Saturday, February 27, 2010

Time machine...

Whilst clearing out my sideboard yesterday {and boy, I was brutal... I have cleared more than 14 black bin bags from the house in the last few days!} I found these leaves pressed in an old little notebook, right at the back.

I was throwing it away and it was sheer fluke that I found them... reminding me in a heartbeat of a holiday in Provence several years ago now when I gathered them in the blazing heat one sleepy afternoon...

I guess that is the thing about clearing out. Every little thing is linked with a memory, or a person... it's very hard to be strict with yourself and not just turn into a pack-rat!

BUT, a clear flat = a clearer mind... which I could totally do with ;)

Bon weekend, all.

p.s. my clearout/cleaning music?? Kings of Leon ;)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

And by night...

Now, I did say I might have nothing more to share than more steamed buns, didn't I? ;) Fair warning was given...

Thank you all so much for the warm welcome back, get well wishes and congrats on the forthcoming move... it's all very exciting, and apart from the physical hell of actually *moving* {which I am trying not to think about!} I think it will be pretty darn swell.

It was a busy weekend of a quick trip through to Edinburgh, some time in the workshop, dinner at the 'rents and a tummy bug which wiped out my Monday {boo!} - but I am hoping to turn things round by the end of the week!

Last night, I was teaching my Botanical Drawing class and today I have been catching up with some much neglected chores around the house. Mostly dishes and cleaning!! I need to get stuck into clearing out some junk in prep for the move {a big cupboard and six years worth of magazines are calling}... but first things were first. ;)

All the time I have spent sitting on my bum for the last weeks have catapulted me back into reading which has been lovely - for almost a year now, my head and schedule have been far too full to really knuckle down to anything, despite numerous attempts. I picked up The Coral Thief yesterday, which I am looking forward to starting in the next day or two...

Time to fix a snack now {something suitably gentle - like a smoked salmon bagel!} and crack on with the last of my cleaning...

More soon, and hopefully more than steamed buns, to boot!

;) xo

Friday, February 19, 2010

No really... back this time ;)

I can't really believe another month has gone by {more than, even!} since my last blog post... every day I have wanted to pick up my camera and photograph little bits of my day and what I have been tentatively doing - and every day I have not managed.

This horrible flu has knocked me way harder than I thought, and even more than six weeks on/in... I am still having bad days.

It's all terribly BORING. Bless poor Mister Bell who has to put up with me going all weak and grey at regular intervals, and... sounding somewhat surprised, saying "God, I really don't feel well" for the umpteenth time that week. I think he deserves a prize!!

Still - as I said, it's all terribly boring, so I won't yap on much longer. I would be surprised if anyone is still checking in with this little space... no-one loves tumble-weeds! ;)

However - I picked up my camera today - so I hope the spell is somewhat broken!!

We are currently obsessed with these amazing bread buns we found frozen at the Chinese supermarket... we steam them every morning and have them plain or with some fruit jam and they are absolutely divine. I am hoping those + red bean mochi + miso soup + lots of fish will cure me. It's certainly a diet I would be happy to die trying, anyway ;)

The lovely orchids are left over from the Botanical Illustration class I am teaching just now on Tuesday nights - I thought they looked sweet in my little pebble vases from Paris, atop the pink granny square Mister Bell crocheted a few weeks toast catalogue arrived this morning too.

In other news, I am having a big clear out in the workshop {as a BIG MOVE is coming very soon!! :D} - I am going to be offering up some more one off gallery pieces from previous years {think statement necklaces and brooches with carved ivory and juicy smokey quartz!} over the next week or so. They are going to be massively discounted as many of them are one off items, and discontinued designs {like the carved pieces!}... so it's your chance to pick up a bargain. More details to follow...

We also have some fantastic draft excluders coming at abigail*ryan... because, I don't know about you - but it's still damn chilly here!

Okay... heading into the workshop soon, so I will go for today. Planning to be back very soon... maybe sharing more sweet treats if nothing else!?

xo Abigail