Saturday, February 28, 2009

HW {part 4}... predicted, I woke up to blooms...and to scent!! Such a nice way to start the I couldn't resist sitting and making some drawings this lunch-time.

You can see the whole thing as it evolves right here.

Some photos I have loved hard on flickr this week > I like the way you say my name :: right this moment :: circle paving stones :: untitled :: untitled

Guess I am still enjoying looking at things quite Wintry after all? ;)

Happy weekend, all.

Friday, February 27, 2009

HW {part 3}...

I swear...I leave the room for an hour and these babies spring up another 3 cm {or more!}...I cannot believe how fast they are growing...

When I sketched the pink one two days ago, the bud was all tight and down in the leaves - now, it's open and beginning to flower...I know by this evening it will be in full bloom {and I am going to want to draw some more!} ;)

I am beginning to fantasise about making this project an installation...printing the photographs and mounting them, scanning pages from my sketchbooks - blowing up the illustrations BIG on a wall...making paper representations...all along with prints and necklaces {strewn throughout the install...}, and of course...the space peppered with Hyacinth's....*sigh*...oh to dream!!

Happy weekend to all!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

More from Mister Bell...

Some more wonders from the menagerie of Mister Bell {of DesireLines} ...this fantastic necklace and earrings set is for his sister's birthday. And it charmingly depicts her two cats Kitty and Geoff {one fat with half a tail, the other skinny and wholly intact}...he couldn't bear to leave out the pet goldfish either, so he became a matching necklace {in his bowl}...!

*Amazing* work for his first time in the studio...I think we have a new jewellery master on our hands - and so damn cute they can't help but make you smile!! :)

He is going to be back in the studio with me again soon, so if anyone would like to commission any of the pieces you have seen here...just drop us a wee line...

Back tomorrow with some serious developments on Hyacinth Watch!!! ;))

p.s. I can't wait to have a whale of my own!!  Yay!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A mixture and HW {part 2}...n

'Hyacinth Watch' {henceforth known as HW!} is well under way people! One plant is already beginning to bud...and so, I could not resist doing a little sketch this morning as my part 2 excited you are all going to 'keep watch' along with me. Let's all grab hold of Spring and hang on together!! ;))) So looking forward to this project developing...

In other news - I have been benching lots...making, making...cutting shapes and arranging them as I go is one of my little pleasures in life. Order in the chaos, I guess...

As a little reminder - only a few days left on my IN STOCK SALE, which will close at the end of if you want to snap up a bargain {25% off!!} to pep up your Spring is your chance!

I have also added a little 'about me' page to the shop help people put a face to the name who might not read this blog. 

Some new shoes arrived with me this morning. I have been tramping about in UTTERLY unsuitable little suede ballet flats all winter long and so, I have been getting nagged relentlessly by a variety of sources to get something more suitable and sturdy! These are my concession to practical...good, egh? {*giggle*}...but, in their defence, they do have a proper sole and might keep the water out for at least 20 minutes! ;)

...and they are the perfect kind of ugly/pretty I love. Digging the colour combo possibilities too...!! {The bag was one I picked up when in the States at Target {Hayden Harnett collection} - it holds all my junk, so it's perfect!}...though the leather lover in me always slightly pines when it has to go without, but the canvas here is so nice, I made a personal exception!

Right, back to the bench with me!
xo all.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Hyacinth watch {part ONE}... know what? I am ready for Spring. It's official. I am cold all the time, and am looking forward to not being! I'm also looking forward to all the new blooms and inspiration that usually comes my way around this time of year...

So, on topic - I got some Hyacinths this weekend. You might remember me going ga-ga for them last year when I got some for the first time {I had never had them in the house growing up as my folks hate their smell - though I love it, I have found!}...and this year is sure to be no different! Roll up one white and one lilac...

In fact, after a wee natter with the original ideas man himself, I have decided to embark on Hyacinth watch 2009! Oh yes! 

...from bud, to bloom, to design, to bijoux...I have found the new inspiration for the next set of limited edition Spring necklaces. You will get to see the design process as I go they bloom, as I shoot them...draw from them, trace shapes, stylise {possibly swoon a bit, too}...find the perfect images to work with, and then get to the bench and pierce!

Hope you will all watch along with me {the Hyacinths here, and for Spring too}! ;) Should be a nice wee project to see evolve!?

Happy Monday all, hope your weekend was a nice one! 

Friday, February 20, 2009

Workshopping up a storm...

Busy days in the workshop this week! I had been working on a commission...the locket I mentioned in the last post and just finished it this was a LOT of fun, and a real challenge too, making wise...hello hinges!!

I also had some lovely company in the studio all this past week {which is always nice for someone so used to working alone! Bouncing ideas off each other and teaching some tricks of the trade is a rather nice way to pass some time I must say...} Mister Bell {of DesireLines} was a total natural when he turned his hand to piercing, and has been making THE most charming silver characters of his own illustrations that have kept me smiling all week long...I want one of his whales something bad {and I rarely wear jewellery!}...*swoon*

So, some shots above from our antics in the workshop this week - the locket in progress and the cheeky wee darlings conjured by my studio mate!

This is the finished locket...hung on a long 120cm chain {can be doubled up}, dotted with sweet chestnut leaves {roll printed with linen and paper for a deep matt texture} and large freshwater pearls - and a pressed dome locket {akin to an old pocket watch in weight} with Eucalyptus leaf onlay. Can be worn doubled up on this chain, or full length or indeed worn on something simpler altogether as it can come on and off the chain for versatility! I'm rather pleased with it, I must say... ;)

Playlist in the studio this week has gone something like this {on repeat!} >

For the weekend...I have some more studio time scheduled along with some relaxing too, I hope. 
So, Bon weekend to all!! Hope you enjoyed this wee glimpse!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Goodness...where does a week go!?

Well, so far there has been a trip last week to Dundee to give another wee talk at the Duncan of Jordanstone art college {on running a small business and utilising online technologies for building a creative brand}...I have also been working on a commission {a locket, sketches above - I will show you more of this as it progresses} as well as other bits and pieces in the workshop...

Additionally, I've been having some fun over the weekend, including popping into an exhibition at the CCA in Glasgow of work by Alex Pollard and Clare Stephenson called Dirty Hands - I especially loved the installation work by Stephenson...some of which is snapped above. Catch it if you can.

But for now, it's bedtime...more soon!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Quite the mix...

Hi everyone...time is slipping away from me these days! Lots and {even!} more fun things to this post is a bit of a mix, perhaps? Above, a couple of new pieces - well really, pieces from before Christmas but I am just getting to uploading them now...they will be in the shop soon! They both feature a little bead with the most unusual cut I am just crazy about...I don't have many of them, so these will be made in quite limited quantities. And I will be keeping one of these necklaces for myself's *just* the kind of thing that's nice and easy to wear day-to-day...

The 'In Stock Sale' is still going strong... check it out :) 

I am in love with this video {and of course the song} couldn't resist sharing. Found through the ever inspiring Dear Ada

I saw Ray LaMontagne in concert last night...and he was as fantastic as ever. I was, however, absolutely blown away by his support act - Priscilla Ahn...I bought her album this morning and I would urge everyone to do the same...stunning voice! A total joy to see perform too...great banter, and a kazoo...who could want for more!? ;)

Okay...I better get gone. I have a presentation to give I shall get back to the bench and crack on!

Happy Tuesday, xo

Thursday, February 05, 2009

On the wall...

Little bits of wall that I haven't shared before...

Just a peppering of snow left here. Inside is nice and toasty though...I am not in the mood to venture out! Not at all.

Some recent blog discoveries...toujours dimanche :: Ruby Gatta  - so good. {I can't remember who I found them through, so I eager I was to bookmark! ;)}...

Some other good things 'on the wall' - Pantry door :: in white :: untitled :: For lines and shapes Vol. 5 :: the last first day of school 

Good day to all! xo

Monday, February 02, 2009


Woke up to white today...and it steadily snowed throughout the day, blanketing everything and muffling noise. Very pretty indeed {our first real snow for years!}...I stayed indoors, kept warm and worked...just peeking outside every now and then to watch the progress.

I've been processing more orders from the sale today {thank you!}...working on some pieces going to a photo shoot, and of course, still keying information for taxes! gah. Cross-eyed is the understatement of the year...!

Some white and wintry fickr faves:: untitled :: untitled :: All Vitt - all white :: Most people are other people :: untitled :: untitled 

{Also...totally fascinated by the sand-dollars I found in SF...never heard of them pretty!!} 

Stay warm everyone! xo

Sunday, February 01, 2009


I like them. A lot. For me, they are all about long lies...fixing a nice brunch upon waking and then loafing. Supping cup after cup of tea, preferably Assam and in my favourite denby cup...

Question : How on earth did it get to be February?!! wow. you remember I was talking way back when about re-covering my sofa? Well, this is the temporary {or not so temporary, because I rather like it} fix...nice throw from ikea and a ton of big soft cushions. Hides a multitude of sins ;) Good for snuggling into, anyway...

Right, one more cup for me and then off to deal with the tax return. Wish me luck!

Happy Sunday all, xo

p.s. As always check out the update over at Post Secret {another Sunday ritual}...

p.p.s. Thanks so much for all your orders so far - the SALE is still going strong! :)

p.p.p.s. Listen to this, right now...I am. xo