Thursday, May 31, 2007

emballage | packing...

Hi everyone!....gosh this week is going by quickly! - thanks so much to everyone who has purchased one of the new necklaces so far, and for all your kind emails about them...I have been packaging them up today ready for posting out tomorrow, to all over the world!...just the tissue and ribbon to add now ;)

....there are still some necklaces left to be snapped up do drop me a line if you are interested.

I know it is not Friday yet...but in anticipation of it, some favourites of mine from around flickr this week....

heavenly from virginia virginia
like a tattoo from Camilla E
stand out from *boing boing*
collection3 from Camilla E
untitled from duchamp blinks

...more soon! xox

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

for sale...

* As May is almost over, and we are entering the summer months....I am offering free shipping on these brand new necklace designs to celebrate!...I will only make five of each [May being the fifth month and all]...and am offering them up exclusively here on my blog :) *


+ Screw Pine Silhouette Necklace - £35.00 Email me to Purchase *only 2 left!!*
...the pine fruit, which is hand pierced from sterling silver sheet [0.8mm thick] measures 3.5cm end to end and the fine silver chain is approx 19inches long, so it is the perfect short length. The chain is finished with a hand made s-hook clasp, so you can also alter the length to your desire.

+ Magnolia Virginia Silhouette Necklace - £47.00 Email me to purchase *only 3 left!*
...the Magnolia Virginia bloom, which is hand pierced from sterling silver sheet [0.8mm thick] measures 5cm end to end and the fine silver chain is approx 19inches long, so it is the perfect short length. The chain is finished with a hand made s-hook clasp, so you can also alter the length to your desire.

+Magnolia Silhouette Necklace - £35.00 Email me to purchase *SOLD OUT - thank you!*
...the Magnolia bloom, which is hand pierced from sterling silver sheet [0.8mm thick] measures 4.5cm end to end and the fine silver chain is approx 19inches long, so it is the perfect short length. The chain is finished with a hand made s-hook clasp, so you can also alter the length to your desire


Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions too :) xx

enfin | at last...

...I get the chance to catch up and tend to online things [like emails, checking up on blog reading, blogging...] after a busy weekend [bank holiday weekend here and my Mum's birthday too] this is me just beginning my week really. Spent some time today making some simple summer necklaces {above}...pierced silhouettes in sterling silver sheet, on short silver chains....sometimes it is nice to take the saw for a walk :)

I have been tagged by Paola to reveal seven random facts about myself [why can you never really think of anything in a situation like this?!!] here goes....

1 :: I want a dog something bad [a Lakeland Terrier to be specific, I would call him Charlie].

2 :: When I get tired, I can't bear getting my hands dirty - which is ironic, considering what I do and how often I get tired.

3 :: When reading hard-back books, I always have to take the paper cover off, otherwise I spend the whole time worrying I will rip the paper.

4 :: I am a procrastinator [maybe I am just lazy?]....but I always do this because I know I do better under pressure.

5 :: Sean Connery went to the same primary school as me.

6 :: I flit between thinking the grass is always greener and knowing it is probably not.

7 :: I would happily stay in bed till lunchtime every day if I could.

...I won't tag anyone, but feel free to join in if you like :)

I enjoyed browsing the Sally Scott website, which I found this past weekend via kurashi-kurashi :)

Happy Tuesday everyone.....xx

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

sur mon esprit | on my mind...

On my mind....I think this pretty much translates to 'on my spirit' in French [it is the closest I can get anyway], but even this phrase is good here too.


The happy arrival of my moo cards...which I love.

I have been thinking so much about a beautiful yellow enamelled floor lamp I saw last time I was in Paris, at the Conran Shop...I think it might be made by Jielde, but I am not sure. Good job I am going back soon ;)

andthesilverlining - loveliness.
The silhouette of the flowers from the a simple little vase on my workbench. [hello spring!]


Thursday, May 17, 2007

papier kraft | brown paper...

Ahh...brown paper, let me count the ways in which I love thee [too many, of course, to list] - A new pattern, which is from a poppy leaf [that I manipulated into the triple form on photo shop] ...someone said it looks a bit like fractals ...I like that.

A new post from me over on WhipUp...

Some deliciousness from Billet.....this ...and [what I think might be the perfect purse I have been searching for forever!} this, in ochre., if only I could read Japanese !!


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

botanique | botanical...

I experimented a bit [not wholly successfully mind you] with some bench enamelling today, on my outlines. Great fun, until I stuck my finger with a bit of the flaked glass [not supposed to flake]....oweeee. ;)

This from mav makes my heart glad does this little one's sweet face.

It's raining here. Did a bit of drawing to cheer myself up....botanicals always help me that way.

Happy Wednesday...xx

Monday, May 14, 2007

étagère il | shelf it...

Have been spending the last few days finally getting around to updating my line sheets, adding all the new designs, working out a better coding system, clearer catalogue sheets etc.....the kind of thing that always gets put on hold, gets shelved when other things get added to the list. I am really pleased to have them, please, any retailers or stockists out there who would like wholesale line sheets....go on! - feel free to drop me a line ;))

I know when I logged on to blog I had something to say..things to link to, but my mind has gone blank. Oh well, Happy Monday to you all...hope your week is off to a good start!


ps - thanks *so* much for all the kind comments on my last pleased you all like the new pieces!

Monday, May 07, 2007

nouveau | new...

Monday already - yikes!! Hope you are all enjoying the holiday w/end?... I was working to help take down the Dazzle show which has just finished in Glasgow [it went really well!!] - as promised, I have shot some of the new designs I made for the show {as I didn't get a chance to photograph at the time} ever, you can view more of the new pieces, along with the 'older' ones here.

Hope you all like them....if you are interested in any of the new designs or want more info or prices etc - just shoot me an email at abigailpercy[at]gmail[dot]com. I won't be listing any of the new work in the shop, but am of course happy to take orders and do have a bit of back stock at the moment too.

I have a busy week lined may not be around too much. Wishing you all a great week!

ps...guess which super-bro made it onto the telly?! ;)


Thursday, May 03, 2007

Être à la hauteur | Stack up...

I have been thinking a lot the last few days about layers...and how everything tends to stack up in life [work, tasks to do, mess, commitments....] and how it is good to take some time out to tidy those stacks up, to edit, to make new stacks, more efficient stacks. {That is, if you can find the time...;)} It really is something I am needing to do right now....organise a bit and get things together!! Sometimes I can't believe just how much you learn and change and adapt your processes daily when in is a very fast and steep [and endless] learning curve!

I have been mailing things out a lot recently...hence the new delivery of packaging from Potters and the pile of sturdy mailers waiting to go overseas with a variety of prints inside.....[the post office has just moved] so I have been outside a lot more as it is a little further, and taking a different route....I am going to take my camera out more soon to capture some of the things I see en route....there is so much greenery bursting out [it is so HOT!] just waiting to be captured!

Okay...I have a question for those who are Gocco aficionado's.....can you give me some advice as to which is the better system to use [the PG - 5 or PG -11?...or any other!?]....and also any hints as to where I might be able to find one [I have found sources on Etsy and eBay...but am looking at about 100 dollars plus that average?]....if you can offer any advice that would be wonderful!! - I am beginning to think [and plan] for Christmas [and all the work I have to do!] already...can you believe it!? Thank you in advance lovelies!!

Thanks so much also for all the lovely words about my sweet Bro.....I am sure he is reading it all and blushing big somewhere in the mid-west :)

Happy Thursday all...roll on the w/end!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

chèvrefeuille | honeysuckle...

The Honeysuckle print is now in my more and more of them are bursting out in the downstairs garden - it is so sunny here I almost think we are going to skip Spring in the way we did Winter [NO snow at all I tell you!] and cut straight to is supposed to be over 70 degrees F [about 21C] as the week goes on!!

Just working today on getting some orders finished and trying to get them out - I am [not so] patiently waiting for packaging to arrive {more little Kraft paper boxes}...and am scoffing about the five day wait that comes from requesting 'next day' delivery. Humf.

Happy Tuesday everyone - hope you are out and about and enjoying the sunshine!...I am spending the day wishing I had some more space [and a garden of my own] so I could do some of this!!



A fire broke out in the apartment blocks where my brother and his wife live [Happy Birthday to you!] in Columbus, Ohio last seen here and here on the news today....Chris is a total Hero and I am so proud of him...he went up onto the floor above where the fire was to help get all the other people out okay!! What a star [we did give him a big ticking off..but we are still swelling with pride as he is such a good brave Scotsman!] :)