Friday, August 04, 2006


Back at the bench today...finishing off some pieces, and making up some new designs. The two necklaces with the outlines looped directly on to the pearls are new {I will be plating them}...something simple and classic, and very easy to wear! I'm glad that it's Friday..only one week to go till I am off to France!...yipee :) It's been another super fast blurred week....when will they slow down and play in real time??

I have finally got a post up at Whip-Up about Jewellery tools...recommending some suppliers, and ideas for basic starter packs, so check it out!

I also found the most amazing link to a site for screen printed Gig Posters that I just LOVE, love... via Nicole aka is a real treasure trove!! I have my eye on a few if I get some birthday spends ;)

So...if I am not about over the weekend, I hope you all have a great one!!

sending hugs to all xox


shari said...

hi abigail!

oh how i love your new necklaces. simple and classic indeed. i really enjoy your whip up posts so i'm looking forward to making it over there and to your other links this weekend. hope you have a great one! love to you, s.

Anonymous said...

Hi Abigail...

Loving the new stuff. I am going to go check out your Whip-Up post now.

Have a really fabulous weekend.. and France again? (sigh) So jealous you're so close...


lisa solomon said...

your whip up post is fantastic!

as is new jewels... sigh....

have a fabulouso weekend!!


off to France again? lucky, lucky you... have a wonderful time there!

Anonymous said...

As always, I love the sneak peeks into your studio and process... the new necklaces look wonderful!
cheers, gracia

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Abigail those necklaces are just gorgeous ;) I hope your weekend is going wonderful & your not working too hard ;)

Anonymous said...

Love love love your work Abigail. So glad you liked gig posters. There's some other cool links in the comments too.

KELLY said...

the new necklaces look so beautiful, it's always a joy to see your work in progress. how's the packing going for the hols? not long now! bon voyage if you're not doing any more posts before you go,

x kelly

p.s. did you get the hat?!

Anonymous said...

Hi Abigail, first of all - thank you so much for your tip to keep the white on the silver. I am going to try it out tomorrow! And I like your whip-up post, the picture inspired me to clean up my desk and you gave me another idea with this hand torch! I guess you 'tip' me a lot lately :) Love your new necklace, would love to see more than one hanging on the pearls... thanx again, Daphne

Anonymous said...


Abigail A. Percy said...

Shari..thank you my dear!! So glad you like the new necklace..simple was just what I was going for - in look , and manufacture!! ;)

karen..:D Thanks! Yup..I am a spoilt brat on the France-front!!

Lisa..Yay! Glad you like the was well overdue :)

Imelda ...I know! feeling very spoilt, but in need oof the holiday for sure..a restful one this time!

Gracia! Thanks so much...posts where people show what they are working on always make me happy too..that's why i love stopping by your blog as well!! :) glad to hear you like the new ones! Yes, working all weekend..but I will be getting time offf or good behaviour real soon, so don't mind too much! ;)

Nicole..Thank you!! I will go check out those links for sure..I loved that site so. thanks for stopping by :)

Kelly..I havn't even started yet!! eek...and have not got the hat either. am really not doing so well ;/ hehe...

Daphne...hope the tip worked :) and pleased to hear you liked the whip-up post too! I have another necklace with the same motifs repeated a few times on the pearls, so I thought I would do a simple one at a cheaper price point...keep all my ladies happy {and me, as it's faster to make!!}!!:)

coxi..thanks, so sweet of you!

xox to all!!