Friday, August 11, 2006


I had some big thread colour decisions to make last night!!...and luckily I had plenty to choose from {my Mums wooden embroidery box has a removable panel with elastic on both sides to store is so grandpa made it!}. Alas, the best made dye the aida with tea, turned my fabric an unusual perma-tan colour, so I am sticking with white until I have time to get some dylon..I am thinking chartreuse green on charcoal. It may become a series! But for the holidays, I am gravitating towards a strong rose pink on white.....

However, with all this to see, I may not have the time!!...hehe :) I was browsing the Moleskine website last night to decide which style I should I fancy doing some sketching/designing when I am away. I am very tempted to the story-board style as I think I would respond well to compartmentalising things??

I am very happy to be heading off tomorrow for a break...I feel I need one, but as always I know I will miss catching up with all my blog chums! I am so lucky to be spending my birthday {23!! for god's sake} amongst the sunflowers and lavender fields, high up in the mountains.... *smile*

:: I was working today, even though I haven't even really started to attempt to pack properly, or do things like paint my toenails or place all my 'hand-luggage' in a stylish clear plastic bag. {Ugh, can't even carry on lip-balm!!!}....but, I digress...below is what I did today, ready for getting plated and away as soon as I return! This lot {maybe about 10 pieces} will be going to Oriel Davies Gallery.....and then I start work on my biggest show of the year {secured at New Designers} Dazzle, Manchester..and they need LOTS of pieces!! {no rest for the wicked egh ;)}::

Now...if you want to hear the sexiest sounds of summer, listen to this from Ray Lamontagne...*wow*

Now...I am not camping in France, but if I was, I would want to be in one of these Cath Kidston tents , and hey..they are on I am sorely tempted to one anyway!!! I would need a pair of snazzy Wellington boots to live up to the tents fabulousness..These William Morris print ones would do the trick! friends, for a few weeks!! I am wishing you a good time....I can feel Autumn at my back...Mmmm :) heard it here first!! I have a had a wonderful time writing these last one hundred blog posts, and I SO, SO love hearing from you all, thank you for all your comments and support...I have made so many amazing and special friends through this venture in has been wonderful!

so, here is to a hundred more!! I will toast you from a wine vat in Provence :)

much love to all, Abigail xox


lisa solomon said...

oh my so much here! i'll have to come back to check out all the links, but...

1. happy 100
2. i'm amazed by that embroidery thread box. that is so fantastic i'm speechless
3. have fun fun fun in france - even though flying will be horrid. check it all !! check it all !! [and of course you'd find a stylish clear case!]
4. yay for more shows!
5. will miss you

KELLY said...

félicitations! thank you for 100 wonderful & inspirational posts! i always look forward to reading them...

and so many divine links too! i would have to go for the cowboy teepee myself :)

your mum's embroidery box is a joy to behold by the way! i can't wait to see how your cross stitch comes out...the colours you have in mind will be fabulous. (how i adore green)

have a wonderful holiday & birthday (just a nipper!) and please bring us back tales & sketches aplenty :) that provencal market link makes me so envious...the colours, the smells, the french accents...pure bliss!!

x kelly

shari said...

hi abigail!!
woohoo! happy 100!! this is such a lively, fun post. i love it. the tent and wellies are a must. love them both. must check out your summer song rec...but have to pop over to itunes to do so. i can't wait to see the finished cross stitch project. rose on white. lovely lovely. will miss you my dear friend. have tons of fun...i eagerly await tales of provence!
much love,shari ps: happy bday and expect a treat when you return. :)

Anonymous said...

Ooh, Abigail, what a well prepared trip this is! Wishing you lots of fun in the Provence... Can't wait to hear summer France stories when you get back. Lots of hugs --

Anonymous said...

YEH!! for the number 100!! I loved reading them all.

Have a wonderful trip, enjoy the time... I know you will, you love the small things. And tell all about it...

Looking forward to your next hundred posts :-)

Anonymous said...

have a wonderful birthday abigail and enjoy the sights and sounds - i look forward to glimpes into the different ways you will record what you experience.

all of your links and pics today are lovely, the box especially, and make a great 100th post :)

take care

paula said...

The embroidery thread box os know I can spend hours in the haberdashery looking at threads and I'm fascinated by the colours and when they are all together.
I have a couple of moleskins but I'm very curious about the japanese album and I'm planning to get one soon.
Happy stay in France and Happy Birthday and Happy 100 post.

Anonymous said...

this is beautiful - whatever it is to become!! i hope you have a gorgeous summer-filled feast of a time in provence and a lovely birthday :))

Anonymous said...

oh wow wow wow.
your blog is full of beauty these days.
the ray lamontagne..... swoon.
i can't wait for the new album.
hugs, kisses and congrats.