Thursday, November 29, 2007

A good evening to you...

Hello there everyone! Thanks so much for all your enthusiasm about the new work for Christmas...and an extra special thank you to all those who have already purchased something {I am going to set 'last orders' for the 6th of December, so I can get the jewellery to you in time}. As you can see from the workshop photos, orders are mounting up and I am busy with a capital B !!

These last few days I have had my head down getting ready for a 4 day selling fair I am doing at the Collins Gallery in Glasgow this weekend. It starts tomorrow [I was setting up today]....and runs right through until the end of the day on Monday the 3rd. I have lots of work with me, from big show pieces to small bijoux perfect for stocking fillers - so if you are in Glasgow, please do swing by and say hello!!
I am sharing my stand with another jewellery friend, Marion Barclay who works with anodised aluminium and precious stones. Marion has an Etsy store as you can purchase pieces from her online too - her shop is well worth checking out if you are a colour lover!! Some other local jeweller friends showing at the fair are Alison Macleod and Suilven there is a great mix of styles and truly something for everyone. Hope some of you readers can make it along!

I shall be out of this space over the weekend as I man the show and get to play shop. Hope you all have a good one {I will get to emails in the evening, so I may be a little slower than normal in my replies!}...back soon,



Monday, November 26, 2007

Christmas Shop...

Hi everyone - hope you all had a good weekend!....just stopping in to let you know my Shop is now fully stocked with items for Christmas - lots of small series limited edition pieces [once they are gone, they will never be repeated!] and earrings galore...hopefully a good mix for presents and treats for yourselves alike :)

As always, feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions about any of the pieces!
Thanks for looking and Happy Monday to you all,

Friday, November 23, 2007

Almost, but not quite...

As you all know...I had a festive shop update planned for today - however, realising that it is National 'Buy Nothing Day' [today and tomorrow, depending on what part of the world you are in!]....I have decided to honour that wonderful sentiment, with which I heartily agree, and postpone the 'decking out' until Monday.

[Note :: for hard-core consumers...this means there will be some extra pieces available come Monday as I will have the weekend to rustle up some more pieces - so your patience will be rewarded ;)))]

Thanks so much for waiting a little bit - and I hope you can all join in with the 'buying nothing' as much as possible [and then let loose on Monday of course!! ;)] ....
Have a wonderful weekend, and see you next week for the grand unveiling,

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


This week...when I close my eyes, this is where I want to be. {Paris, of course} I have so much to do at the moment it is all feeling extremely stressful and I am feeling awful as well so that doesn't help much with productivity levels. However - I will get there I'm sure {almost sure}. This time of year always feels hard....right?
Just stopping in quickly to wish all my American friends and family a very wonderful and happy Thanksgiving. You are all so very dear to me and I am very happy, and *thankful* to have you all in my life.....thinking of my brother too, all the way away in Sacramento, and hoping you and H are will be having a lovely Thanksgiving together in your new home!! :)
Thank you all for all your support so far this year, it has been amazing....I think we should officially have a UK Thanksgiving so there is the opportunity to say these things more often ;)
See you back here on Friday for the 'decking out' of my little shop...
Have a good Holiday everyone!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ana + Abigail....

Hello everyone! It is so nice to be able to show you this at last....the lovely Ana Ventura and I have been working on this collaboration for a wee while now, and I am delighted to be able to announce that the Brooch 'flowers on my mind' is now available for sale in Ana's shop!! We will only be making 20 of these brooches, so they are very limited indeed.....each is individually hand-pierced from sheet Sterling Silver [by me] and the design was taken from this beautiful illustration by Ana.

...there will be some earrings coming *very* soon as well - but we wanted to kick things off with this fine chap first, seeing as how the season for treating yourself is fast approaching ;)) We hope you like our collaboration!


In other news, and as I have stopped in here [it has been too long, I know!]....I will take the opportunity to announce that my shop update will happen this coming Friday [November the 23rd] - when I will be listing new pieces for the part season and smaller items perfect for gifts. Please do get in touch if you would like a price-list for any of my pieces from the Vintage Collection as the last postage date to the States is the 13th of December and all orders will have to be in *soon* so I can make sure you get your bijoux for Christmas morn :) Feel free to email me [link in the side-bar] if you have any questions about ordering this Christmas season!

Many thanks everyone [and a special thank you to Ana!!] and wishing you all a great Sunday evening!!



Monday, November 12, 2007


Progress :: something I think I might be making? Just maybe.
Things have been full tilt here for weeks now [and whilst that doesn't look set to change until Christmas is here - or I can post things out no more!] - I have got a lot done and a lot of big hurdles for this time of year are over. By the end of next week all my gallery work will be completed....and I will be able to focus on a Shop update and making pieces for a Christmas Market I am doing in Glasgow - four days behind a heavily laden table and meeting some buyers...should be fun! {just drop me a line if you would like more details!}
Above is a sneak peak of some of the colours you will be seeing creep into the shop come the holiday update....I am in love with this beautiful softly coloured Prehnite - a green inspired by this image which I am so enjoying staring at for good parts of each day :) other news, the collaboration between Ana and myself is *almost* ready too! It will not be very long to go at all - so we shall let you know when it is ready to launch!! Stay tuned friends.
As the weather gets colder...I am wanting to turn inwards a little. These dark and dreamy flickr faves sum the feeling up well....
...I think Winter might just be almost here.
Happy Monday everyone...
back soon!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Back online...

Hi everyone....! I am thankfully back online after a scary computer blowup [burn-out]....and am more than glad to be so. How dependant we are these days on our computers!! has made me think seriously about changing over to Mac as all I hear is how much more reliable they easy to use [how b-eautiful of course!! ;)] etc etc. Do any of you have any advice - do you think I will be able to change over [from pc to mac] my files okay? I am feeling seduced by the white I must there is a mac-store in Glasgow....mmm.

Things have been BUSY here. The work for Dazzle London went away yesterday - feeling v. tired after that one....above are a couple of new big necklaces that went down too....there are LOTS more new design ready too [I just didn't have a chance to photograph the ones off to Dazzle yesterday...but will when I make more this week] so stay tuned.

Back into Radio these days since I have been without iTunes....also re-reading this trilogy as it is just the kind of escapism I need right now....*so* good ;)

Happy Thursday everyone! I will be slowly catching up over the next day or will get back to emails asap. Have a great eve all,

Monday, November 05, 2007

Computer Problems....

Hi everyone...just a quick note to let you know I will be off-line until Thursday at the earliest as my computer died on Sunday night. I will get back to any emails/messages as soon as I can!!

See you soon,
Abigail x

Thursday, November 01, 2007

by lamp-light.... that the clocks have turned back, I am working much of the day in the workshop by lamp light - it is raining so much here too, so even the beautiful light mornings seem rare - it makes for very yellow photos, hence the b & w here. This is how I amuse myself through the hours and hours of filing and sawing...arranging the pieces I am working on in sets, orders and shapes as I go. Makes me think about all the patterns I could make out of the motifs and sometimes the spaces in between make me think about new shapes and possibilities....

Like I said, long hours ;))

Happy Thursday, and hello November [um, how did that happen!?]