Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Happy Halloween everyone!! Hope you are all having a good one......despite my being too old to dress up {when I am not going to a themed party you understand}....you are never to old to put up some pumpkin fairy lights in the corner of the kitchen....!! ohhhh yeah ;)))

Over the last few days I was working to get another collection for a christmas show out to artifex gallery in Birmingham...which I got posted off today. Good to have that done....I will be relaxing tonight, and catching up with emails, post, magazines etc! Lovely.

I am thinking of doing another inspiration week very soon, as I have been seeing lots of things recently that I love.....lots of unusual forms {object wise} like these stunning glass pieces by Kamini Chauhan and wonderfully eclectic colour palettes in the form of glazed pods by ceramicist Sophie Cook - so stay tuned for more....:)

Happy tuesday all -- have a great night,

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tick box....

Holy-Moly......what a week {two??..who knows?}....that's me finished the collection for Dazzle and it's in the post now!! 59 pieces makes it the biggest body of work I have prepared to go to one place to date - and boy! what a lot of hard work it was too....soooo tired, but pleased. Pictured above are some hastitly taken shots of some new designs that went with....they are not great pictures, but I was pushed for time - and will photograph them again at some point for the 'records'....;) I have to say - I had not been out for a week I was working so hard...and when I opened the front door today to go to the post office I smelt Autumn for the first time this year - mmmm

So, over the next few weeks I still have plenty to be getting on with - I have numerous orders to get out over the next few days that I have been plodding away on for the last wee while {juggle, juggle}...and another large collection to go to another gallery in a few days too. It's all go! On top of that I need to start preparing my books properly as tax returns have to go in in January...which when you consider how crazy things get around Christmas and how scarily time starts to speed up {already started to, right?} it will be here in no time.

But for tonight - I think a good DVD and a little bit o' vino is called for to celebrate {that, and tidying up the nuclear fall out that is my studio!}.........please do check out Janet Bell's new website which just re-launched yesterday {it is looking great!!!} with her wonderful paintings and new range of prints , and her new blog just up last night too!.....Janet is going to be going along to opening of the Dazzle show -- so, once again if there is anyone else in the area {even if you don't regularly comment here, but happen to stop by!} who would like some tickets - do drop me a line {still 3 tix going!!!!}...I don't know anyone in Manchester so don't want them to go to waste!! {there will be live music and refreshments ;)}......

Happy Wednesday friends.....xox {and sorry for my absence over the last few days too!!}

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Dazzle, Manchester....

Hello everyone, hope you are all having a good weekend so far!!!?

I just wanted to let everyone know about the upcoming Dazzle exhibition I will be taking part in....running from the 6th of November to the 31st of December at Manchester Town Hall.

The exhibition shows the work of 55 makers, and with up to 3000 pieces of jewellery to choose from for ladies and gents , you are sure to find something special!! I will have a large selection of work there, including earrings, brooches, necklaces and rings - so I hope some of you can make it!

I have four invitations for the private views {each one admitting up to four people!}..which are on Saturday 4th of November {11.00-17.00} and Sunday 5th of November {12.00-17.00} and would like to offer these to any of my readers who live in the area, who would like to attend the opening. The first four people to email me { abigailpercy@gmail.com } with their name, and postal address will get an invite in the post soon!

I look forward to hearing from you! xox

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

High Jinks....

Sorry to keep you all a'waiting for tales of my travels o'er the last few weeks...I haven't been feeling too well you see, and am flagging a bit in the evenings {blogging time} after a day at work....but here I am ready to spill at last!!

First off - London was just what I needed to mix things up a bit...a bit of pace, you know - recharge the batteries with new sights, sounds and smells, fun and lots of laughs...Actually, there was parts of the trip that were ridiculously disasterous {and quite funny} - such as my suitcase {one of those little hard cases} coming off the conveyer belt at the airport when I landed BURST OPEN..with all my stuff on show....Oh the shame ;)....then on the tube, en route to meet Karin and Camilla for dinner....I spilt half a cup of coffee all the way down myself, because me and Claire were chatting away and I wasn't paying attention. Needless to say, I was wearing cream linen box pleated front cullottes...and the coffee pretty much all gravitated to my..erm, lap. We were helpless with laughter, and I was very glad I carry a large bag!! Also...I ended up missing my flight because of London transport {don't ya love it!}..and me and about 60 others were stranded after missing the last flight to Glasgow. I had to pay another £191.00 to get home the next day......*sigh*..anyway, I had a great time, and it was all worth it!!!!!

Now for Scotland...{pictured above}..the Papa Stour croft at Callakille was amazing - just to die for. About 6 and a half hours from Glasgow, it is every bit as beautiful and idyllic as the images make out - moreso, if that's possible. It was the perfect place to recharge and unwind...and I am already looking forward to going back! I so enjoyed just relaxing...getting so much fresh air, going out for walks and strolls across the fields and hills, beach-combing..playing games like scrabble {and winning once or twice!!} and just being able to just 'be'. The scenery was just breathtaking, and I am reminded and in renewed awe of just what an amazingly beautiful and majestic country Scotland is - and how lucky I am to live here! The sky was something that really moved me..the sunsets, the gunmetal grey moodiness that I was craving...I loved the weather - so changeable, yet all so wonderful at the same time. The only problem with the cottage is you never want to leave......and I love my new wellies so much I didn't want to take them off!! ;(

I am gradually getting some more photo's up onto Flickr, and I will get on to organising them into a little set..which I will share more of here soon I shouldn't wonder and link to as well when it's up.

My parting shot for tonight?? ---- Come to Scotland if you can..it is so beautiful it hurts.


Monday, October 16, 2006

Home again...

Hello everyone!! I am back from my jaunt to London, and up north where I stayed at the Papa Stour bolthole......I had such a wonderful time in both places - firstly staying with Claire, which is always such a blast {I love her to bits, just for the record!!} and then to meet up with the famous Swedes Karin and Camilla as well was just amazing - we all had such a fab evening at Baltic {cocktails - the best I have ever had!- and dinner}...we are already planning the next meet up! The girls came loaded with gifts for me and C...as such I will be loading some parcels with goodies and guilt quick-smart *thank you both so!!* ;)

Tomorrow I am going to delve into the extended tales from my break....but for today, I am calling it quits and heading off to bed. First day back at the bench {with stinky cold!}....and a deadline for Dazzle means I am back in the saddle, and riding that horse! See how the work is coming on above......

So, friends..till tomorrow - xx

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

so long...

Things are crazy here.....!! Making, making, going, going!! - I am popping down to London tomorrow to see Claire {and habibi!}, Karin and Camilla....and I am so looking forward to it!! Jealous?? heh heh....:) promise to share all when I get back!! But now it is 2am, and I still have my bag to pack, and some sleep to get before travel begins!..hopefully I will check back in late Friday night, before I head off here for a few days of bliss {and necklace assembly!} - like I said SO excited!!

Much love to all - have a great week!! xox

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Rhythm {'s gonna get you}? ....

Ah yes, the usual story..time has flown by ridiculously fast again, and I have just a couple of days to wrap things up until I head off for a bit. It's been a crazy few weeks, frustrating even, and things have not gone quite as I would have liked {um....including accidentally sleeping in until 11.30 am on Friday after being up {working} till 3am....whoops}..but I feel like I am clawing things back, slowly but surely. Making lists, sorting out priorities and trying to clear my head and focus on what needs to be done before I go........it's all too easy to get distracted. But yes, here are some more pictures from the studio {bored yet?}..including the new platin' machine!! {will get that up and running tomorrow evening!...needs quite a lot of work}......
I ventured in to town today to try and pick up some new threads.....ugh. No luck whatsoever. zip. nada...hate it when that happens. The weather is not helping....I wish Autumn would kick in!! It's still all hot and muggy - I just can't dress for in between weather.......!!
anyway..bed beckons {tomorrow I will be up at the crack!}...to get on and be productive - maybe find my rhythm too?? ;)