Thursday, October 30, 2008


Hello everyone...although I have been a little quiet here this week, I have been working away on various fun and interesting things which I will be able to share with you shortly....

My friend Sophie, who was my intern this past Summer, is here staying with me in Glasgow for a week and we are working on a project together where we gather ideas and will, in the end, make some bijoux!

...we have been walking, gathering and photographing the Autumn season and all it's bounty...then, once home, processing our thoughts...drawing, designing....listening to music, getting inspired. We will be documenting our finds and inspirations {in all their forms} - and as the week goes on, our jewellery pieces over on our new blog > 

I will be popping up in both spaces over the next few I hope you will join us on our wanderings and enjoy our musings!

Friday, October 24, 2008


Well friends...what I had thought was me on a blogging roll, has been somewhat interrupted this week - and not with anything fun or exciting either. Emergency trips to the dentist has had me spending more hours than I would care in the chair...experiencing pain I was not especially prepared for - Ouch! Still, the worst is over...though there is more to come. Hands up who hates the dentist??!! ;)

So my week of head down and soldier on in the work department has been somewhat way-laid so I will be working through much of the weekend to make up time...hope some of you have nicer plans?

However....good things a plenty....

Lines and Shapes V5 arrived today....and it's a peach!

The beautiful Marguerite arrived one week ago today - congrats to C + M + I :) xox

This video reminds me that you never know who, or what, is around the corner.

...the weekend is here though {hurrah...a long lie is in order!}...and the chill is setting in. Time to hunker down and get on....

Back soon! xo

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cutting through...

I have tons on the go at the bench just now...many new pieces almost there, or half-way there, most of which will find their way into the shop in time for Christmas over the next few weeks. I always like working like this...designing in advance, then feeling some things out as I go...sometimes more organic in process... is a little sneak of the big rose leaf necklace I have been working on {forgive the pictures, camera lens is still rather unhappy!}...along with some pressed leaves I found in my moleskine from some months ago which will now be lovely new earrings...

Can't wait to show you them all finished!

:: I have been SERIOUSLY crushing on this video clip of Stevie Nicks. It makes me so happy :) Isn't she amazing?!

:: Ethical Uggs? Yes please! Sounds {and looks} good to me! {from Terra Planna}

:: The new pieces are now uploaded and in the SHOP - do have a look!!

Have a great evening all, 

Thursday, October 16, 2008

On the outskirts...

Mmm...think I might have spotted a bit of damage in the camera after all. The edges of these photos look rather blurred, don't you think?....Don't get me wrong, I kind of like it - but not really an ideal situation in general. Think the ol' Canon might have to make a trip to the repair shop after all...?? sigh.

I couldn't resist any longer and had to have a look at the leaves I picked up at the Burrell last weekend {that I had been pressing}. If it's wrong that gathering leaves and bringing them indoors makes me so happy, I just don't want to be right!! ;)

Off to make some squash soup! 

More tomorrow....will share that necklace then. It's coming along nicely!
Good eve to all,

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Hi on earth did it get to be Wednesday already!? One of those weeks where I am spinning around, trying to get lots done in not very much time {or so it seems}....I could also sleep for a week - I always get this way at the change of seasons, but gosh, bed seems nice when it's so cold out...

Thanks for all the sweet messages about my rock-pool dip....bruises are healing - camera is functioning, if only just. Took a chunk out of the lens rim {the plastic, not the glass} and a little bit inside fell off at the weekend, but it doesn't seem to be affecting it hugely - so shall soldier on for now.

Working on a big necklace which is a garland of rose leaves...preparing stock for some big Christmas shows now - so that is my time allocated for the next 2 weeks...{well, week and a half now}....

Enjoying the new Ray LaMontagne album {it's another winner!} ...watching What to Eat Now {fantastic show!}...browsing the new Studio Violet shop and eagerly awaiting my new copy of Lines and Shapes Volume 5. Good good....

more soon, 

Friday, October 10, 2008

Have you met Miss Jones??....

"...oh I do like to be beside the seaside".....though, maybe not so much right now?

Well, yesterday did not go exactly to plan. The drive to Crail was rather dreamy....burnt oranges creeping across the landscape as we drove East, the smell of woodsmoke filling the air as we snaked through small villages...I was feeling, as I often do, that Scotland is hard to beat when you want beauty and grandeur of an aspect...

However, it was rather rainy and very cold by the time we reached Crail - no matter I thought {!} this could be all very 'Famous Five'...lets wrap up in our layers and head for the Lobster kiosk...some cheerful and plump red crustation doused in lemon {I even brought my own, how is that for forward planning?!} eaten hastily whilst overlooking the harbour will surely warm the cockles...right? Wrong. Said Lobster kiosk was closed for the season...still, a pub lunch was scouted and all was fine. 

After lunch I had to don my hat {first time this year!}...and add a second scarf to ward off the chill. Still, I was trying to be chirpy and looking forward to getting down to the beach in search of some inspiration. First, I had a good go on the {very damp} my youth {many a Summer day was spent in Crail when I was wee}, if you like...seeing as there noone was around to give me a look that says 'you're FAR too old for that'...

I then trotted down to the beach - which was as wet as it was deserted. I proceeded to make my way across the slippery stones and try and find some interesting spots. I spied one, just up on the big flat rocks....a pool surrounded by seaweed and full of intriguing things....'ho-ho' I thought!!

The everything went into slow motion, and in more ways than one, downhill....I began to slide rather briskly toward the rock pool, and very shortly after, had connected with the rock beneath and found myself submerged up to my waist in said rock-pool. The camera had also been dropped onto the rocks {I figured in a split second it was the camera or my head, my head won out} and so we both lay - somewhat dejected, in a less than desirable situation, and more damp than I had ever expected to be on any given October Thursday afternoon.

...I was somehow righted by my party and then had to make the long, soggy walk back up to the car. Did I say it was wet and cold? Well I was also green and slimey, and at this point I think my Dad was trying very hard not to laugh. Sob ;( 

Once de-robed as best I could be, we packed off back home - where I struggled not to laugh for the best part of an hour at my sorry fate {though maybe it was just effect of the rough picnic blanket I was sitting on that was tickling me, who knows??}...I really am one of these people who gets the giggles when things go wrong, no moreso than when I am the object of comedy gold...

I am just eternally grateful that there was no-one else in Crail that day to witness my exciting tumble, because if there had been - my ego would surely be as bruised as my backside. Still, I felt I had to share....nothing like a bit of a laugh on a Friday afternoon is there? ;)

Really, I am left feeling that surely, Bridget Jones has *nothing* on me.

Happy Friday folks!! Beware on those rocks now.


Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Ooh-lala...just look at the divine bright chartreuse that has been singing to me recently {though, doesn't it always?}!

....although these shots don't exactly show it, the colour I spied in this FANTASTIC striped hedge in my neighbourhood {got to love a bit of Suburbia in the City!} a few weeks ago exactly echoes the tone of the {Christian Lacroix} silk dress featured in the Financial Times Style Section* a couple of weeks back too...yum.

*speaking of which, it was one of the most beautifully styled and photographed shoots I have seen in a long while. I know one lady at least who would have loved it too!! ;)

I am excited to be getting out of the city tomorrow....wild salty sea air to breathe into my lungs...time spent poking around in some rock pools, forage for special stones and shells and have some freshly caught {and cooked!} Lobster by the harbour. Camera will come with, so I will share the goodness with you when I am back.....

Happy Wednesday all,

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


...Well, it's been a quiet day here - working away at the bench, giving the new pieces I promised to share that lick of gold I had planned. The blue toned light is good just now for shooting the gold against the wood, but I left it a little late in the day I will go for more tomorrow. Still, one of each to share today....taken from these leaves - not quite sure what to call these new ones yet....!? 

Indeed, I'm not really sure what kind of leaves they are...any ideas?

Darkness is creeping in now, so will hunker down for the evening soon. Always funny how routine changes a little bit at this time of year - I like how the night seems longer....cosy feeling even when the chill sets in. Blankets and layers are the order of the day....lamp-light glowing early in the dimmed streets always seems warm and familiar {I have a great street to people watch on too}...there is always something to see. Shari's autumn day routine sounds like the stuff dreams are made of, don't you think? :)

Loving :: Studio Violet's new blog
Admiring :: Atsuko et Akiko via Mhari

more soon,

Monday, October 06, 2008

Autumn Leaves...

Hello friends....still out there?

It's been more than a full two weeks since I showed 'face' here on this blog...I have to admit, I was feeling somewhat uninspired and going through my usual end of Summer inspiration burn out. I always know it's happening...I stop seeing the details, the little things I normally leaves on the pavement, perfect light casting perfect shadows and feel incapable of capturing any interesting imagery....I can see things as a whole, but nothing through a I normally want to. Does that ring true with any of you?....

So, I took two weeks off from worrying about it. Didn't pick up the camera...and now, I am beginning to 'see' again. I'm just in time, Autumn is in full swing - it's beautiful out and the cold air is wooing me, slowly and surely.

It is a funny and hard time just now. The news is full of economic crisis, and it's not something that isn't being felt or can be held at arms length's affected friends and family. I know, as someone whose business nestles firmly in the luxury market, that the pressure is on - and that it is difficult to always manage keeping worry at bay.

..however, I have been talking with a lot of people recently about just this, and I feel in these difficult times a lot of the values that we hold; regarding buying handmade, buying local, buying sustainably produced goods where and when possible...ring more true than ever, and will have more positive impact than ever should we all actively uphold them - especially this forthcoming Holiday Season. I know for one, I feel more grateful than ever each and every time someone chooses to buy a piece from me and help keep me, and my business, healthy and afloat - for today and tomorrow.

So now that I am feeling a little more inspired, and a little more together - I just wanted to share with you these beauties I found whilst out the other day....I'm in love with the burnished copper tones on the front, and the verdigris contrast on the reverse....back to seeing bijoux in thank goodness for that!

Three new pieces to share tomorrow...they are but in need of a lick of gold.....
Good Monday to you all, and have a swell evening!