Sunday, June 25, 2006

One Year On....

So!! The time has come when I am gathering all the work I have been making over the last few weeks {ahem months}...and getting packed up and ready to depart tomorrow for the Exhibition. I am looking forward to it, and really excited about seeing all my new work out a progression from last year's degree show, to now....One Year On. I am a bit nervous too :/

I finished my new pattern at last {above}, and am very pleased with it....I would quite like to do it in other colour ways to see how it 'changes'. I did try to photograph my new pieces today but the light has been shocking {grey grey days...} so I will take some more at the show {and of the display} to let you all see when I get back!!

One Year On at New Designers previews on Wednesday 28th June, and opens to the public Thursday 29th June - 2nd July at the Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, Islington, London.. If anyone would like to pop by and see me that would be great!! I will be back home from the big smoke on the 3rd...and will let you all know how it went then!!

So, for a week....farewell my friends!! Thank you all so much for all your encouragement and support of me and my work whilst preparing for this show...your kind words, advice and positivity have helped me no end! I hope you all have a great week...sending out HUGE hugs! Wish me luck ;)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Workin' so far....

Okay!!! One Begonia carving finished...{the first one I did broke, and the sigh was heard around the world!}..but now only one to go!....I like them up at the light like this, like real leaves with the sun coming through them :)

Wooohoooo....both done, carved, sanded ready! I need to check them now to make sure they fit into their settings and don't need any adjustments before I stain them........

Yup, they both fit....that's me on track! Next I will stain the ivory a bit to age it....then I will get them into their settings for good... {as well as setting them with claws I glue them in as well for extra security!} sandbag {which I carve on} is beginning to look well used ;)

Look! A mini Metropolis!! postcards and business cards arrived today {1000 of each}. In the end I couldn't afford to get a set of four done, so I plummed for the Sweet Horse Chestnut Necklace for the postcard...and had a business card made of the Honeysuckle necklace {as it has pearls...}. I am also making up CD's {see the stack!} with all my images on them, so I can include all my other favourites there...and with time, I will get more p/c's printed to go with.......getting there, getting there! Hopefully tomorrow I will have some stained and set new pieces to show you. I have three more carvings to do today/tonight....targets and goals you see! I am trying to kick myself into touch, but...can'

till tomorrow, hugs, xox

Edit : I have also Whipped Up a new jewellery post over on Whip Up...enjoy!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Madness Central...

Oh the shame..oh the neglect! I am so sorry for not having replied to all the lovely comments {so very appreciated!} you all left last week, and get to update this wee blogspace over the last few days as I should! I will hopefully be taking, and posting some good new images of the work I am producing really's hoping!

Things are awfully busy here {as the title suggests ...haha!} as I get ready for the much to do, but I am making lists, and getting through them! Above you will see two carvings I am working on {this is me re-making a begonia brooch which was damaged at a gallery...:( }, these are pretty much the most complicated and time consuming carvings that I do....each usually takes about a day and a half...but I don't have that long, so my fingers are being worked to the bone whittling away! There will be a few LATE nights this week I am sure...

Anyway..really must dash and get back to work! {so I have something to show all you lovelies!} Hope that everyones week is off to a good start!

hugs, xox

Friday, June 16, 2006


Now I know this is not entirely a red picture...but above are my favourite and most treasured pieces of jewellery I own, and I especially love the red coral apples...

These represent a real family history...the opal and the pink sapphire {that's what I was always told it was..and I still call it that even though I think it may be something else} set stones came from Iran*, from when my Granny and Grandpa lived there {they had lots of jewellery made by an amazing little back street jeweller who made the most phenomenal things - he wouldn't take any money for ages and let them take the pieces away and pay him 'next time'! fabulous}....the coral apples were bought by my Mum in Italy in the 70's and the Jade leaf was bought for my Mum by my Dad when they had their first real holiday away in Tenerife {and I, ahem, followed on 9 months later ;)}!! I love wearing them together, and no jewel could ever mean more to me. I guess that's the thing about jewellery..the sentiment it can have for you...

I was so amazed today to see some of my work on Design Sponge..ahhhhhh! Fame at last..haha! What fun :)

Hope you all had a good week....I guess all in all I had a productive one, although I will be working all weekend too. Hopefully it will be worth it! I am beginning to think of what I want to do post-show, where I want my work to go and in what direction I want to develop the business. More musings will follow on over the coming months I am I begin to navigate year two of business life!

What a fun week of color that was...! Bonne weekend....hugs, xox

* I have always longed to go to Iran to see where my grandparents lived, and why they loved it so much...I think it looks like such a beautiful country. I am so very sad that because of the increasingly difficult 'political' situation there, that may not be an option for a very long time, and that when it is..I imagine the country will have been reduced to a shadow of it's former self. I don't want to really express my personal views on this too much....but BOY, greed sucks! x

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Another raid from the Paris archive....such blue sky against the verdigris greeny-blue of the column...made me smile.

Today is one year to the day since my Degree Show opened and the day I got my degree results {after 4 years at art school} funny that at almost the same time but a year later, I am working toward another big deadline. Suddenly a degree show doesn't seem all that big a deal.....! It has made me think on all I have done in the year, how much has quick the time has gone - I can't believe it really. I am finding it hard to focus today..too much to think about, too hard to even try....

i'd rather just look at the blue sky...xx

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


My Grey for the only Paris can offer it, in various hues of smokey taupe, slate, charcoal, and dove...I do like grey {taken from the top of the Arc de Triomphe}..... !

My first post for Whip-Up is finally up....yay :)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Here is my 'brown' offering for the day...A Parisian bas-relief carved scroll. I could look at the carvings on Paris' buildings all day....

Just a short post today, it's been a long one...

Links....I want some colour and fabric today!! So, check out Eley Kishimoto at the V&A..who doesn't love thumbnails!!?.....and some yummy Marimekko for good measure!


Monday, June 12, 2006


I guess there is no true light without dark........?

A quick stop today for a cup of really good coffee... {plus some homemade vanilla sugar}, mmmm. I really don't have much white around me...I don't wear it {doesn't suit me}, and I don't have any white rooms, or things...just the matt chalky-ness of the crockery I so love.....

A little announcement....I have been asked to join Whip-Up , and am now their newest contributor...I will be covering the topic of jewellery..the happenings in the jewellery world, design and event wise {including many jewellers profiles/work who you may and may not of already heard of}...good suppliers to use, and tooling advice and information on materials alongwith some jewellery making tutorials! I will let you know when new posts are up..and I hope you enjoy them! {I think the fist one should be up tomorrow!}

Bon Monday! xox

Saturday, June 10, 2006

A need for repetition....

As promised {although late!} here is the other page from the spread I spoke about in the last post from Vogue Magazine ..that I just loved, and that stirred something in me I have been thinking on for a while....

The modern cross-stitch embroidery sampler above is by the artist Kate Westerholt...{whom I could not find any links to, so..if you know of any???}..she stated in the text below the piece " I wanted to make samplers that were more modern....I like the irony of using hip-hop inspired slogans on a sampler"......Generally speaking, I just love samplers {and this is no exception} especially antique ones. And after seeing this, I scoured the internet to find any really good, and modern work done in cross-stitch {maybe other artists}, but I really couldn't find anything that moved me. This mad search, you all down to the fact that I used to cross stitch as a child, and have found myself recently really missing it. What I liked about it, was the monotony of it..the repetitive made time just melt away {the sign of a good past-time, yes?} . I spent most of my time growing up working on my art or design {personal or school work} and I found this an escape from the pressure of that, because I was following a pattern...a path, and not having to 'think' about anything but the perfection, and placement of that one stitch, just one at a time...small steps. I have been thinking of starting it up again, the a way to relax, and have something creative to do - removed from my works creativity. I think I may well design the patterns that I will embroider {I maybe do need something slightly more challenging than when I was 10 after all! ;P}...but if anyone has any suggestions of cool companies who make great patterns I would love to hear about them. Otherwise, I am thinking of doing a flock style wallpaper stitch. Mmmmmm...relaxing already. I was also thinking about quilting after being inspired by looking at Denyse Schmidt particular this one the purple, such beauty!!

Edit: Thanks to Paula who gave me the link to Kate Westerholts website ...check it out!

Speaking of which....just look at these blooms! They are so stunning, and with the heat of the air today..they are just getting bigger and bigger each time you look at them....Oh I so adore peonies, these are almost as nice as the ones I saw in Paris. The perfume is filling the rooms so deliciously, it makes me glad for the warm weather {well...almost}. for now, as I am working on a very special pair of earrings I am really excited about, and a long necklace peppered with carvings on big expensive pearls!

Have a wonderful evening all....xox

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Paper cuts....

Paper cuts....the good kind! This image is from the new issue of Vogue where many artists and celebrity-types were asked to make a piece of art representing fashion. This beautiful dress is by the paper artist {and illustrator I guess} Robert Ryan....and it is really amazing. So delicate, the change in scale of the detailing...the text combined with the imagery...just lovely! I think I have actually seen his work around and about a few times but have maybe confused it with Tord Boontje the paper cut maestro...but the main difference between the two is the inclusion of text from Ryan, and the more free narrative content, as opposed to the repetitive pattern work from Boontje. I really love them both, and am always inspired by any art that has it's roots {stylistically} in folk style illustration and decoration....{tomorrow I will show you an image by another artist from the same shoot that I love as well!}

Here is just a tiny pic of a little set of brooches I am working on for the show....a set of three {they will be a trio of carvings} that can be positioned all together in any formation by the wearer or worn singly if preferred. Trying to involve the wearer in the creation and placement of pattern....:)

Okay...back to the bench, more to do,

till tomorrow, xox

Monday, June 05, 2006

Light nights and leaves...

Another week....where to begin!? Lists, to -do's, post-office stops, clearing the decks - Monday has been productive already! phew ;) Here is a necklace I finished's very long, so the top is missing from the {not great} picture..but it is from the new pattern I am working on and sits very I am quite pleased with it. Another piece ready to box up and go to the show! - Today I also managed to entirely clear the board of all my they are all making their way to their new owners as we speak! The digital doodah' stuff has gone off to the printers to get the postcards done (thanks so much for all your help and advice with choosing!) that is another major thing off the list. Only 3 weeks to go till the Show ....eek!

The evenings have been beautiful {as have the days - but a bit hot for me}...but we have been getting the most beautiful sunsets and cool evening with a breeze..that come in through the open windows and make the flat smell fresh and outdoors-y. We had bunches of fresia's and the perfume was so lovely when wafting around the rooms...

Right...some Links...Anna Wadsworth clothing..I like her site, as the photography looks really honest and simply done...not too polished!

The Modern Warehouse...if you like your furniture mid-20th Century {as I do} with an emphasis on Danish Design..this link is pure gold! I love it all so much..mmmm :)

Hope everyone's week is off to a good start so far...hugs to all! xox