Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Lots going on at the bench today....still working to tie things up before jetting across the channel to France. Mostly finishing off a collection going to Baroque Bespoke Jewellery in Brighton for the end of the week....and making something small for myself to wear too :) I will be stringing necklaces all evening!

In other news, the oxidised silver and pink pearl bracelets I made for MirrorMirror are now on sale here...a big thanks to Paola for taking such lovely shots of them too!!

Well, it is a drizzly dark grey day here {has been for a few}...and we are stuck somewhere between winter and spring. I am wondering what it will be like in Paris. Not that French rain is at all as bad...;)) I ordered my Euros today so feel myself one step closer to Parisian markets and galleries already...mmm.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Outline and Underline...

At the bench today - piercing outlines from sheet silver and tending to my diary and to-do lists - carefully underlining and highlighting what is to be done this week, and in what order. Drinking some black coffee from a small handmade cup I have had most of my life, slightly sweetened, to ease me in to looking forward to the delights in store for me next week. Paris and her wonderful charms.

Sublime styling from Nygårds Anna...thanks camilla!

Hands up who wants to see this Gilbert and George exhibition... {I sure do}

I dream of Toast

Happy Monday everyone! xox

ps - forgot to mention last week, a new post on whip-up about Arthur Hash and his jewellery installations :)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Easing back in...

Well, this is me popping my head back in to touch base and say hello! - Things are better this week already, and although it is going fast {is it just me?}...I am feeling like I am getting more done. I don't want to jinx it by saying I am totally out of the slump {but I am feeling like it is almost gone...shhh}....

I did some nice things last week in my free time, like watch a few DVD's of films I had never seen but aways wanted to... Before Sunrise and Before Sunset and I really liked them both, especially Before Sunset..but then I have Paris on my mind. Also, A Very Long Engagement which I just *love, love, loved*!!....I cannot wait to watch to watch it again.

Some Links...

:: Last week I bought this print - Mattress, Lighter, Cigarettes & Botteccelli Print by Gina Clyne whose work I love. The print just really speaks to me for some reason, reminds me of the big Warhol retrospective I saw years back at the Tate. Can't wait till it arrives!!

:: Having been eagerly waiting for it - I am excited to hear Devon Sproule is just about to release her new album 'Keep your Silver Shined'....she is touring to Glasgow too, so will look forward to seeing her live again. She is amazing!

:: I am *loving* Monica Canilao right now.

:: These shoes from TerraPlana are making my heart go flip flop.

:: I love tea-towels {as many of you know} and this one by Lucienne Day is pretty special.

Some work-related announcements ...

:: I have just sent some work out to MirrorMirror which should hopefully be on their site within the next few weeks...

:: I will soon be a guest designer on Karmen Accessories, a company producing beautiful hand-made leather bags. Karmen will carry a few of my designs, along with other designers goods...more details to be announced soon on her blog....

:: I now have some more work back with Diana Porter in Bristol...

:: In the New Ashgate Gallery in Surrey....there is a great group of jewellery on show this Spring {including mine}, so pop by if you get the chance!

Phew! Time for a cup of tea...more soon, xox

Monday, February 12, 2007

Blueberry Hill...

..."I found my thrill, on blueberry hill...." - well I can believe that. I have been having some fun with juicing this last weekend...some of these went in to a fruit one {along with oranges, pineapple, raspberries and was good!} but my favorite has been the Carrot, Apple and Ginger. Good for energy! {3 carrots, 2 apples and a small chunk of ginger....juice for one serving!!}....mmm.
This Monday is already hitting me hard and I am finding it hard to focus and feel inspired. So...I am going to take the week away from the blog - try and get things back on the some other things, like get out and enjoy some fresh air - bake {seen all the recipes around blog-land!!!??} - read - and of course work....I am in one of those slumps where I amble around the Internet for much longer than I should, and feel like I have fallen into a vacuum when I emerge hours later, empty fault of course, but feel some time off from the comp will do me the world of good!!
So - I shall see you all next week...have a good one!! xox

Friday, February 09, 2007


Yes, I feel that at this time of year it is like you are constantly walking uphill all the time...lots to do - time slipping away - stressful work situations that seem to conspire not to be resolved!

But, I am finally back into blogger so that is one thing off the list for now ;)) - do you like my new ribbon {for packaging}? is a bit stronger than in the photo. A lovely fresh chartreuse.

I went for a really nice long walk yesterday - it was cold, but nice..refreshing. I didn't take my camera because sometimes you just want to be lighter. It has really cleared up here - much brighter, blue skies. Lovely. We don't have any of the snow the whole of the UK is going crazy over. I love each winter how we get a few inches of snow and ground to a halt. It's so funny because people in other countries always think the UK is cold...;)))

Whilst out for my walk yesterday, I got a great bargain - a juicer machine [which I then had to carry home] !! I am trying to get it all set up today..and can't wait to get juicing. I have some great recipes!! - I will try and share some over the weekend :)

have a great evening! xox

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I have been locked out of blogger for the last few days, as I was forced to change over to new blogger {mmm?} - I think I am still signed in to the old account, but I am just over the moon to be able to access my blog again!!! It really made me feel unsettled not to be able to - how funny :) So I shall make the most of this - and if I am absent for several days, you will know why!!

First off - I want to welcome beautiful Isla to the world...congratulations sweet Claire - I am so happy for you and M!! I can't wait to meet her in person!! xox

Next up, I have a new post up on WhipUp about a great jeweller Margaux Lange who makes really beautiful, unusual and challenging art jewellery. Hope you enjoy it :)

The butternut squash pictured above was from dinner the other soon as I cut the squash open and laid it out I thought it was so pretty and kind of 70's - the colour, the light :: It became part of a lovely dinner - ginger lime sea bass, roasted spiced squash, stir fried oriental cabbage and broccoli with was good, and not at all 70's ;))

I hope everyone's week is off to a flying start. Mine is - I have just spent the afternoon having a lovely time with Sharon and have more plans for tomorrow too....I think this week is going to fly by. Lots of work being posted out...samples for stores, sales, fun treats....:) I am looking forward to the weekend already!! I am thinking of going to see a film this week and can't decide between Babel or Notes on a Scandal....any suggestions??

Wish me luck with the impending blogger battle!! see you soon!


Thursday, February 01, 2007

Hollyhock necklace...

Yesterday was so dark here, I couldn't get a good photo {you would think I might learn from these dark days huh?}....but here it is anyway - the Hollyhock Necklace based on the pattern I posted before....photographed against my bowl from Karin which I just love, and is one of the only white things I actually own....:)

Oxidised silver hand pierced motifs, with large freshwater pearls strung on silk {and knotted between each pearl for security}..this is a really long necklace. It can be doubled around twice, or worn long, with the motifs parallel to each other on each 'lapel'.....

You can see more about his piece, and all the other newly listed items in my shop ...

Time for some favourite images of the week.....there are some stunning ones, many making me wish Winter would hurry up and arrive here ;)

winter day by Maditi
with baited breath by Claire Kramer
on first January, the first smile from buddah by *brilho-de-conta
in the morning by dressform
trippen by ta
at the lake by Maditi {queen of capturing the seasons}
pink and white by Shari

..I hope you enjoy browsing through these as much as I have...:)

Have a lovely thursday! xox