Saturday, July 29, 2006

Chasing time...

Oooo..goodness me! Is it Saturday already?? I cannot believe how fast this week has gone. It only seems like yesterday I posted my list....Things have been hectic here. I had a hand in for a show, and I have another in under two weeks....and then a holiday to Provence to fit in!! {2 weeks of bliss in the mountains - Yay!}...but it is meaning keeping my head down and formulating careful planning procedures, hence the coffee and the desk-fax with red scrawl!

To be honest..I am already planning and budgeting to get all my Christmas shows made for. I feel like the year is almost over, and I know things will be hard and very busy until then! With the sale or return system, I won't see the fruits of my labour well into the new year {late January, February..even March} I am bracing myself for the long cold winter.....;)

Holiday wise, I have been looking {when I say this I mean quickly snatching some time to browse online!} for a hat to keep my oh-so-pale Scottish complexion protected from the hot southern French sun...the hats at Peter Grimm are luring me..especially this one which I fear may be a bit too cool for school, but I may be tempted to try pull it off anyway...yeeehaw!!!

Next week...I shall be sharing some snaps from the growing collection being prepared for Red Barn Gallery, and hopefully some linky goodness to boot!
Bon Weekend all!!! hugs, xoxo

Monday, July 24, 2006

Fragments of me....

Today is a day for lists, for summing up.....for taking stock of all the things I love, all the things that make me me. Do you ever do this?....I love the contradictions it throws up, but then I suppose we are all contradictions. Go on..make a list!! Who are you??
I love..............quilts - assam tea - paris - sleeping - red leather goods - pressed glass - sky - the cold - blossom - wild angry seas - autumn leaves in piles - wellington boots - flying - old movies - japanese food - water - scotch tape - letters - strong wind that whips the breath out of you - line - clean air - birds - lakeland terriers - mid 20th Century furniture - irish accents - sandwiches - scholl sandals - magazines, in group order - freshly brewing coffee - kitchen departments - harry potter - pattern - pink and white peony roses - midwinter ceramics - 300 gram tracing paper - antique markets - typography - laquer - boxes - music - labels - muji - linen - bare feet - hot baths - kitsch - thread - nectarines - porcelain - cooking and baking - pimms - doing nothing - reading - flickr - books - silhouettes - roberts radios - asian cimena - wooden bobbins - simplicity - laughing - complexity - being alone - people - melon and parma ham - giving presents - throwing dinner parties - eBay - quiet - talking - little dishes for nicknacks - catalogues - opaque black tights - skirts - scarves - matt finishes - ripping things into little bits before I throw them away - lying on the floor on my front reading the paper - heart shaped post-it notes - brown paper - rare steak - being up north - singing - pulling my hair off my face - stretching - travelling - coming home - taking photographs - drawing - good piercing - integrity - honesty - humor - action movies - the idea of going to Japan - wishing - not making mistakes - drumming my nails when I am thinking - pouring rain - the smell after the rain - no longer worrying about something that used to bother you - being finished.
Happy Monday! xox

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Coming up...

For last! - I have found the time to get another post up. This week has run away from me...honestly it has sped by so fast my head is spinning....

Today I nipped through to Edinburgh {the cap!} to see a friend for dinner {Turkish Meze + Pimms - delicious!} and we had a good old wander and a was such a beautiful day and evening. It has been amazing weather the last few weeks....I was walking home yesterday after visiting a friends studio and I walked down Kelvinway - which is the most beautiful tree lined avenue that dissects Kelvingrove Park and the river Kelvin {Glasgow is often called the 'Dear Green Place' - and it really is beautiful} - and it was just so lovely to be outdoors. I spend so much time working inside that days can go by without my really being out for longer than a few it was really great to just spend some time walking and being out, and to get some fresh air! Shame I didn't have my camera with me:(

I still have lots of work on in preparation for a solo show at The Glasgow Print getting that together over the weekend.

I am popping off to bed now, as all that fresh air has made me sleepy ;)
..Wishing you all a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Back in the groove....

Finally! I feel as if I have woken from a deep sleep...I am making again, and more importantly feeling like making again. Any attempts I have made over the last few weeks have been half hearted and a bit futile..but now - i'm back in the groove {you know, that place where creativity seems to flow better, and things don't seem as much like a chore as they might??}..good place the groove.

I had a really good clear out of my workshop yesterday {two black bags!} and somewhat re-assessed what I needed. I have found that no matter how much you plan your work's not until you work in it, and go through big project deadlines do you find out what you really need from it. What needs to be handy..what would help you tidy away as you go convenience wise......what makes life easy...

So, today so far I have four pairs of earrings made...and two brooches on the way as well, which I would like to get the metal work finished for tonight.....also, check out my new Muji jewel organiser, busting full of bling!!

Now, the only down to being back making is the insufferable heat!!! NOTE TO ALL : Soldering is NOT a summer time pursuit! The heat from the torch only adds to the heat in the workshop {I can't open my windows as there are no handles on them after decorating months ago.....they have gone AWOL!}..the electric fan I am practically hugging does a great job of blowing the torch's flame all around, usually onto my hand...oweeee....yes, I am feelin' hot hot hot... and not in a good way ;)

Happy Tuesday to all!! xox

Friday, July 14, 2006

Feeling Friday...

I can't believe how absent I have been from this blog for the last week....!! The days are just flying by, and to be honest I can't even tell you what I have been doing with them. I am still struggling to shake off the extreme tiredness after the show/trip..and I haven't been feeling very well this last week to boot. Things are beginning to turn around today though, and I am taking things in hand, organising, photographing new work for the records {see above the new geranium and pearl neckpiece}, really..this Monday coming I am hoping to be back in the 'office'! I have some snazzy storage solutions for my gem stock coming from Muji which I am very excited about......seriously I love Muji, and *WISH* they would re-open a store here in Glasgow {they had one here in the late 80's {?} and 90's, but it has been shut for at least 10 years, it was SO ahead of it's time, but it would do well now for sure}..I alone would keep them in business!!!

So! I am hoping next week to resume normal schedule and present myself to the world as a productive girl rather than a lazy bum ;P......{we shall see!}, but till then I will leave you with a few lovely links and heartfelt wishes for wonderful weekends worldwide {a little alliteration in the evenings never hurt anyone you know!}!!

Cheryl Pilling makes the most beautiful works from folded books....just stunning!!

Wedgwood have got the sophisticated china for high tea look down to a fine art....I love browsing their wares!

Krmuir's photo of the Aurora Borealis takes my breath away...I dearly want to see the northern lights.

I have another jewellery post up on WhipUp have a wee gander if you get the chance :)

Hugs to all!! xox

Friday, July 07, 2006

Home Sweet Home....

I really couldn't tell you what I have actually done this week if I tried!!.....I have just kind of slumped. I am so tired after the expo and all the traveling that I have just pottered around the house this week and enjoyed being home. I still haven't properly unpacked {but will do right after this as I am so ashamed of myself} and am still catching up with all my emails, post, things to follow up from the show etc etc...... I am just really enjoying being home, and being able to relax - so, in a way I have just written off this week {I had all sorts of good intentions of getting straight back to work on Tuesday morning..?} in a haze of pottering, Tennis , cooking nice things and relaxing.....phew ;)

Pictured above is a beautiful scarf by Agnes & Hoss...I got the green Eucalyptus pattern and also a Starlings patterned one in cream and orange as well! I can't tell you how lovely they are in person...and I have so enjoyed wearing them {although because of the heat, I have not worn them as much as I would have liked...yet!}. The green Eucalyptus print is just the most perfect ochre-y green...that wonderful tone that looks so chic with black, and the cream Starlings look fab in a big pussy bow with a pair of natural linen cullottes I have with a cool box pleat though the front....very retro secretary! Thank you Stephanie....I am truly enamored with them.

This week {being home and all} I have been thinking a lot about Domesticity....and how it has become such a wonderful area of focus for cool design. {This is all going through my head as I stood in the kitchen cooking listening to the leaves rustling in the tree in the garden - a true plus point for not having double glazing - and as the cool summer rain poured down on those leaves this evening, freshening everything up and making the outdoors smell delicious!} I am a real sucker for kitchen things...and have collected LOTS over the years {which, considering I still live at home, and don't have to, just want quite a feat!} and am especially partial to a nice tea-towel {quite the domestic goddess..ahem}!! So, I have had a little round up of some of my favourites.....!

These printed tea towels from Joanna Kinnersly- Taylor are divine, and I particularly like them as I collect vintage glass jelly moulds!! I also love these classic {and oh so chic in a simple way} waffle tea towels from Divertimenti.....and last but not least I love these quirky graphic print set from Mibo that I found via Design*Sponge. I think another collection may be in the making....!???

I hope everyone has had a good week so far...over the weekend I have plans to catch up with a friend over lunch or dinner on Saturday, and on Sunday I will be doing some organising in my studio and watching the Wimbledon Men's Final.....go Federer!! :)

Have a lovely weekend all...hugs, xox

Monday, July 03, 2006

One Week On....

Hello everyone! I am back from London....and I am pleased to say the show went really well! Thank you all so, so much for your lovely comments and well wishes for my adventure, it was so very much appreciated! Pictured above is a snapshot of the space we had {limited of course...} at the work is in the cabinet on the brown paper and on the wall behind shown on the printed canvases...I arrived home this afternoon and was VERY glad to be greeted by the cool air of home, London was a sweltering 32 degrees C!!

I made lots of great contacts at the show, and was delighted to win an award!! *blush, shock, cripes* The British Jewellers Association Award for One Year On was awarded to me by Gordon Brown {the Chancellor of the Exchequer}...and I was very delighted with it too!!

Sharing the cabinet with me was my friend Marianne Anderson another Glasgow School of Art graduate who makes beautiful it was a lot of fun {despite the heat wave ;P}...

When in London I was lucky enough to meet the lovely Claire Kramer who is just the most amazing person {as you might imagine} and we had great fun together!! I really feel privileged to have met her, and become just goes to show how cool this blogging malarky really is! - I love it! You gotta come up to my town next Claire....and try out some Glasgow banter ;)!

When I arrived home there was a lovely wee treat waiting for me...the new Innocent Smoothie Book! It is a visual treat, as it is very beautifully produced..with some amazing images {see below}...and I can't wait to try out some of the recipes. Shari I know you would love this book too!! to get some more snaps from the show uploaded to Flickr, to unpack, and get to bed. Back to work tomorrow!! It's so nice to be nice to back to my blog! I missed it, missed you all and my favourite reads too...much catching up to do! I hope you are all well....and surviving the heat, there really is something to be said for cold countries you know...hehe...
hugs, xox