Friday, June 22, 2007

le weekend | the weekend...

Thank goodness the weekend is here!! - it has just been one of those weeks - I never thought I would get to this stage....the tying up loose ends stage - but here I am, Friday night and two days off [mostly] ahead of me. Bliss.

Today is exactly two years since I graduated and I can hardly believe seems like a lifetime ago!

some Friday flickr faves....soak up the beauty!!!

:: hell yes by mav

:: untitled by Gufan

:: untitled by lille_my

:: is deconstruction the same as taking apart? [6] by monkeyinfez

:: the last of the lilacs by SouleMama

Oh yes! - there are still some of the Early Summer necklaces left if anyone is still interested :), just drop me a line....

....I can hear the thunder clapping outside...I guess the muggy heat all day was building up to this! Love that kind of sudden summer storm....

Happy weekend everyone...have a good one!


Thursday, June 21, 2007

à demain | to tomorrow...

Having a less than stellar day....but here are some brighteners.....Karen Walker clothing ...Pernilla Rozenberg a GSA textile graduate whose work I love and have been waiting eagerly on her website since last year....Koos amazingly beautiful shoes and bags....

To tomorrow! xox

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

lithographier l'amour | lithograph love...

....Yes, I am in love with these Lithographs. 1865....beautiful and clear and chock full of forms and shapes that are setting my creative valves a-whirring!! Thank you *so* much to the lovely Meg who sent these to me - making me smile so wide when I opened the parcel yesterday morning....a surprise just because she saw them and thought of me. Can't tell you how touched I am by that....really, truly, thank you. I love them....

:: Ana Ventura does Converse of the *best* things I have seen in a long time, and for a great cause too. Check them out!! :)

:: Peter Chang ....a new post from moi over on Whip-Up...

....and finally, Peony Roses.....perfect flamboyance for a day like this.

Happy Tuesday everyone :) xx

Friday, June 15, 2007

L'espace au milieu | The space in between...

...the mornings seem to be coming along very quickly at the moment. With [seemingly] less space for sleep in between.....thank goodness for the weekend!! ;))

Some links....

:: Katya de Grunwald...amazing photography and styling - found via the lovely Jen

:: Astrid has a new [and long awaited blog!!]..hurrah :)

Friday Flickr faves...

:: koisikawa by megumi.maruo

:: flower #4 by Ta

:: midori* by megumi.murao

:: shop window by Ana Ventura

:: shimane by wiiri

...such beauty this week! There was so many more that I was hard to pick. Something about discovering a beautiful image on flickr, taken somewhere across the world....feels like it is something just for you, something special. I love it [I love flickr!] :)
Hope everyone is all set for a great weekend....for me it will be a combination of work and some relaxation and family time. Oh, and more of the space in between.


ps - I am due to post over on the Ship but my copy of the book has yet to arrive [long, long story] but it should be here super soon, so I will post asap!!...hope you will join us.

EDIT: I just heard - the Glasgow School of Art Degree show has gone live you will find out about all the new graduates work here [I can barely believe it is 2 years since it was me!!]....;))

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

forme | form...

Today, our collection of beautiful vintage glass jelly moulds had me thinking about light and form...

:: Justin Marshall works with form and shadow {the play of 2D and 3D}...I just love his work, especially the plaster forms and bas-relief sculpture. I find these, in particular, so beautiful.

:: soft...(travel:Prague) ...a divine photo-set on flickr by nao that is the perfect realisation of capturing a city through the observations of form and light.

Nice, huh? Who knew jelly could spark such things ;))
Happy Wednesday everyone! xx

Friday, June 08, 2007

structurer et apparences | structure and appearances...

...having been thinking some more on what I posted about a few days ago - [working creatively more online, rather than putting pen to paper as much..or printing images out - on that note : I so enjoyed reading your responses, I think we all agree that our love of 'online' will not deminish, but know nothing will ever replace the feel of that magazine, or the turn of that sketchbook page!!] - and so I wandered onto thinking about structure, and appearances.

Does something contrived have more or less structure than something haphazard...? Thinking on natural structure versus you structure your day even, your time -yourself - your relationships....I guess so often, structure adds value...meaning even?

I wonder :: Can Structure [you create] ever have the same kind of charm as something natural, something haphazard?? Can you get there? mmm?.....just don't mind me, thinking out loud ;))

Links for the weekend!!

After reading this article in the NY Times I went and checked out Subversive Jewelry and I love, love the site! *So* fun to navigate :)

Flickr faves this week...

:: Imbécile by m-ilie

:: me? #6 by Ta

:: urban flowers by lejson

:: wrapped by uniform studio

:: . by .mal.

:: paperscrap by Camilla E much goodness to look at! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!


ps - not sure if I got the French right here....but, my classes start sooooon so it should improve!!!

Monday, June 04, 2007

visuel | visual...

...I have been thinking quite a lot at how I tend to use this blog as a bit of a visual sketch-book....charting what I am working on and linking it to what I have been looking at, feeling inspired by etc. Now, I know that this is what many artists and designers use their blogs for, but I have been wondering to what extent it has replaced 'real' sketch-books, or a portion of them. I wonder, is it more or less real....more or less permanent? How much of your creative life inevitably shifts being almost wholly computer based.

I know for me, it has quite a bit....with digital photography [rather than film, on a day-to-day basis] is very rare that I print photos out now, print scans of 'inspiration' etc, or take photocopies from books [I can find almost everything , image wise, I need online!]. How wonderfully Green of us all, in a way - but I was looking back at sketchbooks from 2 years ago, and noticed, even then how many more 'real' bits and pieces of inspiration I had [lying around] to be much more I created on paper. It is now all neatly [or not, depending] filed in folders on the PC - flowers, leaves, pattern design, bench and work shots, artists [favourite link lists, even] - etc etc.

I mean, we all know...there is nothing nicer than a beautiful book, an artists sketch-book, a magazine - something tangible. But it made me stop and think today just how fast things change in a year or two...Nice, and Not, at the same time.


Ernst Haekel : Art Forms in Nature is something I would dearly like to get a copy of one day soon.

Odorantes is a flower shop in Paris, specialising in old, rare and particularly fragrant varieties of Rose....I can't wait to stop by when I am in Paris in the summer. [I remembered it had been mentioned in an article with Sofia Coppola a while back, hence this link]....


Happy Monday everyone..hope your week is off to a good start.