Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Shop Update!!

Hi everyone...just a quick one tonight! - I can't believe how quickly this week is going so far....I know the rest will all go this way too.....

I have just updated my online shop with all sorts of new pieces....some are the new ones from my 'silhouettes and shadows' collection - and others are from my 'vintage' collection, but are all designs I have never listed online before!! I have also popped some of the pieces I still have in the shop after Christmas on sale...{discounted by about 10%}, so hopefully there will be something for everybody and even some Valentines day hinting might ensue?? ;))

Till tomorrow {when I have another necklace - hollyhock - to reveal and list!} xox

Friday, January 26, 2007


Goodness how time flies this time of year...when the days feel short and you are tired and sluggish. I have been trying to get some light to photograph these pieces for days...but finally, here they are. Above, a new design - Anemone..oxidised silver strung with faceted citrine beads..and here is the finished freesia necklace too ... I am still working on some other pieces, and *hope* to have them ready to go in the shop next week. I know, I know...I have been saying that for days...but, but, but..things keep getting in the way. Soon though, really ;))

On Wednesday night I went to see Ray LaMontagne in concert. Glasgow was sold out because I waited too long, but I managed to get some tickets for Edinburgh on ebay [!!]...really, truly...he was utterly amazing. I actually couldn't believe it - it was beyond anything I expected...and even thinking about it now, the sound he makes...makes me want to cry. It is like he has the voice of ten men, and he just reaches into you and grabs your soul. It was the best live performance I have *ever* seen....Jolene and Empty just blew me away. ...Ever been to a gig and it just stays with you for days, ringing in your head?......wow. He was supported by Leona Naess who was great too - beautiful voice, and again one of the best support acts I have seen.

Seeing someone as amazing as that sort of makes you feel lost for words....so, for now - have a wonderful weekend. Listen to Ray if you can.


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Why I blog....

why I blog....

Without quite realising it - I have sped past my one year blog anniversary and missed the exact date {it was the 10th]...this is the post I was waiting to write for that auspicious occasion [hehe], so I thought I had best catch up and make it clear why I started blogging, and why I continue to do so....

I really wanted to start writing a blog to help me with my business...give me a place to 'advertise' [for want of a better word] my work, and what I was doing. I was not at the stage of being able to {financially or technically} build a website...so I thought a blog would be the next best thing. Funny how things turn out really, because it has actually been the best thing of all, and so much more than just a website.

I began to read design blogs after I graduated in 2005 {and was in the process of beginning to work from home}...and found that they filled the art and design 'stimulation' gap that was left for me after I left art-school. I really enjoyed seeing what other people were working on, and in a base way, it made me feel like I wasn't alone...which was wonderful because, of course, in my work environment..I am. So come January of 2006, I thought that making a positive move forward for my business would be a good thing to start the year off with, so I set up the blog...and off I went. I was overwhelmed with the response I received..about my work, any links I posted about...everything. I suppose when you set up your blog you don't really expect people to read it - that it will be something, and somewhere for you alone to write, document and sort through things.

I suppose for me, the big question here is really....Why I continue to blog....which is a much more personal decision now, rather than purely a business one.

Without wanting to dress this up - or make a big deal of things....running your own business as an independent {small production} artist or maker is damn hard. Much, much harder than I ever thought it would be. As well as doing all the things a person has to do within a normal job or role as part of business {ie; books/accounts, dealing with internet orders, ordering materials and stock, balancing money, being the post-room person, dealing with all office admin, invoicing - chasing money owed} you also have to find the time to MAKE, DESIGN, and SELL the things yourself, a hugely time consuming act in itself - deal with and juggle many things, like galleries, stockists...securing future venues.....thinking and planning along the line a bit. It is a lot to worry about, and I do - worry. Maybe that takes up most time of all? For me, it is very financially challenging. I make next to no money...which, is to be expected I guess at this stage...but it can dent your morale. It is wonderful to have people there to pick you back up again, and confirm to you, on those days you can't quite remind yourself - that what you are doing is worthwhile!!

Blogging is the most wonderful support network. A family of artists, designers and makers who KNOW what you are going through, and what your contribution is worth...people who appreciate, and take the time to understand what you do. What I love about this online space is, that unlike many other online communities...there is, and shouldn't be, quite rightly, any space for negativity, undermining or insults. We stand up for each other, and support {through words, links and sales} each others work. There is so much criticism and justification of yourself and your work to be had in the 'real' world...blogging should be, and usually is, the most wonderful sanctuary from all that. Where you can put your work out there and just have it be. I have made so many truly amazing friendships from doing this, I am continually stunned and thankful at what a huge impact it has had on my life....and in turn, business.

I hope to be here for a good long while to come. Thank you all *so* much for reading, supporting, contributing...and buying! ;)).....I so, so appreciate it every day.

'till tomorrow, when I will have some new things to put out there {!}.....hugs to all, xox

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Pen on paper...

The one good thing about a computer melt down is the fact I finally have a scanner...[in for a penny in for a pound etc]....so here is my first EVER scan! Behind the times, moi?? - I felt like doing something creative, that didn't involve my tools or jewellery {sort of} so here we are with a little 'drawing'...Hollyhocks....

Happily, and so, so luckily we have managed to salvage pretty much all the information I thought I had lost...it must have been all the good computer vibes you all sent our way {not to mention my Dad slogging away for hours!}..*thank you all* :).....however, from now on...me and backing up are going to be the best of friends. No more slacking in that relationship!!....I don't ever want to feel like that again.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend...I am running behind with the new pieces after the computer fiasco, but hope to have some to show early next week....


PS :: I have just put up a new post on WhipUp ....about a jeweller I found out about {and was blown away by} a few years ago, and was reminded of today when visiting cally's blog ...thank you dear :)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

American Pie....

...the day the computer died.

I wasn't on it myself at the time so I am not sure what exactly happened....all I know is that our computer stopped working. We now have a new one, which I am on now and is in the process of being set -up...but I am now in the myre of trying to figure out what I still have...what I have lost.

It kind of hits you in waves....you remember another thing, and another. At the moment, all my photos...and my saved links are the things that are hitting me hardest. I hope to still have all my tax return work {saved somewhere in an email}..that loss, right now, would be too much to bear.

I might be able to get it all back, but I don't know yet......I am trying not to think about it. Awful...:(

Suffice to say, I wouldn't mind going off to Paris right now...

and ps - I can't get the spell check to work, so if there are mistakes....sorry.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Colour and Calm...

Each year I like to begin the process of making again {after the break} with a new apron....It is the one thing that is always with me each day. It keeps me clean, warm and protected from flame and chemical. I love my new apron this year....a heavy cotton {almost denim type material} with striped in colours like lime, grape, heather pink and scarlet. Each colour is slightly 'off' the norm...which I love. This is, by the way....my 150th post. :)

Some links that I am loving....

::Yayoi Kusama and her crazy, wonderful world of colour and art....I especially love her stuffed pumpkins...

::Philippe Cramer...I admire this man because I know how hard it is to make one discipline work for you...never mind furniture, ceramics, silverware, jewellery and glass all at the one time!!....

::Klippan's fabrics and textiles have me oohing and ahhing this week....love the table linen especially.

:: Carol Ann Wachter's clothing designs are so beautiful...I especially love her looks for fall.......her work was brought to me via Montmartre's Sketchbook, a blog I am enjoying immensely.

:: I have just ordered one of these...and am so excited about it coming. Can you guess why that might be?? ;)) [yay!!!]

Happy Monday everyone!!....later in the week I hope to have some new pieces to show you that will be going up for sale in the shop {Valentines Day approaching and all ;))}

Friday, January 12, 2007

Time for Tea....

Well....I was just delighted this morning to be invited to go with Shari to the International Tea Party organised by the lovely Risa!! I poured myself a much needed cup of Assam tea {in my beautiful porcelain cup, decorated with Picasso matadors}..and donned my cocktail ring for the occasion!.....I had a lovely time, thank you both ;)

As it is a party...I thought flowers were in order - so I have brought some Freesias, in my own way ;) - a 19th Century Botanical Drawing....and the silver silhouette freesia motif they inspired {due to become a lovely long necklace with some little citrines over the weekend}.....okay, so they don't smell as good as real freesia {one of the best smells ever, right?} but they do last longer!

I was very glad of the lovely hot tea today...as I am suddenly feeling a little under the weather {rain and gale force winds here in case you were wondering}...so am going to be chilling out tonight, and snuggling down in the warm with some delicious sushi, telly and then a good book! - hoping the ginger will do it's stuff by morning :)

Hope everyone is having a good party! - Happy weekend everyone!


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

All quiet on the western front.....

I'm feeling pretty quiet here, although I am still really busy with tax returns..emails to answer, shows to get together.....it isn't leaving much time for other thoughts. Above is a beautiful carved wooden bird I was given at Christmas from my Mum, made the wonderful Perry Lancaster...who I blogged about way back in the day here ....I am so glad to have a piece of his work...

In the spirit of quietness...here are some images {i'm letting them do the talking you see} I have been looking at often over the last week or so...

...end? by 3robbers
winter day by Maditi
. by svane
glasses by simply photo
winter sky by *nanako
persuit - of - happyness by dressform

....I love them all and they speak of winter, and that beautiful crisp light it brings.


Friday, January 05, 2007

New work and good advice...

A necklace I made for someone at Christmas...a new design - ginkgo pearl on oxidised chain - I am starting the beginning of a new group of work...."Silhouettes and Shadows". I think I will be revealing the new work around the time when I get my website {complete with full online store for all my designs} up and running..which will be a while, but it is in the works! As I mentioned the other day..I have lots to do and be getting on with!! ;)

**In Kim Family Auction news...I am pleased to say that after some glitches, it is back up and running. The full eBay auction can now be found here and the link directly to my necklaces auction is here ....we all hope that all those who already bid, will do so again!...so much money had been raised!! The auction is still scheduled to finish this Sunday {the 7th of January}...so there is still plenty time :) **

..also, it was very exciting to see the Auction {and my necklace! wheeee!} featured on People...see the full article right here ...

I found this image in a working for yourself manual issued by the Inland Revenue. I think this picture is going to reside on my wall from now on - being in the middle of my first tax return right now..it is beautiful advice indeed. I'm off again to file and stock-take! ....hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Think of me buried under a pile of paper ;))

Happy Friday :)


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

To Market!!...

I am delighted that today is the launch date of the Kim Family Auction..there is so much amazing stuff {much of which I am coveting myself!!}up for auction, so please check it out and bid, bid, bid! :) - This is the piece I have donated...a Sweet Horse Chestnut Necklace made of faceted smokey quartz beads {strung on silk}, hand carved and stained faux ivory leaf held in an 18ct gold plated silver setting........I am so pleased to be able to donate this and be in such great company. Many thanks to Lisa , Stephanie and Gerrie for setting up such an amazing event. I will post the link to the eBay auction site as soon as I can :)

Update: visit the eBay site for the Kim Family Auction here and find a direct link to my necklaces auction here .....happy bidding :)


Happy New Year to everyone...proper!! I still can't believe a new year is here..full of so many possibilities, so many things to come. I think I always postpone *feeling* in the new year..often carrying on like nothing has happened. It {probably daftly} can feel a bit too big.......but, I have so many good things planned for this coming year. I am set on trying to make it a good one, to put into action all the things I have learned {business wise} and to make all the changes I envision to help move things forward....get me where I want to be with work. I feel quite positive about it, and want to take the first few months of the year to market, plan, build {a website!} and organise...and little less of the mad making schedule, which leaves you no time for all the other stuff. I guess I am beginning to feel, and I am feeling....RIGHT!!!!!!!!! Bring it on :)

It's so nice to be reading all the new year post around the blog-world....a new slate can feel really great, and I for one *do* want to try and bottle that feeling and keep it going for some time.....my one year blog-iversary is really not that far away, so another big chance for reflection is approaching - I want to see what I can get done by then, how I will have started off 2007..........

But, for me today...back to my tax return. ;)