Thursday, September 27, 2007


Just stopping in briefly to show you my new Twist Ring Set....available now to order in my shop. I love making delicate fine rings - and these are perfect for easy low-key wear.....

I am planning to re-open 'Inside the Cover' next week as I have some beauty to share...and always feel the need for some inspiration at the change of the seasons! is cold here now - last night went below freezing [degrees Celcius!] , and I was, as my curtain rail decided to fall down [broken] yesterday around 4pm - letting the cold, the streetlamp light, and the morning flood in to my bedroom. Needless to say, the dawn and I are not on speaking terms right now. ;)

more soon,

Monday, September 24, 2007

temps | time..

Time is not my pal right I will be ducking out of here for a few days to catch up and focus in - but will be back toward the end of the week :)
On the theme of lacking time...I am well and truly sticking my tongue out to it anyway, and going to the cinema this afternoon to see Atonement which I am looking forward to a lot. The photo above is from my morning walk...such a beautiful silvery lilac colour in the rain....
Happy Monday -
see you back here soon friends,
ps - thank you so much for all your kind comments on the new pieces...I am shipping out all my orders today and tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Shop Update....

Hi everyone....I have just updated my shop with some new pieces that I have been working on [exclusive to my Etsy shop!] this past week....lots of little earrings, easy to wear styles and seed-like things. Autumn is working it's charms on me, not that it takes much for me to succumb I have to tell you!!

Check them all out, by clickety clicking right here!

A good evening to you all....hope you like the new bits!


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

demain | tomorrow...

Just some floral offerings from me today {including the wonderful single chrysanthemum bloom I bought 2 weeks ago that is still going strong!} I am working on some new pieces for a shop update tomorrow!!

Thank you so much everyone for such wonderful comments on my Paris photos over the last week or two, I am so glad you enjoy them....there will still be some more to come for sure, except not so regularly from now on as 'work' things [and flowers apparently!] will begin to feature back here some more too....

Some links for today....

These photos are making me smile...untitled from Jordis, berlin V from pourquoi non?, morning and .... from jelens, What's one thing more? from Gracia and Louise. So good, right?

Beauty in art and photography :: Valerie Hammond via Camilla yesterday....Toast for the home...I am seriously swooning over here!!

It's getting cold here, how about where you are?
see you tomorrow,

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Paris ~ shop...

The shopping Paris is beyond good, beyond your wildest dreams actually [if I give into the overwhelming desire to be sensationalist!]...and as you know I am more than a little partial to flea-market and brocante shopping/rumaging. Well, this trip I did not have too much luck with the ol' Marché aux fact, I found my favourite one [St-Ouen] well and truly ferme.

What with it being August [many Parisians close up shop and take the month nice!!]...and with the rain of week one, not so many of the small stalls by la Seine were open either. No worries though, there is more than enough to make up for that....and by chance I stumbled across this *amazing* shop which eased all woes.

I cannot think of a single blogger I know who would not die and go to heaven in this shop. Let me break it down.....old jotters, french antique school equiptment, fabulous papers and piles of vintage glassine bags with French advertising, stacks of linens, kitchen goodies, rubber stamps, stencil maps of France.....old school Slates and slate pencils!!!! Yes, my friends, heaven. We spent 50 minutes inside this tiny little shop and came no-where close to seeing all we wanted to.

So, visit > 'Au Petit Bonheur la Chance' next time you find yourself in the city of light, prepare to swoon and reach into your pockets, happily....address as above.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Paris ~ blooms...

New week...more pics from Paris - are you bored yet? ;) I am thinking this might be my last set...although I do have 600 photos to delve into, so more could very well pop up.

Okay - this bunch were mostly taken at our day at Jardin des Plantes...which was so good. It was the first day of week 2, and was blindingly sunny [almost too sunny for photos as you may see]....week one had poured with rain almost non-stop so it was so good to be out on dry land.
With exception of number 3 [which were my birthday flowers in the kitchen of the apartment], all Jardin des Plantes.
Come a WALK with me daily :)
Happy Monday,

Friday, September 07, 2007

Paris ~ on the street...

I love the contrasts that Paris has to offer....the history, the contemporary street art, collective culture, nationalism...but most of all I just walk around the city thinking ' Damn, Baron Haussman, you did one hell of a job here'....le sigh.
From top:: Avenue of trees Jardin de Tuilleries / great shop display in the Marais / view of rooftops on Rue de Rivoli / BHV Home dept store / commemorate / part of the Louvre [I think..] / anonymous street / group rollerblading on Sunday at Bastille [seriously, THOUSANDS of them!!] / Sacré-Cœur / Cafe that the lovely Janette and I had lunch in * /numbered edition papering in Marais / The Seine in a downpour....
{{* more on our fab day together soon, but a quick note to say I was utterly amazed and thrilled that this Cafe was actually the one featured in Before Sunset which was a complete trip as I had always fancied finding it [how!??] and we just happened to walk by it....I was, incidentally so thrilled that I forgot to shoot the exterior or indeed note their name or location. doh. I am relying on you now Janette ;))}}
happy weekend all.
thank goodness it's here huh.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Paris ~ oh the green, the green...

Yes, I know this is a bumper crop of greenery...but believe me when I say I was selective here...I guess I was starved of green [what with our non-existent Summer] and Paris was happy to oblige me? Hope you enjoy as much as I did - our days in the parks, the Jardin des Plantes especially, were amongst the best days of the trip....
From top :: geraniums in the courtyard of our apartment building / Jardin des Plantes / JdP traditional wooden wheelbarrow / the greenhouses, JdP / park [name escapes me right now..] / JdP / JdP / on the street / JdP ....grotto area in the alpine garden, so magical / near Notre Dame / by the Seine / JdP / courtyard view from my bedroom / geraniums in courtyard / on the street near Pompidou Centre / JdP.....
even more [would you believe!] tomorrow..