Monday, April 30, 2007

à mon frère | to my brother...

To whom black coffee and tools are as fun as any cake....
Happy Birthday!!
Wishing, as always, that I could celebrate with you in person....

Friday, April 27, 2007

au Printemps | in Spring...

Spent some time outside today shooting some Spring shades! Pretty huh?....who said Scotland was dreary? ;)

Happy Friday everyone, have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

beauté | beauty...

The Honeysuckle is bursting out here....I think all the rain, then all the sunshine has helped it along. A lovely person reminded me not to miss Spring the other day, and they are is all too easy when you are busy, but well worth taking the time out to notice it. Another poster design I might be inclined to print up soon?....

A really beautiful day today....nice and warm with a cool breeze and bright skies. This was at almost 9pm this evening...
My work is going to be showing in Dan Ginza Gallery in Tokyo, Japan....which is a lovely art jewellery gallery. How very exciting! :)
Have a lovely evening folks...almost Friday!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007


Hi everyone...just stopping in quickly to share some photos of the work I have on display at Dazzle in Glasgow. It has been a lot of fun over the last few days getting set up and the openings last night and today were busy, with lots to do and lots to learn!

Above, in the cabinet display, you can see the finished Sweet Horse Chestnut Dew Earrings I showed in progress last post...all set with pearls, front and back. A bit of bling never did anyone any harm ;) Thanks for all the kind words about them!

I will dash for now to rest my [very!!] weary feet...[concrete floors should be banned forthwith and replaced with rubber IMHO! ;)]...and get to bed early so I can get up for my next shift tomorrow. Will try and get some more shots of the show, and of other makers work there too, to share soon!!

If you are in Glasgow, or the surrounding area, please do drop by and have a look at all the lovely jewellery on is open for another 2 weeks yet...till the 6th of April.

I am enjoying listening to these beautiful sounds tonight from Oh Laura [the wonderful voice of Frida Ohrn]...

happy weekend all!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

rosée | dew...

Apologies for being so absent over the last few days...things are pretty busy at the bench {and beyond!} - so I haven't been able to take any decent photos to illustrate what I am working on, and I haven't been anywhere near anything scenic to snap either...;)
A new pair of earrings in progress - sweet horse chestnuts which will be bedecked with little pearls on both sides...hence the 'pegs' and a hoop finding. Should be fun when they are done!
Really enjoyed browsing this beautiful site which I stumbled upon by accident - enjoy!! Erkheikki ....
see you all in a few days!...xx

Friday, April 13, 2007

maintenant et après | now and next...

Phew for Friday! - I am glad that week is over....this is a little scene from mid-week, before things got super hectic ;)

My first post over on Ship Of Fools is have a gander! Please do join in if you can....

What is next for me?...well, no rest for the wicked - I am just finishing up some earrings heading on over the water to Rare Device along with a host of other orders and will be working to help set up the Dazzle, Glasgow exhibition next week [will also be manning the openings and doing some shifts for the exhibition duration, so do pop by if you are in town!]....and on a personal note, I have to find time to fit in going to the hairdressers to sort out my mop. eek.

Some flickr faves....

:: . by svane

:: anytime and anywhere, by kimicon

:: untitled by Inoka

:: smirnoff by cloudberryterrier

Good weekend wishes to all!


Thursday, April 12, 2007


Finished the big collection [35 pieces] and just got it posted about close to the bone. Owweee...everything hurts, I feel faint and knackered from too much hard work [ making jewellery is pretty physical when you do so much in one go!!] and too little sleep. Hello 18 hour days! Above is only part of the fall-out in the workshop...and this is after 'clearing the decks at 2am last night'...

I am annoyed - I didn't even have time to photograph all my new pieces....and I had about 8 or so new designs. Grr. That lady time has some answering to do ;))

Okay - will be back tomorrow with my post for the book club and maybe a smile? We'll see.
Have a good one everybody! xx

[today, French titles are beyond me. Normal service will be resumed soon!!] x

Sunday, April 08, 2007

éclater en avant | burst forth...

I thought my orchid was going to need some serious tlc and pruning to get it to bud again as the last of the wilting blooms fell off about three weeks ago. Lo and behold more fat, juicy buds sprung to life and this beautiful white and lime bloom burst out today....happy Easter indeed.

I have been getting through quite a bit of my workload this weekend, but yesterday realised I had been given the wrong saw blades at the shop on Friday [they gave me 2/0 - ick- and I use 4/0 - yum].....alas they are not open again until Tuesday and I feel like I am treading water and feel pretty frustrated. Considering rounding up all my broken 4/0 blades and piercing with short stumpy lengths........good job there is a lot of chocolate around the house.

Some flickr fave's from this weeks meanderings.....

:: warm- light by wiiri
:: untitled by *mort
:: Favourite yarn by Karin Eriksson
:: ... by greengirlart
....also *loving* browsing Klaus Burgel's site right now...I think I originally found the link from Camilla....but even if I didn't I will credit her with the lust anyway...;))
Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone...see you the other side of Monday!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Blanc | White...

Hi everyone - sorry for my sudden absence all know that cold that was tapping me on the shoulder? Well, I turned round and it knocked me out!! It has been all I could do this week just to keep up...sadly deadlines don't wait!

It is however absolutely beautiful weather here just now - all the blossom is out and things are bright and white!! It is surprisingly warm [and as such, it being Scotland, people are walking around in vests and shirtless...making the most of the rays. So funny...;)))] which will be lovely if it holds for the long Easter weekend!

I will be working through - making, making. Above are some little Anemone leaf 'cushions' that will become stud earrings and parts of necklaces.....they are straight out the pickle, so that's why they are icy white.

I have a new post up at Whip Up so have a gander if you get the chance :)

Thank you all so much too for all the kind comments about the new earrings...I so appreciate it!! I have already had some orders for them, so am hoping they will go down well at the show too! :)

More soon! xox

Monday, April 02, 2007

moi transpercer | pierce me...

Hi everyone ....hope you all had a good weekend? I think I did - although it seems like an age ago already!

The week is off to a flying start making wise as I dive head first into getting pieces made for Dazzle....I have about 8 working days to get the work done -which is about 30 pieces, which should be okay...pretty jammed packed, but okay. I am starting off by making up the earring stock which is always the bulk of it as you sell here are some new designs I am working on, sweet horse chestnut outlines with hoop hooks...still to be plated, but I am enjoying just piercing, piercing, piercing. Therapeutic almost.

Am fighting a cold - I can feel it tapping me hard on the shoulder - so I shall get back to the bench while I am still standing ;)

Happy Monday everyone! xx