Wednesday, April 30, 2008

From inside out...

Hi everyone...I am back in the workshop at last after a few weeks of time-juggling working at the show. It's lovely to have some time to just get organised, catch up and do all the things that have mounted up...I just can't believe how quickly the days are going by - the last day of April indeed! How on earth did that happen!?? 

I am working on some new pieces {and have been collecting and pressing lots of little tiny spring leaves and blossoms for inspiration}, in amongst making and filling orders, so I am hoping those will be ready to share soon and pop in the, stay tuned on that front....

On the way to the post office today I got caught in an torrential hail and rain storm - what timing, huh? Anyway, I was determined not to turn back and to get my parcels away tonight, even when literally wading ankle deep in the down-pour....I have really not seen anything like it for a LONG time....that's dedication for you isn't it? I think I deserve a gold star for that one, because, let me tell you - my soft leather spring-like shoes are not impressed at all, and are currently curled up in the corner looking very sorry indeed! ;))

Before I share some links for the day I just wanted to stop and say a HUGE Happy Birthday to my lovely big Brother, Chris who turns 27 today!....and also, equally warm birthday wishes to my dear friend Tessa as well....have a lovely day you two - missing you both! 

Links for the day :: Tim Knowles {amazing!} - This video made me smile so, so much and so took me back {can you believe it's almost 20 years ago!??} {via Jenny} - Manos Shop is open! 

Have a *fab* evening everyone! Hope the sun is shining where you are!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Piece of Reality...

Was working at the show today - and late in to the afternoon, I noticed a bit of paper on the ground, and picking it up, realised I had found a PIECE OF REALITY. Number 19/135 to be exact.

It was, in fact, exactly what I needed. It must have been there just for me...:)

Two live versions of the same amazing song...

Happy Sunday all,

Friday, April 18, 2008

This fine evening...

Hello, hello!...isn't it great that it is Friday night!? I am just not long back in from having coffee with the lovely Mhari and wishing that I had had my camera with me so that I could have captured the amazing sunset burgeoning on the horizon. It has been a lovely day here....le sigh.

Fancy spending some time in the kitchen this weekend? Why don't you join me!?...I have shared my Panna Cotta recipe over on Design*Sponge - thanks for having me, Grace + Kristina :)

I'm really pleased to see Anemone's creeping back into the shops. This hopeful little fellow makes we want to get designing in his honour. But more on that next week...

Off now to have my dinner, and without trying to burst any bubbles, no Panna Cotta for me this evening. I don't have an parties of four or more booked in and it would surely be too extravagant for one, no? ;)

Have a great weekend all,

ps, do NOT ask me what is going on with my font sizing. Apple and I are not making the smoothest of transitions together. Maybe I am more of a logical PC person after all, and not the creative mind I thought. Sob. ;))

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Inside the Cover...

Hi friends! Its been over a week again - and let me tell you, one of the busiest weeks mind seems fully occupied, as do my days, hands {busy making} and everything in between. Fits well with Spring, all this busyness and I enjoyed leafing through this amazing catalogue that landed on my doorstep and taking a few minutes out. Return of 'Inside the Cover', anyone? 

// Marian Hosking: Jewellery

...thank you kindly to the lovely Belinda Jessop who sent this beautiful tome my is so inspiring!

I have been working shifts at Glasgow Dazzle, in the Merchant Square which has been good fun...and I have been back in the studio these last few days, catching up with orders and working on some new designs for the shop which will go in soon...perhaps next week? We will see how time goes.

Between now and then, my parents are moving house tomorrow! So I will be helping out with that...I will back in Dazzle on Thursday, so if anyone is around then and fancies popping in to say hello, I will be there.

Despite all this going on, I have an overwhelming urge to go out dancing!!? Go figure ;)

// Listen to Dawn Kinnard if you get the chance -  whom I heard for the first time last week on Later, with Jules Hollands...mmm.

Back here soon! Have a great day,

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Oh the light...

Well hello long neglected blog...I cannot believe it's been a week already since I stopped in here. Let me tell you, I am having separation anxiety and am beyond glad that my Internet should be installed by this coming Tuesday....roll on. roll on.

I have been back in the studio in earnest this week, and also enjoying settling in to the new place more - also just loving the beautiful light and weather...daylight saving time is a wonderful thing and the light nights are a real treat! This Spring light flooding in through my old paneled window panes is just divine...makes me just want to sit and bask ;)

I had to turn my attention to my night-time lighting solutions as well however...luckily, Habitat is always on hand for such occasions and I splurged on Spindle with stone/cream base and fennel {chartreuse, really} shade. It makes the evenings as good as the days, let me tell you.

So - back in the workshop and doing various chore-like tasks such as sorting through my scrap tin and stocktaking as well as more fun things like finishing up orders. All the tulips went out this past week...thank you kindly for all your orders so far!!...and I am set for a busy week ahead too.

I have been meaning to share this link for a while - Artist Rachel Duckhouse {whose work I saw perhaps a year or so ago at the Glasgow Print Studio} has recently launched her new site - the work is simply stunning in person, so if you ever get a chance to see it up close...make sure you do! Congrats to Rachel :)

Have a good weekend all - wish me luck for smooth broadband install, and that come Tuesday, the Internet and I are well and truly re-united {and it feels so gooooood! ;)}...