Monday, March 22, 2010

Studio Clearance Bonanza - part THREE!!

Olive Leaf Necklace - 18ct gold plated silver pierced leaf, large dark smokey quartz beads strung on heavy bead cord.

Original Price £300.00 - SALE PRICE: £165.00
3 necklaces available!

Begonia Outline Earrings - 18ct gold plated silver.
Large intricately pierced outline earrings - one of a kind!

Original Price £225.00 - SALE PRICE: £140.00
SOLD - thank you :)

Hi everyone... part three of my studio clear out is up today!

Another pair of earrings {one off outline earrings this time!}, and an amazing necklace {which was featured in a fab photoshoot a few years back!} - which I happen to have three of, so hopefully there will be less disappointed emails to answer ;)

Thanks so much for embracing the studio clear-out so heartily, it's quite sad to be letting some of these pieces go - but we also have a huge amount of money to raise to help pay for the move, so it is necessary as well as good to purge and start afresh in the studio!! Every piece I sell is an amazing help towards paying for the move, so thank you all very much...

Mister Bell's parents came over at the weekend to spend a few days in Glasgow and took a car-full of abigail*ryan stock back to Belfast {which had been here for the Christmas rush!} so I feel like stage one has commenced... now we just need to load vans with my whole flat full of things {how do you gather SO much stuff by the age of 26?!} and get it all across the water come May...

But one thing at a time... and working through the workshop is a great start! ;)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend...

Back soon, xo

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Studio Clearance Bonanza - part TWO!

New Leaf Necklace - 18ct gold plated silver setting and catch, carved and stained faux ivory, smokey quartz beads, and central gemstone. Limited Edition of two.
Original Price £450.00 - SALE PRICE: £270.00

Sweet Horse Chestnut Duo Earrings - 18ct gold plated silver, smokey quartz briolettes.
Original Price £120.00 - SALE PRICE £70.00
***SOLD... thank you!!!***

Hi everyone - I'm back from a short trip to Belfast, and have resumed my studio clearance sale in preparation for the big move!!

The two pieces above are ones I really love - another carved necklace - 'New Leaf' - this time with a very large and particularly lovely smokey quartz central stone {vintage!} and a strand of lovely sparkly faceted beads, also smokey quartz. I have only ever made two of these necklaces, and this is the last one... I have also included my original paint-up design above to give you an idea of the whole look, it's very regal and makes a really special statement piece!

Next up are the Sweet Horse Chestnut Duo earrings - elegant, long and swingy...these mis-matched beauties are finished off with stunning, large smokey quartz briolette stones, perfect for adding a little bit of understated sparkle to your look...

As always, just drop me an email at abigailpercy[at] if you would like to purchase a piece, and I will email you back to confirm and then forward you a paypal invoice, which will also include an additional P+P cost...

Thanks so much for stopping by, and I will be back with more pieces, and news, very soon!!!

Abigail xo

p.s. Be sure to check out Mister Bell's STUNNING new jewellery pieces over at DesireLines, and our new Draft Excluders over at abigail*ryan... more details over on our a*r blog! :)

Monday, March 01, 2010

Studio Clearance Bonanza - part ONE!

Sweet Horse Chestnut Necklace: 18ct gold plated silver setting, carved and stained faux ivory, smokey quartz beads. Strung circumference 80cm - hangs around mid-torso {not quite long enough to double up} - Original Price: £220GBP - SALE PRICE = £110.00
SOLD - thank you!! :)

Sweet Horse Chestnut Brooch: Degree show, 2005. 18ct gold plated silver, carved faux ivory, 18ct gold pin. This brooch has been re-plated and is a softer matt gold now. Probably one of the most intricate piceces I have ever made, and one of my favourites - I will be sad to see it go!
Original Price £600.00 - SALE price = £300.00

Hi everyone!

As promised, here are some details of the archive pieces from my Vintage collection {ones which I no longer make!} that I am offering up here, exclusively on my blog, as part of my studio relocation in the coming months...

I have a two special pieces today: a carved necklace, and a brooch I made for my degree show collection in 2005 - so it really is the last chance to get your hands on these designs! ;) I will be offering up the others over the coming few days...

I am selling each piece at HALF the original price, and it is first come, first served. Just email me at and I will email you back to comfirm...

Thanks so much for stopping by, please feel free to email me with any questions, too! :)

xo, Abigail