Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Happy Halloween everyone!! Hope you are all having a good one......despite my being too old to dress up {when I am not going to a themed party you understand}....you are never to old to put up some pumpkin fairy lights in the corner of the kitchen....!! ohhhh yeah ;)))

Over the last few days I was working to get another collection for a christmas show out to artifex gallery in Birmingham...which I got posted off today. Good to have that done....I will be relaxing tonight, and catching up with emails, post, magazines etc! Lovely.

I am thinking of doing another inspiration week very soon, as I have been seeing lots of things recently that I love.....lots of unusual forms {object wise} like these stunning glass pieces by Kamini Chauhan and wonderfully eclectic colour palettes in the form of glazed pods by ceramicist Sophie Cook - so stay tuned for more....:)

Happy tuesday all -- have a great night,


Anonymous said...

Hi abigail,
thanks for coming by my blog a few days ago:) those sophie cook pieces are just the best, i'd like to have them all - each season different color set :) looking forward to your inspiration week, so many great finds last time you did that! See you...:))

Anonymous said...

Your kitchen looks so lovely and cosy, just how a kitchen should look!

shari said...

love your pumpkin lights! hope you enjoy a relaxing evening.

i vote a big YES for the return of inspiration week. i need it! ;)

xoxo shari

lisa solomon said...

oh! that looks so cozy!

happy halloween [is it still over there?]

and yes on your inspirations... you find incredible things!!

Anonymous said...

one is never too old to dress up and anyway, you are one of the young ones ;)!!
Yes please, another inspiration week - you know where to find them!

Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween to you too from Sweden.

Nippy Sweetie said...

i love, love, love your cosy kitchen corner! best wishes from dundee.

paula said...

Oh! I really like those ceramics by Sophie Cook and the glass pieces by Kamini...thanks for sharing :)