Friday, February 29, 2008

On a day like today...

You should see the rain-storms here today! My god, it's wet I am wholeheartedly glad today is not one where I have to venture out. The colours of all the surrounding buildings are beautifully muted as the mists of water being swept up by the rain cloud's very pretty to look out on at least, I always love the patterns rain makes on the ground when driven by the wind.....

My four little drawings are now up in my
Etsy shop - you can see them right here :) Hope they capture someones heart!
Plans for the weekend? I am going to be busy preparing for a lecture/talk I am giving next week up at Duncan of Jordanstone {Dundee's college of Art and Design}...speaking about a mixture of me and my work, but mostly about blogging and marketing yourself in a digital age. Wish me luck ;)
It is also Mothers Day here on Sunday, so I will spending that time with my Mum, hopefully doing some nice things!
Have a good one all,

Thursday, February 28, 2008

The shape of things...

Just a little shot from my desk today, busy working....I have been working on some original ink drawings to go into my Etsy shop tomorrow - it's the first time I have sold my originals online, so I am excited to have received so many kind words about the first one I shared with you the other day...thank you so!!

One thing I know for sure - Ginkgo leaves always make me smile, and I am glad so many of you felt the same.

See you back here tomorrow afternoon, when four or five originals will go online!
Have a fab evening all,

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New things...

Hello, hello...the days seem full of all new things at the moment - new experiences, new trials, new belongings, new designs...

First off, two new little 'uns for the shop...I am especially enamored of the twist pearl ring, and must make myself one soon!

Next up...let me introduce you to the new machine in my life; Mr. Macbook....although I am sure we will experience some teething problems over the next few weeks, I already feel that he {in all his glorious whiteness} and I will be the very best of friends ;)

Something you simple cannot miss today > the launch of Lines & Shapes...Lena and Maria's latest collaborative venture...and what a great one it is too! Cannot wait for my copy....


Thursday, February 21, 2008


Perhaps, one day, I will live in a place where Ginkgo's grow...

'Til then, I will make do with ones I collected and now keep pressed and perfect - reminding me each time I look at them of
shadows in Paris ....


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Catching up...

Oh dear goodness me - it is all going on here! Our phone and internet have been fleeting between a status of working badly or not working at all for the last I am sorry to have been away from this space for so long - during Pattern Week no less! sigh.

Just took a few moments today to look at the small things - the sun is shining and the day has been good...very good. I have a place! although that part is almost tied down, you can imagine all the other things to do. I want to be popping in here over the next few weeks as often as I can - but I may be light on words.

...I should have a new few pieces to show {for the shop } soon stay tuned for those.

**Oh, and before I go...I wanted to let you all know, my dear friend Tessa Kelly, {who is a wonderful silversmith!} has started a blog of her own at long last - I hope you will all stop in and visit her, right here :)


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pattern week, day two...

Again...another little play about from me {apologies for the rubbish photo-shop work, it is not my strong suit! ;)}....I had some photos from the most amazing old fashioned ostrich feather duster and loved the colours. Can't help but imagine them cropped into circles and crisply digitally printed onto some lovely deep minky-charcoal linen for furnishing fabric.

Pattern week, over at mecozy :)

more tomorrow,

Monday, February 11, 2008

Pattern week...

Hi everyone - tis' Monday again. sigh.

Joining in with Kerstin, who is hosting a pattern week over at her blog, this is my offering for today, something I am working on a little....still in the planning stages really, but a pattern I keep coming back to. Will be back most every day this week with a little pattern or print offering - hope you will all join in too :)
see you soon! xo

Saturday, February 09, 2008

On a day like today...

Such a beautiful day here today...I just wanted to stop in and share. The blue sky makes me feel Spring is close does the warmer sweet air, full of the scent of growth and goodness. Hello sunshine and bright skies....mmm.

Even if it is only for one day, it has done me so much good.
Wishing you a good Saturday too,

Late this Friday evening...

Hi everyone...just stopping in to say hi before the weekend hits. I am so glad it is here, aren't you? It has, however, been a good week...for a variety of reasons.

This Sweet Horse Chestnut necklace, above, has landed itself here in the shop...ready to ship! Again, something like this could make a nice Valentines gift...or so I imagine ;)

Our Ships' launch has been delayed for one week, but you will find all sorts of fun links to keep you entertained until we get our teeth into Half of a Yellow Sun next Friday....

I just saw Jim Denevan's work on Lisa's still my beating heart. wow....

Now, for your viewing pleasure :: untitled , Room no. 2 , More cutouts , up , untitled .

happy weekend everyone....I think I have a weekend of cleaning, tidying and clearing out in store. Wish me luck ;)

Thursday, February 07, 2008

little bits of this...

Hi everyone, just pottering about here a little today - and up late now too as usual, cutting out some seed shapes here, stringing some pearls there ...browsing online, meeting friends for lunch - a nicely disjointed, full but easy day....

Listening to, and loving the new album from Adele...'chasing pavements' is the first single {for those not in the UK}....I am singing it around the place a lot. Check out the amazing video for this single too....lovely.
My white hyacinths are over, so I bought some blue ones in their place :) I'll show them soon....
Like I said, little bits of this, little bits of that....
goodnight all! have a good one,

Monday, February 04, 2008

a few thanks...

Some beautiful treats arrived my way a few weeks back...and I wanted to share their lovliness with you all here. Above, is a beautiful print from Åsa Dahlbäck whose work I had seen on various blogs around and just fallen in love with....this piece makes me so happy. Thank you Åsa!

And there is more...around Christmas time, the lovely Renee at Monmartre's Sketchbook sent me the most wonderful parcel of addition to some of her beautiful hand-printed paper goodies {some pink peppercorn chocolate, and a few other lovelies!} came this book....The Poems of Dr. Zhivago. {already good, right!?}....she found it in a little vintage shop and said it reminded her of my work - I was so touched and am just head over heels for the amazing illustrations, wonderful sepia tones - and of course, the poetry. Dr Zhivago is so dreamy normally.....I am having a hard time not just packing my bags and running off to Russia right now, furry bonnet in hand ;)) Thanks so much Renee, I love it!
Now that I am done with my tales of luck and good fortune, I guess I should get down to the week ahead. I am going to be beginning flat hunting in earnest...have a bit of work to do as well, as always, and am going to try and move towards another weekend enitrely off, like the one I just had. It was so good to not work for two days straight! However, the lazy feeling has spilled over into today {but that's alright}'s cold and bright, and I don't have to be anywhere, so relaxing and pottering are the tasks de jour.
Happy Monday all, have a good one!