Monday, September 28, 2009

New drawings for +BLOOM+...

Well, this has been a busy few days for me in the workshop - finishing up orders, curating a little collection of jewellery and making two new drawings for Mhari's shop opening exhibition on Saturday...

I'm finally finished, so I thought I would give you a wee preview!

+BLOOM+ opens on Saturday the 3rd, at Welcome Home Store, 11 Keith Street in Glasgow... I so wish I could be there for the opening but I am going to be over the pond in Belfast, feverishly working on abigail*ryan goodness...

I hope some of you can make it along in my absence and give Mhari your congratulations and support!!

I just know it will be a wonderful night :)

More soon! xo

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Finally {!!}...

Oh my goodness, we are so excited...

Our first delivery of abigail*ryan fabric arrived this morning {more to come, but this is the first installment!}...and we are over the moon.

Cannot wait to get into the sewing studio next week and start *making*!!!



Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Running around at the moment trying to chase my tail with too many things to do, a million in progress and a million more in the wings... goodness... I'm tired and my head is too full! We are waiting for our fabric to arrive for abigail*ryan and the waiting is killing me {and not especially softly, either!} ;)...

Since getting home from France, I've not been terribly well... neither has mister b {man flu's a bitch!}, so that is slowing me down a wee touch...

BUT, it's officially Autumn, and that's nice... what better way than to celebrate than with bright blooms {the last of summer?}, layers, knitwear and nice dresses, and to hole up working on a new drawing of the Anemone's blooming right now in the gardens all around here {and jewellery to accompany}!?

Lovely Mhari is finally opening the doors of 'Welcome Home' on the 3rd of October, with an exhibition entitled + BLOOM + ... I am making these drawings for the show, and the bijoux and the talented Miss Natalie Tweedie will be exhibiting too amongst others! I am actually heading down this afternoon to see the shop... so very exciting!!

But, for now I shall dash. These drawings and things will not do themselves!
More soon...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More from Provence!!

...still fascinated by the soft {and not so soft!} colours the houses were painted in St. Maxime. It was a glorious little place to stroll around. We even made a little friend, though he was a touch shy ;)

We have started columns over at the new abigail*ryan blog...Ryan's is 'Stuff I like'... and mine is 'J'adore'. Really, just a place to put all the things we heart! <3

Getting ready to share our colour stories and patterns too - we hope you like them, we are tres excited!

More soon, xo

Monday, September 14, 2009


Hello everyone... that's me back from my weeks glorious holiday in the Côte d'Azur and I wanted to stop in to say hello quickly, and thanks for all your orders placed during my holiday sale {which is now, sadly, over}...

I will be back over the next few days sharing some more photos and tales from my French Fancy... and we will also be sharing some sneak peeks over at abigail*ryan too, so do drop by there as well for the full low-down. :)

But now, to bed... a six hour delay at the airport on the way back from France still has us slightly wiped out!

Bon nuit,


Friday, September 04, 2009

An announcement...

... well, two!

First of all - I am delighted to have been asked to feature in 'My Creative Life' over at Ink on my Fingers... you can read the interview with me later on today... {Thanks so much Susannah!}...

Second, lastly and most excitingly - Ryan and I have finally launched a blog for our new home-wares venture. Our first two posts act somewhat as an introduction to us, and we will be using the space to document the progress of our collection as we prepare to debut, {hopefully around late October} and our inspirations!

So, without further ado ... I give you, ABIGAIL*RYAN ... !!!

We hope you will pop over and have a wee look, and will bookmark us to keep an eye on our progress. We are off for a week on holiday as of tomorrow, so will be updating our blogs upon our return!!

As a little celebration of our launch, we are both offering a lovely wee discount in our shops for the duration of our vacation {see what I did there? ;)} - 20% OFF to all our customers who enter the code BONVOYAGE ...

Click here to shop with Mister Bell, and here to shop with me :)

Bon weekend to all, see you again very soon :)

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

New for Old...

...the old bench peg was well past it's best. So long old friend ;)