Monday, September 27, 2010

abigail*ryan Cushions = :)

Hello everyone,

Just a quick note from us to let you know we are running a special on our abigail*ryan cushions - Buy one and get one HALF PRICE!! :)

You can see our full range of cushions RIGHT HERE... hand made from our own exclusive fabrics combined with Irish linen, filled with soft duck feather inserts...mmm... lovely ;)

It's a fact that our cushions make people (and chairs) happy, you will know this for sure if you own one already or watch this little animationwe made (proof, you see!).

All you need to do is enter the code "HAPPYCUSHIONS" at the checkout in our shop to recieve your discount*...

We hope this will start your week off nicely!!

All our best,

Abigail & Ryan

*the discount is only for the cushions at this time, but if you add something else to your basket it will automatically become discounted too... if this happens, we will just shoot you along another little invoice to remedy this, so feel free to purchase as you wish as we will smooth everything out afterward ;)

Any questions, just email us at

Friday, September 24, 2010


Having been away, it's really amazing to come HOME...

I moved to Northern Ireland in May to be with Ryan - and it's the first time we've been away since then. So good to come back after a trip and really *feel* all the hard work we've put in to make our home, home.

We're really happy here. Really happy in general, and I wanted to share some little corners of our place with you...

Click HERE to see more :)

xoxo A

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Weekend Fun...

We've been working really hard these past few weeks... designing loads of new products for Christmas (I know, I know! Already, right?), and I have been drawing like a machine these past few days for new designs (tea-towels, fabrics... newness... you name it!)...Dahlia's are done (can't wait to show you) and today is Agapanthus and/or Hydrangeas... :)

I'm kinda in heaven...

So - we decided we needed to have a little bit of fun too, on top of all the 'serious' work!

We made this little animation with our a*r cushions and are pretty much in love with it (Ryan did all the hard editing work, the clever chap)... we hope you will all dance along with our happy little chair ;)


Bon weekend, everyone.