Wednesday, October 31, 2007

on a Wednesday...

..these images are just what I need. Taken a few weeks ago when my parents were out for a walk one long weekend...I was in working if I remember rightly. I think a long walk would today would be perfect, but I don't have time today.....something for the weekend I think.

Thank you to everyone who joined in the discussion yesterday - I think that whilst this kind of situation is always hard {and I mean hard in the most emphasised of ways, and hard for everyone involved} I think it is good to think about this and explore it. I am glad I opened up the topic for discussion, it is something I didn't do lightly, or indeed with any intent other than to talk about it in a general way.....

Some blogs I am really enjoying at the moment :: Tas-ka :: kris's color stripes :: 3191 :: Elle Deco SA :: Happy Campers Blog :: smosch ...sometimes, even when you have visited a blog for a while {as I have with some of these, though some are brand new to me} everything just seems to align and speak to you differently - a whole new world indeed.

Wishing everyone a good Wednesday...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A desire to Inspire?...

Hello friends....things are busy here my end {I will share more on that soon!!!}, but I wanted to take the time to stop by and put this out there. This is something that is affecting me right now, and is weighing heavily on my, as with almost everything in life - I thought that *talking* about it, putting my thoughts out there and asking what you all think, would, inevitably make it if not better, then at least something to debate and think on in a hopefully useful way for all of us.....
Okay, here it is :: What do you do when someone crosses the line between being inspired by your work and blatantly ripping it off? Where is the line.....what IS the line?? a community of Designers and Artists {online or otherwise} this is surely something that you have all had affect you at some point, or thought about. It is something that I have always been very interested in {what makes someone copy, besides the obvious of course?}....what does it mean for the person being imitated, the person who does the imitating, and what impact does/can it have on your business?

I think the Internet has actually been a wonderful tool for protecting Artists and Designers. Just think...every image you take is now digitally dated {so you can prove when your work was made}....every blog post you make is dated accordingly too....every time you upload something on flickr say, you have a note of who has 'faved' it, who has have emails, you have StatCounter. There has never been a more 'protected' age for proving when your work was first put out there {something that has been historically so hard to prove!}....never has it been more accessible to the THOUSANDS of people who see it and identify it as *yours*. This is a comfort to me actually, but when someone chooses to ignore all that becomes an irritation almost like sand in your shoes....always there, always niggling. Always wrong.

For me - I have been working on my collection [or look] for years is something very deeply rooted in a lot of work and research - I am sure this is exactly the same for a lot of artists and designers. Your work is often very personal. It takes a long time, and a lot of work to get to a place where your jewellery [or anything] has a voice that is quite uniquely your own. It also demands that you are aware of what else is 'out' there in the design world {so you don't step on any toes, and also, set yourself apart and create a niche for your designs}....

...the trouble is, when something/someone is imitated, a buyer won't always know the difference. There is no water mark for that. They won't know what is 'real' and what is a 'fake'. This is something that crosses over so many, music, clothing, designer brands, merchandise, electrical goods, plagiarism in far reaching, so deep rooted.

This, is what can damage your business. That association to the copied work. The fact that someone might look at it and think it is yours....or have you and your work come to mind. That is what you don't want. Ever.

*Now - I want to say this too ...genuine design cross-over is not really what I am talking about is something more deliberate and knowing. When something is knowing and deliberate, is it cunning [negative]?? ;))*

....So - I guess the questions now are endless....what would you do in a situation where you found your work [and your livelihood] was compromised? Do you confront, do you rise above it and do nothing? Talking is where I want to start I think....dialogue within this blog community is something so VERY important to me....something very unique and something that should be protected [like so much else]. This we can do at least.

My gut feeling is that copying on any level is just plain wrong. Being inspired by someones work...that wonderful feeling when you want to make, want to try to be better, find their work uplifting and irresistible, see something that opens up a new world to you to explore by yourself, makes you want to explore a new not the same as lifting it's essence and having it for your own without even considering taking a walk down the road of exploration.....

Nothing that came easy was ever worth having...perhaps that is really all I want to say. If I say it enough I will believe it too I'm sure. ;)

...what do you all think on this subject?...I hope you will talk about it with me....

Happy[ish] Tuesday to you all...


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

lumière d'automne | autumn light...

...such a lovely light descends this time of year, neither dark nor bright, yet grainy and hazy...flattering and beautiful as it casts goodness on everything it touches. I love it....I love the way I can smell the cold creeping into the flat too.....

Feeling quite a bit better this week - thanks you all for all your well wishes...though I feel I am still not up to speed with work, as my focus is a bit out, so I shall need to try and get my head down over the coming days!!

Some photos I am finding beautiful these days.... Monsoon :: shereen :: untitled :: october 23rd. :: whoops. :: totally in the mood for that... :: untitled
*le sigh*

more from me soon,
good day to all!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

wrap it up...

Oh how the time flies when you are up to your eyes....[poetry?? ;)]....things have been so very busy here and now to boot I have come down with a hellish cold and am not feeling stellar at all [why, always when you are busy!?]. So, I shall stop beating myself up about being so absent online and just concentrate on getting through my heavy workload for a few days [all the while dreaming of bed]....and hopefully be back here soon with lots of new work to share, and one or two headaches and coughs lighter.

A little sneak peek of some new tissue I am about to order in time for the holiday season... Aloe and Olive, which are also made in the UK {whose colours are a little softer, a little more off-beat and more dreamy in person}, and are recycled and environmentally friendly in their production. Paper atrocities keep me awake at night you know...!! ;)

Back soon friends.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

and so it begins...

Hi everyone...just stopping in briefly for today - things are beginning to heat up in the workshop as I begin to prepare my collections to go away to all my Christmas gallery shows. Lots of new designs are to be added to the Vintage Collection as I go...starting with these new Anemone Leaf Hoop Earrings.....

I have been doing lots of organising in the workshop this past week as well - a new packing station is mine [with the help of an A2 plan chest drawer from IKEA] and has made the biggest difference to my space!...and hopefully this weekend I will be getting the big wall next to the computer covered with peg board as I need some more space to hang my order sheets and get everything organised as the busy season approaches. Now...what colour to paint it?? :)

Lots o'news today in blogland....and many wonderful shop openings....first off, Mhari McMullen has a new Etsy shop which is just stocked to the brim with beauty [she has a lovely blog too! :)].....then a new store for Gracia and Louise as well, which is full of their beautiful products. Last but not least, Jen Causey [of simply photo ] launched her new shop as well!! What a day!! Congrats to you all :)

More tomorrow [probably ;))]...and happy Wednesday to you...

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

featured | présenté....

Camilla Treharne Photography 2007
Hi everyone....I wanted to share these lovely photos that Pippa Knowles from Baroque Bespoke Jewellery in Brighton [where you can find my jewellery along with lots of other amazing work!] emailed through to me yesterday. They are from a recent shoot where my jewellery was used in the styling....
The photos are by Camilla Treharne who is also Brighton based, and I really love the way they have been styled...each showing the jewellery in a very different way. Great work, and many thanks to everyone involved!! :)
Also :: A new necklace in the shop....something to match the new Twist earrings and rings....Twist Chain Necklace...
I have just purchased some of these AMAZING hand-painted stones....which I found via Bloesem the other day. I am so, so excited to receive them, they are the loveliest things I have seen in a long time!!
.....there is still more Inside the Cover to come later on in the week....a little break on that is in order I think.
Hope everyone is having a good day? Off to the bench with me!!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Inside the Cover...

I purchased this book, 'Margaret Kilgallen: In The Sweet Bye &Bye' at the Palais de Tokyo bookshop in Paris [such a wonderful place!!] was a book I had never seen before. I had heard murmurings of Margaret's work around the Internet but had never really 'seen' a collection of it this book was a find and a half.

I like her art so much...I love the way she depicts leaves and natural forms, which although are very different to my own style {and even, from my normal taste}, really gets me thinking and feeling inspired. I find her work pretty exciting, original and beautiful....obviously hers is a style that has also greatly influenced many that have come I can understand why her sad untimely death was such a blow to the art world.
This is one to pick up if you can....perfect for flicking through often. You see something new each time.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Toodle-oo Sunday!


Saturday, October 06, 2007

Inside the Cover...

There have been images a plenty flying around blog-land from the new Toast catalogue, and I have to say, all the hype is totally deserved.

In addition to all the beautiful images of the clothing [which as always, are so so good], I am totally inspired by the pages in-between, that set the mood and give the garments further depth and a sense of place, time and style.

Here are some of my favourite in-between pages from Toast autumn the loveliest mood-board ever, and the perfect companion to the cooler days and warmer layers.

Happy weekend everyone!


Thursday, October 04, 2007

Inside the Cover...

...the 'Foliage Issue' of Bloom. Absolute heaven for me as I am sure you can imagine. You can buy it from Magma books...mine arrived, delightfully, the very next day :)

You can see these larger by visiting the set on flickr.

Happy Thursday all. More tomorrow!


Wednesday, October 03, 2007

simple things...

Hi everyone...time is running away from me as usual around here, which is why I have been m.i.a [reluctantly, believe me!] this week so far - but I am still planning on kicking off the inspiration week and 'Inside the Cover' as soon as may just continue on into the weekend that's all ;)) - I had another 'cover' arrive with me this morning, which I am truly excited about's so good. Get set to swoon!

Above is a new wee pair of earrings that have just hit my shop....'simple' seems a buzzword for me right now....I am liking making some simple, low key pieces.....which I will keep coming as the festive season approaches [it's coming, whether we like it or not! ;)]. I will also be doing a large Christmas shop update nearer the time....with lots of new pieces, perfect for will give you more details on that soon [including the last posting dates to the US and Europe]!

Good day to all, and see you back here very soon for a peek into some good things.