Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Getting Settled...

Hello from my new home in Belfast!

Thanks so much for all your kind well wishes for the move - it went as smoothly as could have possibly hoped for...

We're just over one week in after the big move and the dust is beginning to settle. We pretty much have our downstairs sorted - we've already cooked a dinner for 10, painted our bathroom, and we've even put in some time in the garden, which has been lovely. Some sunshine, deck-chair time and fresh air has been just the ticket - even if all the rain has given me some SERIOUS weeds to contend with!

My lovely chap surprised me with heaps of tomato and strawberry plants, which I had great fun potting up with my amazing new potting scoop from Joseph Bentley - hope they do well and give us some tasty eats! Can't wait to plant more edible goodies... I think I am hooked! ;)

In other news - we have reached 100 posts over at our abigail*ryan blog! Yay!

SO! We have decided to run a give-away... we want to hear what our lovely readers like about our existing range and what you would like to see from our homewares brand in the future. All you have to do is leave us a little comment over on our blog post HERE - and you could win a gorgeous set of our Sycamore Scallop tea-towels in Ink and Turquoise...

Good luck to everyone and please pass it on to your friends, we would love to hear from you!!

Back soon with more tales from beneath the piles of boxes! ;)

xo Abigail

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Moving Day...

Well, the day has finally arrived - the volcano ash has thrown everything it has at us (me home to Glasgow a week later than planned to start packing and so very behind, Mister Bell on a boat sailing his way here to help me finish up) - but D-Day has come nonetheless...

I'm still packing though the removers come at 6ish, there is still stuff to be done - but our last night in our wee Glasgow love nest has been had (I slept like a log as I was sooo tired!) and this evening we will be saying goodbye...

I will be so sad to leave this little flat, it's been fantastic and full of so many memories even after just two years. If I'm honest, I've probably had some of the best times of my life here!

...however, I am so looking forward to starting my new life in Belfast, and my new life with Ryan in our first home together.

Tomorrow, we get our forever.

It feels really good.

Farewell Glasgow, I will miss you!!