Monday, June 30, 2008


Gosh last week flew by quickly....and suddenly, it is almost July! Still no Summer on show here I'm afraid....lots of rain though!

My lovely intern Sophie has headed back to France after a month here {thank you again for all your hard work sweetie - I so enjoyed having you here!!} - so Friday night held a farewell evening and much dancing at one of the events which was part of Glasgow's' Mod Weekender. Very good fun :)

The rest of the weekend was blur of brunches, DVD watching, food shopping, browsing in bookshops....all very nice and relaxing. And no work whatsoever....;)

...noticing lots of green in urban spaces just now. Fascinated with the contrast between stone/metal/structure and the foliage...grey {read: stone} and green is always so good....I am looking to recover my sofa just now too {I love the floral HUGELY, but the loose cover is getting holier by the day ;)}, so this is on my mind. Nature always creates the best colour combo's....yes?

How was your weekend?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


...can't get enough of them at the moment! Making these feels somewhat like being a kid fun and relaxing.

Spending spare moments when my hand are unoccupied {like when talking on the phone for example} zipping around sheets of brown with small scissors - enjoying the feeling of freedom I have when I can decide what to do as I go...not at ALL like when cutting sheet silver.

Hope everyone's week is off to a good start!? Can't believe tomorrow is mid-week already....

Friday, June 20, 2008

Inside the Cover...

Good Friday everyone! Ready for the weekend?...I know I am!...

A little 'Inside the Cover' treat to share today - I bought this book about the amazing William Henry Fox Talbot {grand master and inventor of the positive/negative photography process} and the images in this book are just rocking my world!

...I find it hard to believe that these images were created in the mid 1800's...they look so fresh and exploratory - and totally relevant to todays art/design and motifs. The stunning sepia tones also had me at hello {of course}!

Makes me want to get back in a dark-room and it has me seriously pondering whether or not I can clear enough junk out of my massive hall cupboard to do some converting and get photogramming! ;))

Thanks so much for all your wonderful music hints and links yesterday! I am having the best time discovering new finds and being reminded of old keep 'em coming!

By way of an exchange, I am also enjoying Matt Duke, Dawn Kinnard, some great French music in the form of Ayo and Tété {thanks to my lovely intern Sophie!}, and finally Beirut...nothing better than new tunes for the weekend, right?

Have a lovely one,

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hello this fine evening... goes it everyone!? 

My week has flown in already - a haze of working, seeing friends for coffee, dodging rain showers...and now, I suddenly find myself more than half way through the week and barely have even touched base here! 

Some new pieces are being uploaded to the Shop today and through to tomorrow :) Many of these leaves that are creeping in are ones that I found and pressed earlier in the Summer and in eyes are always on the pavement! Maybe I should scan them too? :)

Discovering lots of new music loves recently...this evening, I am listening to Bon Iver and Ben Harper - absolutely raising my spirits to soaring level! 

Any more tips? Who are you loving music wise just now?....

Thanks for all the fab comments on the Froth of last week. So cheering Peonies, aren't they? Glad to share them with you!

Have a great eve, back here soon soon!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

First Froth...

First beautiful Peony shaped froth of the year....they never fail to make me happy.

...hope you are all set for a good weekend? It's set to be a busy one for me, which figures really, as it has been a hectically busy week already! I hope I manage to fit in a long lie as well...;))

Have a good one all,

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sushi Night!...

Last night, we were jewellers turned Sushi chefs as we spent the day preparing a the morning we sourced some amazing Sashimi grade fish {tuna, salmon, sea bass} from the fishmonger and knocked off early from the workshop to chop, assemble, decorate and be creative with our combo's....such fun. So beautiful...

Say hello to Sophie {my intern, who you can just see here!}!!...we all stood around photographing for a good wee while prior to getting stuck in ;)) Typical creative types, yes?

Off out tonight to the GSA Degree show opening - hard to believe it was three years ago today that I 'finished'. Seems a long time ago to me...!

Sophie was showing me the website of Roxane Andres today...such nice work!
Good thursday to you! xo

Friday, June 06, 2008

Out of this world good...

...the florists in Paris, that is. 

Seriously, unbelievably stocked with the most amazing blooms - and as with all things French, the displays are the works of art as well. I ogled a lot more than the ones I managed to photograph {thanks to the downpour}...but was always blown away.

Off out tonight to see this at the cinema {beyond excited!} that should be a lovely start to the weekend! Hope you have something nice planned as well?...

My intern Sophie is doing a wonderful job so far - it is nice to have someone else in the workshop with me for a change! Lots of chatting ;)

Happy Friday all,

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Little Beauties...

The sun is finally out coffee this morning is with the windows wide open. 

I have a Magpie nest outside my workshop window, so it's nice to listen to them squawking to each other!

...I have fallen in love with Sweet Williams this Summer - and especially like them dotted in these lovely little porcelain pebble vases from {yep, you guessed it!} Le Petit Atlier de Paris. Tomorrow I will share some shots I took outside one of the AMAZING florists in Paris...they always take my breath away. 

Good Wednesday to you! xo

Monday, June 02, 2008

The Grey and the Good...

It never fails...I leave Paris and feel heart-broken about it. Like it was all a dream...

Home again, and I brought the rain and the muggy heat with me would you believe {and a bad cold!}. No matter, a new week begins tomorrow, with lots of exciting things {I have an intern starting with me!} happening and plans afoot for the weekend coming not much time for the 'le sighs'...

Enjoying sorting through the goodies I brought home with me - more to arrive soon too, as I posted boxes home as well! - and going through photos I have taken...nice to feel Paris is still with me here after all.

Thanks so much for all your kind comments and emails whilst I was away...glad you enjoyed the wee sneaks from France! I liked being able to blog - god bless the laptop, right?

Happy Sunday and good week to all, hope you are well!
To bed with me, my cold is demanding I sleep....