Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Handle with care...

I began my packing in earnest yesterday - my living room is almost completely finished now, my books and magazines (you know, the ones you just can't part with!?) all boxed off and labelled, and all my fragile bits and pieces too... it's only when you begin to pack that you think, simultaneously, "man, I have a LOT of stuff" and "how easily your life can pack up into a couple of boxes"...weird.

The workshop is now closed for three weeks, so I began my final stock-take late last night, counting every last pearl and bead, item of jewellery etc and I can get everything dismantled in there and packed up. It's a big job, but with another push tonight, I hope I can break the back of it.

Taking down my inspiration wall was a little sad, the workroom looks so bare now - but I am looking forward to curating a new one in our new studio room in Belfast! :)

Snapping some little bits of my day as I went...

xo A

Monday, April 26, 2010

Studio Clearance Bonanza - part FOUR!!

Hollyhock Earrings, 18ct gold plated silver - studs - TWO pairs available (ONE pair SOLD - thank you!)...
Original Price £85.00 - SALE PRICE: £50.00

Buttercup Double Chain Necklace (18") 18ct gold plated silver, twist links onto double chain - Original Price £120.00 - SALE PRICE: £75.00

Sweet Sweet Horse Chestnut Duo Earrings, 18ct gold plated silver, hooks
Original Price £120.00 - SALE PRICE: £60.00
(SOLD - Thank you!!)

All sales are plus recorded, insured P&P.

Hi everyone - a few more items hitting my studio clear-out sale today, and some lovely ones to boot!! I found another pair of the SHC long earrings, so hopefully those will find a good home, there are two pairs of the hollyhocks, and the buttercup necklace is patiently waiting to turn someones chin yellow ;)

I began packing up the house today, and am beginning the workshop this evening - so please allow 3 full weeks for any new orders placed. (I can dispatch sale items immediately as they are in stock)... it's so odd to be putting all my stuff in boxes and dismantling the space, makes it all seem real and I know move day will be here before I know it!! eek!!

I am a little behind after being stranded in Belfast for a week longer than intended because of the closure of UK airspace (volcano-gate!) so I really have to get stuck in and make up the time...

Hope your weeks are all off to a good start! If anyone is interested in nabbing any of these bargains - just shoot me an email at abigailpercy[at]gmail.com.

Thanks for stopping by!

xo Abigail

p.s. there are still pieces available from the sale, parts ONE, TWO and THREE. Check em out! :) I want to clear all my old designs out of the studio before I move... :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010


I am so happy with my little plug plants - I picked these up in the supermarket where they were reduced to 35 pence and 45 pence! All these plants for under a pound - isn't that great!? I just planted them out into bigger pots a week ago and they have positively exploded... we even have a flower already!

I also have two blueberry plants and a cream Magnolia, along with 2 hydrangeas {which have struggled since they came home from Ikea a month or so ago - boo!} to plant out, so I am choosing pots and trying to find a moment to get that done in amongst all our clearing out/packing! We have started some sunflower seeds on our windowsill and every time Mister Bell is at the sink he calls out... 'another one's up'... it was five this morning, and now (9pm) we have 8... and leaves.

Feeling very chuffed at this point ;)

This is the first time I have had a garden as an adult - always living in apartments does limit that somewhat, so I can't wait to get stuck into this lovely space! It's really big {with wild garlic growing up at the back - which we maybe need to find a recipe for?} and has a great big deck...so I'll be starting with lots of pots and creating some beds and see where that takes me.

Herbs are a must too - as the garden is just out from our kitchen...and even though Ryan says they're "boke"- I am listening to him as much as I ever do, and he will certainly be enjoying many dinners cooked with them from now on. Probably obliviously...as long as it's not coriander {aka: his nemesis}.

I am so scared of having a black thumb, I am flexing my green fingers oh-so gingerly! ;)

I promise to share my progress, and am looking forward to many of the blooms I am trying to grow winding their way into my jewellery designs, or into my drawings for our homewares!

What's been good for you in the garden so far this year? Any tips for a newbie?? ;)

More soon!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

What I have been up to...

Once again, the days are speeding by! This time, it's not through being ill - or even with very much jewellery making at all... it's been vanishing in the midst of decorating, building furniture and clearing out!

In preparation for my big across the sea hop in almost exactly four weeks time [yikes!] - we have embarked on clearing out our house in Belfast {to fit me in!} and decorating here and there. First up was our bedroom which we were swapping rooms for...and I am really delighted with it now it's finished. It's beautiful, and we are sleeping VERY soundly each night! :)

Click over to our abigail*ryan blog for a full run down on our scheme {above}...I am hearting the colours very hard!

I will be posting more clearance jewellery in the next day or so for those who are keeping their eyes out, and have a few limited edition necklaces for Spring which will be going up too. Now to find the camera chord and charger. Possibly easier said than done! ;)

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter. Daffodils are up here {and in jugs in the house!} and we are getting glimpses of sunshine each day... Spring is on it's way, maybe!

I'll show you some seedlings I have coming up too - nothing like a little fresh green growth to make you feel a little brighter.

back soon,
xo A