Saturday, October 31, 2009

Oh golly...

I've been snowed under!

Two weeks working solidly in the jewellery studio and now, back in Belfast, we are close to completing much of our abigail*ryan stock ready for a launch at the Newry Town Hall Craft Fair - running from the 5th of November to the 8th {Thursday-Sunday of next week!}... you can see more of what we have been up to over on our abigail*ryan blog!

I was SO busy in the workshop I didn't even have a chance to shoot any of our new designs - but luckily, we have TONS of brand new designs to share soon and release as part of our Holiday shop! I can't wait to share them :)

...also, our tea-towels arrived yesterday and we are delighted, so stay tuned for those and I hope you will all love them as much as we do!

More soon {and that's a promise!},

p.s - if I have any readers in N.Ireland or Ireland who would like an invitation to the PV of the Craft Fair in Newry {formerly the Narrowater Castle Craft Fair} please let me know and I will mail you one.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Slowly, ever so slowly...

This seems to be the pace everything is going at right now.

Time is slipping through our fingers as we fight against the impending 'Holiday' season... it is always this way, yet, it always takes me by surprise. Always, always...

We are organised and scheduled and pencilled in to the nth degree, but spanners are always thrown in the works...days become rushed and hectic and last minute even with the best of intentions, and the very best of planning. All one can really do in these situations is stop, when you can, when it's all done and you are exhausted and stressed to the max, and have a cup of tea and a slice of something sweet - make time for a kiss and a snuggle, even... to help put things into perspective a little.

Today was a hectic one. Very.

BUT, we feel one major step closer to our launch. The designs for our range of screen printed tea-towels are finally finalised and ready for printing... I am so. very. excited.

I am over the moon with our designs and cannot wait to see them in the flesh!! I am a true tea-towel gal, so to be printing our own just fills me with glee.

Glee that manages to shine through the sore backs {sciatica for my poor Mister Bell} all round, threatening colds and huffy post office workers... just ;)

The last of our textiles arrived last week too. Another glee-filled moment to add to the list! Looking forward to cutting and sewing this stack!!

...but, back in the jewellery workshop tonight as we prepare a big collection of work for a Craft Show we have lined up in Northern Ireland {details to follow!}...I am starting work on all the new pieces for the Christmas shop :)

Time is not on our side, but I think, as long as we are on each others - that is really all that matters.


Who's with me on that?

xo to all.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

In a bubble...

In my living room, there is trouble brewing in down-town Tokyo... a giant Kimmidoll is terrorising the city - she is the height of the sky-scapers and such sights have not been seen since the days of King Kong, although I suspect Sai {said doll} is a little sweeter in nature.

There was such shock in the streets there has been a bus and car pile up!

Here's hoping they all learn to live happily together under their glass sky...


xo abigail

Monday, October 05, 2009

Irish Linen Galore...

Well, as you may have guessed from my almost week of silence I am over in Belfast and we have been working our socks off on the new homewares!

Sourcing fabric, speaking with printers, making prototypes - as well as all the other bits and pieces that sneak into the spaces between...

Today was a really exciting day for us - we finally managed to source our Irish Linen for the backing to our scatter cushions, and are delighted to be working with a fantastic company who has been working and weaving in Northern Ireland for over 40 years. The quality is amazing, and the staff were unbelieveable wonderful to work with... we are so happy to be able to support {even in our tiny way} local industry and have the most luxurious of products to work with in the process!

Here are a couple of shots from our trip to the factory - there are more over at our abigail*ryan blog, and a little more about the history if Irish Linen {and the Guilds} too, which I found fascinating to read today... it's so sad that old industries are dying out {especially to Ryan and I, as we both come from countries with long and famous textile production histories that are fading away!} - and to me, supporting local industry is as valuable {if not moreso!} as supporting Fair Trade industries from abroad.

Hope you will nip on over and keep an eye on a*r this week as there will be lots more sneak peeks!! :)

More soon, and back in the workshop at the end of the week as the Christmas push will begin so it will be jewellery a-go-go!!