Friday, April 21, 2006

Au Revoir...

Righto...just a last wee post before I am hauled (not kicking and screaming I must add) off for a wee break. Thanks so much for all your well wishes for my little trip to Paris..I will be sure to drink it all in (chocolat especially!), and keep it all recorded in picture form..snazzy little camera...and in words, in my new travel journal. I am hoping to find lots of goodies at the flea markets and eat lots of nice food at the fantastic bistro's and restaurants...all in all, savour the sights and sounds of another place, and generally live it up for the week!!

Since starting this blog..I havn't been away at all, so it will be a good chance to reflect on how much I love it, and what has been achieved so far since the start of the year. I will miss catching up on all your blogs each day, and documenting my trials...I really am quite rediculously addicted to the computer! So, maybe this detox will be good!! I hope you all have a wonderful week, and weekend!..and I shall 'see' you again in a week, and share in all my parisian delights....hugs to all :) xox

Thursday, April 20, 2006

From Catalogue to Catalog....

I have been having quite a lot of fun sharing the insides of my favourite books this have continued on today! After posting on the catalogue from 'home made holland' yesterday..I looked out one of my favourite eye candy books...Catalog!

It is written by Carin Goldberg, who was fascinated by 1950's catalogues, and the notion that life seemed much simpler back then, in a time when everything you needed could be ordered from this one volume. Then at a flea market in New York, she found this huge catalogue dating 1951-52..and fell in love with the subtle colourings, and the yellowing pages. She then selected her favourite images and published them into this book, which I must say is really fabulous. I love it's simplicity..the fact that there is very little text, that the illustrations do all the talking. I particularly like how she has juxtaposed really functionally opposed items to a page, highlighting their form and shape. On a side-note....some of the subtle colours in this book are just sublime..the soft creams and greens, they would be great as paint colours in the home! I like the inconspicuous cover too..very fitting! was all of a muddle (mixed up head, full of the cold...and muddling on through in spite of it!). I ventured out to the post office to send out some orders..more tomorrow too! And was finishing off some other orders, and trying to get all my washing done for going on day and a half!!! TOO much to do and not enough time!!! But it will all be fine....and I am so looking forward to sitting on down on that plane and looking out over the clouds....mmmm.

Can't quite handle any html codes am link-free! :)..hope you are all having a good day thus far, and that you liked this wee peek inside Catalog...? Xox

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Always judge a book by it's cover!...

After the beauty of my new Mina Perhonen books, I decided to dig out some others that inspire me. I am trying to get myself in a good 'design' place, so that I will be like an open book (haha) when I go as to find lots of inspiration, and kind of know what I want to do with it once found. The book above (more a catalogue really) is from an exhibition held at the Crafts Council gallery in London in 2002 Home Made Holland . It really was wonderful, and opened my eyes to the beautiful, and wonderful work being produced 'up there' which all has such a beautifully considered and other worldly quality..much like Japanese art and design (almost similar I think..). This work by Kim Van Leuken really amazed me...the shapes and forms she creates with horse hair in lace like the finest scratchy pencil line...*Mmmmm*... here is another garment by Kim..such beauty!

It is odd how one develops a liking for an aesthetic that is unique to a specific ethnographic. I am really drawn to design from the Netherlands, Sweden and Japan. These also happen to be the places I really do most want to travel...If I was given lots of moolah right now..I would book a ticket to Delft (to see the girl with the pearl earring, by Vermeer), then to Stockholm and Gothenburg...and then to Kyoto. *ahhh to dream*

Oh, and reference to the 'Title' of this post...I honestly think a GREAT cover very often means a great book, and I for one am a sucker for them! Just wait till I show you the fabric covered Japanese Textile one tomorrow!

I am off now to cook a little fillet steak, with a salad for my dinner..all under the umbrella of looking after myself to get rid of this stinker of a cold you see ;) ! Thanks so much for all the well wishes yesterday!
hugs, Xox

Loose ends...

Today has been all about running errands, tying up loose ands and trying to 'accomplish' lots of things before Saturday comes (the big depart..). I trotted off to Ikea with a friend (and had lunch there), as I had to get a wee frame for my beloved target piece from my house is so dusty and dirty (130 years old with no double glazing!) I have to frame always feels such a big decision framing something, as you don't want to offend the artist or completely bugger up the intended style of the piece...but I had to bite the bullet, and I think it looks good...and it contributes to the adornment of the sideboard! I also got a wee group of work back from a gallery..which will be re-diverted somewhere else in a few the meantime, I am just finishing up on all my orders..and trying to get lots of jewels finished and oot.....

The bottom you may be able to a page from Mina Perhonen 'Print' book...which I am just LOVING! I am on-board the bandwagon, and riding it with glee..because these books are just SOOO good. I have posted some more images on Flickr from inside it's pretty depths, there will be more to come I am sure..but here are my the ones that most caught my fancy today......

On the link front...Matthew Drapers' work..showing at the Open Eye gallery, is perhaps the prettiest work I have ever seen done in Pastel! Quite traditional...but I like the colours, they seem very scottish and wintry!

I am trying VERY hard not to give this little fact house-room seeing as how my trip is looming...however, I must confess, I am feeling pretty damn ill. Yesterday a hell of a sore throat came on, and now I can hardly speak without severe pain! I am dreading this turning into a full blown am soldiering on, and stuffing myself full of vitamins, water, hot drinks, painkillers...etc etc. Double Dam to germs!!

Hope everyone is having a nice start to the week....:( xx

Saturday, April 15, 2006

5 Senses....

As it is the Easter weekend...we decided a bit of floral brighteneing was needed for the house, so as well as purple tulips and daffodils, I got a new orchid (to adorn the sideboard you see!). All my other ones are on their last legs, so this one is the new kid on the block complete with alternative dress code....bright chartreuse clothes with magenta freckles and beard!....hopefully it will be happy at the window for the coming spring/summer season, and flower again for Christmas(ish) time.

This morning my Mina Perhonen books arrived (Particle and Print)...such wonder!!! Stella kindly ordered them for me..and I am so grateful, as I already can't believe I have lived without these books for so long!!! I will photograph my favourite pages for sure, as soon as the sun comes out today, but until then..I will share some links that I found when doing some google searching on his amazing work this morning....Mina Perhonen Website, and here you can download a Mina Perhonen wallpaper , and also here is his 2006 Collection from Paris fashion week. I really hope I can one day see his work in person...I really love it.

Sight: Light shining through the thick waxy petals of my new orchid...and shining through the fine holes in my Target piece showing it's finely perforated patterns.....rainbows (rain then shine all week!)...a ceiling, and not a hole when lying in the bath looking up last night.

Touch: The delicate indentations on the beautiful Ram's" skull card that arrived, ordered from Mav....Linen texture cover (and dinky size) of the new Mina perhonen canvas pumps rubbing my heel as I wore them out for the first time.

Smell: Hotdogs cooking at IKEA...paint fumes from the bathroom (now finished!!!)....brown paper box parcels (wholesome musty smell..)....metal on my hands.

Sound: Crinkle as I unwrap yet another one too many Daim (Dime) sweets from the Swedish shop at IKEA... the blaring radio of the painters from 7.45am (too early for noise!) saw, cutting through sheet silver.

Taste: Hotdog with cheap ketchup...chicken ceaser salad, crunchy and fresh....juicy jaffa oranges, cut into wedges, their juice running down my chin....cold, cold glass of organic skimmed milk....thai noodles, coated with a spicy coconut and sesame dressing.

Happy Easter everyone, hope you have a great holiday weekend....! Xox

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

To Lisa....

Well, when I posted this morning all pleased as punch with my pressies from Mum (still am of course!) I had dared not believe my day could have gotten any better (save the stupidly early hour of my rising!). Then the postman came with a parcel from the goddess Lisa and my breath was snatched from me as I opened it to find a vintage embroidered Target piece all my own (and in pink!!). I can't tell you how happy I am with it (although I am sure you can guess)...and I just have to say a HUGE thank you !!! I have long adored your beautiful artwork and am really honored to now own a piece of your work.....thank you so much for making it for me...Xox

*sigh of contentment*

Pick me up.....

Sometimes...there is nothing nicer than someone bringing you home a little gift for no real reason when they know you could do with a 'pick me up'. Yesterday evening my Mum brought me what is probably the perfect wee gifty for me - A gorgeous brown paper (kraft) travel journal from Paperchase. I am generally just besotted with brown paper..I think it is so timeless and classy (because of it's utilitarian associations I suppose), and quite simple and beautiful (see, I really could write an essay about it!). Anyway..this journal is for when I go to Paris (in all but a week and a half!) so that I can write, in absence of this wee bloggo, draw (generation of new work must begin!)...and use the amazing built in paper pockets to store all the goodies I plan to collect...such as tickets, postcards, French paper coasters and doilies...the list goes on but it will all be stored in here. It really did lift my spirits! :) What perfect little treats have you been given recently for no real reason??

I must confess I am really tired...the saga with the ceiling and getting it fixed goes lots of stupidly early mornings, moving of stuff, cleaning up of mess, doors left open so it is drafty and freezing cold...I REALLY can't wait till it is all done. How DO people refurbish their houses with gusto??

Here is the card that accompanied the gift...a beautiful Lucienne Day one with her 'Miscellany' pattern. I just LOVE love love her work, especially that wonderful Ochre yellow she used, so bold and chic! See some more of Lucienne's wonderment here and play about with your perfect colour combos....the centre for advanced textiles at Glasgow School of Art re-prints some of Lucienne Days fabrics now, have a good ol' rummage around this site as well if you are in the mood for intrigue and beauty!? I always keep my eye out for vintage bits of Lucienne Day fabric on eBay so that I could make some cushions or stretch it into a canvas...alas still on the search. On another fabric note..but still gushing about that wonderful Ochre-yellowy colour, I am quite liking Romo's new Annacy range where they have teamed this retro colour with a dark and softly smudgy brown type tone (charcoal would have been perfection IMHO)...but I think this is pretty, if very pulled together is your thing. I things a bit more slapdash..with of course, a bit of plaster thrown in for good measure (ahem.)

Hope everyone has a good day...I am busy busy and pressing on with getting all my orders done before I go..(wheeeeeeeee), so, yes...I better had ;) hugs, Xox

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Reds, Pinks.....

Here is my last (and might I add late) post on colour...and what colours!! Red, Pink....yum. I am late with posting as yesterday was spent collecting my bargain-ous Vintage G-Plan sideboard. It doesn't look very styled at the moment (as I have yet to decide what to put on it)...and it is a bit crampt where it is, especially when my sofa gets pushed back in front of it..but, one-room living is not forever, and one day it will reside in front of a perfectly papered wall...*yay for eBay!*
My pink and red offerings for today are....books, in colour beloved vintage pink tin (from my gran again!)...and a beautiful fiberglas floral tray given to me a few years ago by my friend Jill (charity shop find queen!!)....I also adore purple, but in the fading (yet beautiful) evening sun..I couldn't get any good purple pics.
I have a bevy of beauty from flickr in the red and pink theme this evening...Autumn Colour , Ability , Cherry Blossom Tokyo , Untitled , Pink ....*sigh*
I also owe a HUGE thank you to the lovely Amy for the wonderful box of goodies she so kindly sent me..including a divine little celluloid leaf and a beautiful selection of her wonderful handmade Posy Press stationary! What a lovely surprise to come home to!! :)
Rena Tom of Rare Device very kindly sent me a photograph of my work on display at her store in New York...I am so thrilled with how it looks in the cabinet! So, thank you Rena!!
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday all!! Xox

Thursday, April 06, 2006

the rest of....

Sound: Goldfrapp, Johnny Cash (ye-hah!)...the sound of a ceiling falling down....Builders singing in the way they always haring past in the rain.

Taste: Delicious Roast Vegetable and Goats Cheese thin base pizza..Hot chocolate..still warm crusty wholemeal bread.

Smell: Warming intensely savouring smell from the beef stew I have cooking just now...scotch tape...selvedge magazine (if you read it you will understand!) as I flicked though yesterday...

Touch: Plaster dust on every surface, everywhere....soft clean sheets on my shoes pinching my feet a little as I walked in them..rain early this morning, cold and stinging on my face as I walked to the shops.

Thank you all for your wonderful comments this week about my photos..I am so touched to hear you liked them, and enjoyed seeing a little peak into my home :)...I will leave you with a final note for the evening that will explain this wonky post......DAMN KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS!..a girl can make a mistake you know!! ;D

Have a wonderful eve all..TFIF!!! xox

Orange...and 5 Senses Friday...

Orange really was a hard colour for me to's not that I don't like it, its just that I really have hardly anything in this colour, and I had to stay in all day for the builders. So..just the two offerings, the first a book about the cover design of penguin books..and the second, my beloved wool paisley shawl (more rust, buff, and redish tones..but comes out sort of orange in general) shot in a brief moment of sun today. It is very grey and wet today, just a tad miserable..and seems like it is winter once more....

Sight : Untitled , Pumpkins , Orange Yellow Ranunculus , fireflies , open orange chooses for the day. I have loved my colourful has led me to rediscover things that I had forgotten about, re-examine things I have around me daily and appreciate the for their beauty.

White, Brown, Black....

Whites, Browns, Blacks....all good colours for me, more tones almost. They say 'age' ,'vintage'', 'simplicity' and make me think of wood (the best of all browns are seen here I think!), of crisp white sheets, and clean airy spaces, black and white photographs, old things..stained beautifully with time. I love objects in these you know I love things that are old, and have a sense of history...that aesthetic delicacy somewhat lost in time.....So, I have photographed some things in the home that fit in with today's requested colours, and they also all happen to be to my taste and linked with my work ;). (from the top left) studio wall, with wooden tools and great grandmothers marquetry mini chest of drawers, all inlaid with the most beautiful woods...Wonderful patterned wooden box of my Mum's that came from Iran (I think??)...and a vintage celluloid brooch I bought, another eBay find.

Here are some finds from Flickr that are fit in with today's colour scheme (all are art/design related, as I love the way a reduced palette can sometimes make you focus on the form) chairdrawing , girl forrest , Ram's Skull (I have just bought one of these beauty's!) Stars , diffusion collection group ..well, couldn't really do these colours without a nod to those ;P.....

Today I sent a group of work away to West Kilbride Gallery who I last showed with at Christmas, and who always do really well for me! (all thanks to Maggie Broadley the wonderful gallery director!!)....and I do believe my work has now arrived at Rare Device as well! Tomorrow, the builders come to tear down the fragments of ceiling still dangling...and I have to hunt down some 'orange'. Now, that WILL be a hard one for me....:) Have a good Thursday all....xox

Monday, April 03, 2006


Green..good colour! There are lots of greens that I don't like (khaki for example), and lots that I love, and it is not a colour that I often wear really. I especially like green when more than one shade are grouped together...showing its versatility and work-ability. Seen above..heirlooms from my gran, a wonderfully suede bound and embossed poetry book, a colour chart (we are re-decorating if you hadn't already guessed from the tale of the non-ceiling!!), and a vintage fiberglass tray.

Here are my favourite 'green' finds from flickr ,Night's Power, Untitled, Chrysanthemum , Untitled ....hope you enjoyed them!!

Just a short post I am off to Tai Chi soon, brand new gold ballet flats on the end of my legs should help the process along as well! Hope you all have a good night....Xox


Blue is such a wonderful well as loving true pure blue, as seen here in the printed roses on my Karin Eriksson mint cup, I love blue when it shows itself in it's full spectrum..being almost green or almost purple... like in this dried hydrangea from last summer. What great clear blue light we have today with the sunshine! Today is much better than yesterday..thank you for all your sweet comments of support yesterday, I feel much better now :)

Here are some stunning photo's from all around flickr with the tag 'blue' as their connecting theme... here , blue , Blue-Ribbons , untitled , pox first, then shingles I say, just loving the spectrum of blue, and the variety these blue posts are bringing lovely!

I got perhaps the best bargain of the century on eBay last night...a vintage 1960's G-Plan sideboard in teak! The wood has a lovely tone, and it is really long..6'6" with drawers and wee cupboards too, very retro, and just what I was looking for!! All this for..drumroll.....£15.00 (or $26.00) great is that!? And I can pick it up, as it is located in Edinburgh, so by next week I shall be able to show you some pictures. I am VERY excited :)

Have a great Tuesday all....Xox


I too am joining in the fun and posting Colours , and have decided to take a snapshot of the little vase of daffodils my Mum put on my workbench to brighten my lovely, so spring-like, so yellow!

I have also decided to 'harvest' my favourite yellow pics from flickr as some sort of glowing inspiration...Chair-yellow , Gold Sunset , Materials , Ranunculus yeah again , Mimosa 1 .....these sure did cheer me up today, and BOY did I need it.....

Upon waking up to a day that was to be full of things to do and work to get through, I decided just to jump straight in the shower and get on with the day.....the second I stepped out the bathroom after my shower (literally cleared the threshold)..the WHOLE bathroom ceiling fell down. I seriously got the fright of my life. The noise was so loud when all the plaster and everything hit the floor, and I really couldn't believe I had just missed being under it all by a small second! (guardian angel please stand up!) I am not a jittery person at all, but I was really got a shock and still feel really wrung out by it (a few tears were shed too!). Suffice to say after a long day, the plaster is cleared up...and the room is clean once more (albeit with a huge hole in the roof!) will be getting all redecorated around the end of the week. Is it time for bed yet?? Anyway..I am just going to go and cook some nice fresh tuna for dinner, and write this whole day off...starting again tomorrow, with, I major disasters.

Happy Monday indeed! :(