Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas...

Well, it's been another hectic week - a weekend trip to Belfast and back, final posting of parcels, last minute Christmas shopping - hurry, hurry, hurry! It's what the lead-up to the Holidays is these days...

And so, I am especially glad to be able to sit down at this juncture, knowing everything is finished - that I can do no more, and that I get to have some relaxing time and enjoy tomorrow, eating and drinking good things, giving nice things too... that I can take a breath.

Wishing everyone who reads my little blog the most wonderful Christmas - and Happy Holidays to all.

See you on the other side of the weekend!!

with love, Abigail xo

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Glasgow's Necropolis...

Today we took a wander to Glasgow's Necropolis {city of the dead, cheerful, right? ;)}...which I had never been to before.

I loved the carvings on some of the crypts - they were so beautiful. The sky was amazing, and in the fading light I took many a shot of the bare trees and monument silhouetted against the mist and gloom... I'll share those soon. ;)

Just a wee reminder - we are still accepting orders for Christmas... and still running our 15% off sale - we can guarantee Christmas delivery in the UK, and although the last postal date to europe and the US has just passed, fingers crossed, they may still make it {in my experience they often do!}...

Check out my shop - the discount code is HH2009, and the DesireLines shop, also with the discount code HH2009...

Our wee sale finishes on Thursday!

Happy Tuesday, all.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Busy Bee's!...

Hi everyone - it's been another busy week here in the HQ! Orders getting wrapped and shipped {in this photos, it's a big stack of tea-towels!}...and our launch show at Welcome Home last Saturday too...

Last night we put up our Christmas tree [YAY!], it was late {hence the dark photos} and we were so very tired, BUT, getting up this morning to the scent of my nordmann pine, I am really glad we did. Even if Mister Bell mocked my Christmas fairy... ;)

I bought some amazing Christmas decorations last year when I was in California, and have waited a whole year to use them - SO exciting!! Have a look over at the abigail*ryan blog for more decoration pics!

...we will take a photo of the tree all lit up tonight!

We have a friend coming over from Belfast today for a few nights, so I will dash for now and crack on.

Happy Monday, all! xo

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy Holidays Sale - 15% off!...

Hi everyone!

As the final postal dates are rapidly approaching - we wanted to offer you all a lovely big discount as our way of saying Happy Holidays!

Both myself, and Ryan are offering 15% off ALL our jewellery as well as off Ryans amazing one off bags {seriously, this is a GREAT offer, I can never emphasise enough how much I love his handbags!}...and this offer will be good though until 17th of December...

To shop Abigail A. Percy Designer Jewellery, click HERE and enter the code HH2009 at checkout!

To shop DesireLines - Luxury Accessories, click HERE and enter the code HH2009 at checkout!

Thanks so much and we hope you will find some fantastic gifts for yourself and loved ones!!

xo Abigail & Ryan

p.s. Don't forget about our abigail*ryan launch weekend at Welcome Home this coming Saturday from 3-7. Hope to see you there! :)

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Special Offers...

I have recently had some items back from a gallery in London - where they have been on show for some time and I have a few designs which I have since discontinued from my shop, but thought I would offer them up here to my lovely readers, and on facebook to people who so kindly fan me {not just when I'm warm ;)}...

First up, above, is the Begonia Necklace - I had actually forgotten how much I loved this piece - and almost want to keep it for myself, but I would rather someone else gets the enjoyment from it! It's so cool and chunky and would look awesome with some winter is hand pierced 18ct gold plated silver with chunky smokey quartz beads :)

It used to retail for £250.00 - so I am selling it here for 50% off, at £125.00

Next up, above, is this lovely carved Geranium Necklace - now, this one is nice and long... hanging around bust length... it's so lovely and unusual, it's making me a little nostalgic for my carving days! It's faux ivory, carved by me, in an 18ct gold plated silver setting, strung with smokey quartz...

It used to retail for £200.00 - so I am also discounting this one by half, and selling at £100.00 - SOLD, thank you! :)

Finally, above - a pair of ultra long and ultra swish Sweet Horse Chestnut duo earrings ... these were some of the first designs I did for my Vintage diffusion collection...and still really love wearing my own pair!

The long chain gently grazes your collarbone in length, so they are really dramatic! Hand pierced from sheet sterling silver and plated in 18ct gold... You can see them being worn here, courtesy of mav ;)

Originally retailing for £120 - I am putting these on clearance at £60.00...SOLD - thank you! :)

So - last opportunity to buy these designs, and to snap yourself a bargain to boot - maybe a treat to yourself for Christmas party season?! If you are interested... send me an email at abigailpercy[at]gmail[dot]com . All will come beautifully gift wrapped, ready for giving to yourself or a loved one, as usual :)

...first come, first served!

Happy Sunday all,

Saturday, December 05, 2009

New for Old...

Over the years I have had many requests and custom orders to make some of my best selling designs in silver {sans gold-plating!}... well, I have finally gotten round to adding what has been so asked for to my online shop - some old favourites in a NEW colourway! ;)

I've shared some of them above, and even as a die-hard gold fan, I have to admit... I am smitten too!

The final posting dates for Christmas are coming up - so if you would like anything from me for the Holidays' get shopping! ;)

I've been doing some Christmas shopping myself - and I am buying almost exclusively handmade!! Here are some new things I have found along the way which I think would make really cool gifts...

Ooh, now I want the 25th to be here! Can't wait to wrap all that I've got for my loved ones, make some things and finally snap up the rest :) {I will, of course, be giving millions of tea-towels ;)}...

Are you buying handmade this Christmas? And, if so... who's shops are you loving!?

Hit me up!!


abigail*ryan @ Welcome Home...

Next Saturday, the 12th of December - we are holding a one day Christmas shopping event, as part of our abigail*ryan homewares launch, at Mhari's store, Welcome Home, in Glasgow's West End.

I hope you will join us for mince pies and Christmassy drinks - Mister Bell and I will both be there along with lots of lovely stock of cushions, tea-towels and gift-sets and hand sewn Christmas decorations - we hope you can make it!!

When: 3-7pm, Saturday the 12th of December.

Please do swing by!! :)


abigail & ryan

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Perforations = RSI...

...but it's so worth it ;)

I worked on my first perforated piece {the Magnolia Brooch, above - a big'un!} a good few months ago {God, now I think about it, it was the early Summer!} and really loved a new found way for me to explore silhouette, and combine it with my hand piercing to add further detail in 2D...

I had done so much carving previously to add form, I was looking for something new!

Despite the RSI after drilling so many hundreds of holes, I really liked the effect and loved playing with the cameo shapes {I got new oval mandrels - bliss! ;)} I always refer back to an age gone by... so I was really excited to work on another special piece this Christmas using the same effect. I especially love making necklaces too, so this was fun.

I knew this piece had to be kept silver, as when I plated the magnolia brooch, I secretly preferred it silver - so this was clear in my mind. When I found two strings of amazing, smooth, oval Green Garnet beads - I knew it was a match made in [my kind of] heaven...

So I got cracking! ;)

You can see a little more of the Magnolia Necklace HERE :)

Just thought I would share a little background on a few of the new Christmas pieces this week - I know I have not shared as much of my process as I normally would on the blog these last few months what with time being so tight - so now I can finally sit back and share some little tid-bits...

Hope you're all well and still enjoying the peeks - and thank you SO much for embracing the launch of abigail*ryan so warmly... Mister Bell and I are over the moon.

Happy Wednesday, all.