Monday, August 30, 2010

Three months in (since the move) and our workshop is still a disaster... I kid you not!
We may have to admit defeat at some point soon and reassess having three businesses all together in one modestly sized room... hehe... we may EVEN have to loose our guest bedroom to the entrepreneurial effort ;))

Still, here is a wee peek past all the mess (I haven't been able to muster the courage to share before now)... at the view over our garden which I look out on from the studio (slash jungle... it needs a trim!), my bench and our desk, where I have been working on new drawings for the abigail*ryan range... we're really snowed under right now trying to get lots of things made and realised!! It's hard to know which thing to do first.

I think I need a list or twenty!?

I wanted to stop in quickly tonight to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who ordered during my birthday sale - I am working really hard in the workshop this week to try and get everything out to you as soon as possible... thanks for making it the best birthday sale yet! Getting older ain't so bad really... ;)

Off to cook my Mister dinner... he's sewing up a storm!

more soon, xox

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Annual Birthday Sale...

Hi everyone - it's been another busy week so far, can't believe it's Wednesday!

BUT, it is, and it's my birthday to boot!

And so, it's time for my annual ONE DAY ONLY birthday sale - to say thank you for your support throughout the year. Great thing is, as I get older, the discount gets better! ;) Today I am 27... so there will be 27% discount!!!

We have decided to run the sale not only in my Jewellery shop, but also in our abigail*ryan homewares shop, which is uber exciting, as we have not EVER reduced any stock there since launch... we hope you enjoy treating yourselves and thinking ahead to xmas pressie giving etc!

I have some jewellery in stock, but most will need to be made. Depending on order volumes, I may not be able to get them all out next week (I am heading back to Glasgow for 2.5 weeks for a little holiday) - so please allow until the end of September for dispatch/delivery.

ENTER the code ' BDAYSALE2010 ' at checkout! And click HERE to shop jewellery, and HERE to shop abigail*ryan...

Enjoy and Happy Shopping!!
xoxox Abigail

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer Speeding by...

I can't quite believe how fast the Summer is flying by - we have spent the last few weeks trying to get our health back on track, and it's finally working after many trips to the doctor and lot's of taking it easy... it's been frustrating for us as we have so much work we want to be getting on with and we just had no option but to REST, so, it's been fab feeling able to do some great things this past week and really get stuck in...

We took a lovely trip to the Botanic Gardens a few weeks back to get some new inspiration for me - I am drawing for our new line of abigail*ryan goodies which will be debuting soon... it's really nice to be putting pen to paper and I am loving all the luscious blooms I am working with!!

We've been working on some quilts recently, soon to launch in our homewares shop - it's been so rewarding for us to create true heirloom pieces with such beautiful fabric as our Irish linen and, of course, our own exclusive prints - we're so excited to share :)

Back soon!