-warp that's occurring. I'm not sure if it's a world wide phenomenon, or just in my little pocket of the West End...but anyway - I have *finally* got a moment to stop in and update this neglected little space with what I have been up to... thank heavens! ;)

First of all, 'I' has been 'we', really, as my lovely boyfriend Mister Bell was with me for the last two weeks - feverishly working on finishing his AMAZING new collections of jewellery, ready for me to style and photograph, and then get ready to launch his new DesireLines online shop!

Above are some sneak peeks of his work in progress...I just love watching him work...

It is all very nearly there and ready to, if I were you, I would be watching this space for an announcement any day now! I am really so amazed and proud of him...and I am sure you will all love the work as much as I do...

Things have been busy for me in the workshop too - and after a big push to get the brooches I had been working on finished for the Scottish Gallery 'Glasgow Girls ' exhibition* opening {which was lovely! So much nice work and great to catch up with so many old friends}, I was catching up with orders and am planning new designs for the coming weeks.

These new brooches have sparked some new ideas for me, so stay tuned for spin-offs from the large Magnolia brooch {bottom}...whose perforated silhouetted cameo form will surely be cropping up in similar form elsewhere, and the Laburnum brooch, whose tight and curved buds are inspiring many a lovely and long necklace...even some earrings, too.

We actually had a wee splurge on some new tools last week - something I hadn't done in an AGE! So I am really excited to get cracking with those and see what new things they can allow me to create. I can't wait!!

In short, there are a huge number of things in the works - so many projects I want to get under-way. I can't wait to share them with really, I hope this time-warp-glitch sorts itself out very, very soon ;)

Back soon with DesireLines news! {yay!}


p.s. I did find the time to watch Junebug the other day, which was an absolute treat - Amy Adams performance was utter it if you can.

p.p.s . I have Tony Takitami to watch tonight...has anyone seen it yet? Looks lovely...

* the exhibition runs from the 3rd of June to the please do pop along if you can!