Friday, August 17, 2007


Okay friends...that's me signing off for now. I just wanted to stop in to say Au I will see you in a couple of weeks, fuelled up with sights and sounds of Paris galore and more than ready to report back.

My friend, the lovely and talented Marianne Anderson sent me some music today [even more to qualify me as one hell of a lucky gal!] so my soundtrack in Paris will be Feist, Candie Payne, Martha Wainwright and Regina Spektor ....pretty perfect, huh? I am so thrilled...{thank you sweetie!}...

[I won't have daily Internet access when I am away, but will get to emails as and when...and if not before, will deal with any issues/enquires promptly upon my return]...See you back here in two weeks :)

take care,


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Chance au delĂ  de la mesure | Luck beyond measure...

Really, this week I have had so many amazing, and unexpected things arrive in the post I feel like the luckiest person in the world...when you are stressed, and pushed - there is something about snail-mail [and beauty, of course] that makes you slow down, stop and take a moment to appreciate the good things. Above are the *good* things I have received this week....from the top....
  • A stunning print from the lovely Ana part of our forthcoming collaboration, we swapped some goodies :) It is so lovely....
  • An early, and unexpected [I had totally forgotten!] birthday present from dear Shari who chose this one off piece for me, called 'Just a Bit', from Maria is so lovely...letter pressed butterflies in a shimmery deep copper on a beautifully aged page with pale duck egg blue/green as a backdrop and lovely little speckled eggs printed on.....delicious. Thank you so much dear friend!
  • In the same parcel, a set of lovely Aurum Stria cards from Maria , which I am just loving too.....thank you!
  • And finally....Collection 3, from Camilla - which I knew I had to have the moment I saw it a few months ago! I think I threw a spanner in the works as it had been made for Camilla's big solo show...but she was a total sweetheart and sold it to me and made some more ;)). It arrived this morning, and I am smitten.....sigh :) Camilla makes the best parcels...and inside were all the goodies you see above! I keep having to leave the workshop and go through to the other room to take another peek at it all.....thank you so much sweetie....I am just delighted!!

I seem to be running out of words to describe how happy I am with all these lovely things that have somehow made their way to me.....Luck beyond measure sums it up. Big hugs to all of you!!!

I updated my link list with some new still needs more work, but there is only so much html one can manage at 2am ;)

I sent a collection away yesterday to the RBSA in Birmingham for the exhibition 'Victoriana' opens just after I am home in two weeks.

From today, I have put notices up in my shop to say any purchases made will be posted out upon my return from Vacation.

I will be back here tomorrow to check in for the last time before shooting off.....till then, hope you are all having a lovely Thursday!! xox

ps - you ask for the French title, you get it :D xx

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

rapidement | quickly...

Same old story....the days are speeding by and I am darned if I know where they went! Bench hours are long just now [always good to be so busy!] and packaging up new orders is a daily occurrence. Very I am enjoying breaking up the days with lots of new - my dear friend sent me some Killers CD's which I am loving *big-time*....their performances at the summer festivals this year blew my mind...

Last week was good, and full - was offered a job working as a freelance part-time designer for a big jewellery company here. Very exciting...[and I will still be doing this full time too though, don't worry!]....:) per request, please find above my white shoe collection [as well as my tired mug]. Too many, I'm sure...most of which are not even comfy . Love them all the same.....

Hope your Tuesday is good.


oh, ps - I was delighted to be featured in the South China Morning Post Style section on Monday...check it out here :)

Monday, August 06, 2007

fleurir | bloom...

EEk...oops....ak. 'Tomorrow' turned into a week. I have absolutely no idea how that happened, if it is any consolation - but I can't quite believe I have been out of this space for so long! It has been a real blink and you miss it week [past] around here....I am sure I am not the only one to feel totally shocked that August is here already!? - I feel like the year is really zipping by.......I actually feel like I have missed most of it. :/

My orchid has decided to bloom - I am assuming to cheer the place up and actually try and convince me that this is, in fact, the summer. Along these lines of thinking [trying to convince myself this is the season of sun]...I bought some Birkenstock sandals, which I am loving!! Funny things is, I absolutely NEVER wear white as clothing...I can't stand it on me, but when it comes to shoes....well, I have quite the penchant for white shoes. Love idea why. I always feel happy in white shoes. Perhaps I should reveal my collection sometime? ;) Am hoping these will be comfy for padding around Paris in a few weeks.....

More white, of the pearl variety....a silver and pearl version of the last wee cluster earrings - available now in the shop - I am planning, and working on some new larger pieces for gallery to be making some of these lighter pieces is a nice change from that - wiring up beads and pearls is very therapeutic by comparision to normal bench work!!

Well, in my last post I promised some flickr faves - so as not to disappoint, here are some beauties.....hope you enjoy them as much as I have!!
like a dance floor from mav
trip to Taipei from Ta
moonwalk from fox not centaur
hanging up my femininity by caryndrexl

...there were so many more I could share...but this is a nice group for now. I am sure Friday will be here in a heartbeat, and I will show more then.
Oh, and the new issue of Bloom magazine is out, and is about Foliage....guess how MUCH I want it? [go to shop]....mmm.

More soon!
Happy Monday,