Wednesday, October 04, 2006

so long...

Things are crazy here.....!! Making, making, going, going!! - I am popping down to London tomorrow to see Claire {and habibi!}, Karin and Camilla....and I am so looking forward to it!! Jealous?? heh heh....:) promise to share all when I get back!! But now it is 2am, and I still have my bag to pack, and some sleep to get before travel begins!..hopefully I will check back in late Friday night, before I head off here for a few days of bliss {and necklace assembly!} - like I said SO excited!!

Much love to all - have a great week!! xox


lisa solomon said...

yes - very jealous!

have tons of fun.... xoxo

cindy said...

oh my gosh, the cottage looks heavenly. can i come? good for you for working so hard. i'm very jealous of your london meet-up. what fun you all will have.

Anonymous said...

jealous? are you kidding?

Anonymous said...

us.. jealous...?!
Have a great time!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good time will be had in London.

And the Papa Stour croft - I've been wanting to go there for months, except neither my boyfriend nor I can drive which makes it a bit hard to get too. Have a WONDERFUL time there.

Anonymous said...

have fun abigail!

shari said...

oh my! please take pictures. sounds amazing...the blog meet up and the cottage! wish i could tag along. xox shari
ps: have fun!!

kstyle said...

Hi Abigail,
Have a great time and if your checking in having a fun contest at kstyle and giving away a pair of my lampwork earrings. Take care. k

Anonymous said...

Yes, definitely very jealous...specially of that cottage.

have a great time!

Anonymous said...

Lucky girl!! Can't wait to hear all your new news when you get back...

Have fun!


Annika Sandin said...

Hope you all will have a good time :)

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, well of course.

(jealous, heh)

KELLY said...

oooohh...what a nice time you must be having!! the cottage looks dreamy. please return with pics & tales :)

Isabel said...

I enjoy your work, particularly the leaf motives.

kstyle said...

Hi Abigail. Not sure if your back yet but am in top 10 in decor 8 contest and need your vote. Hop on over to kstyle.Thanks so much. k

everything pink! said...

your work is amazing!

Anonymous said...


Abigail A. Percy said...

Aw..thanks all :)

Lisa - I had such a good time, thanks....wish you could have been there too!

Cindy - haha..yes, it was wonderful {im sure I could have fitted you into my suitcase!} :)

lisa - I know..too lucky I am!

Julie - :)

katherine - oh could NEVER reach it without a car - we barley made it even with our volvo...MUD cetral!! It is so wonderful though, worth learning for ;)

sharon - thanks hon! x

Shari - Oh how I wish you could have too!! Darn that big Ocean between us! ;)

kstyle - thanks! :)

paula - thank you! Yes, I knew there would be some green eyes in blog-land over that one! hehe

karen - will spill soon! xox

annika - thanks so much! and for stopping by too, always nice to see you here! :)

jenny - *beam*

kelly - tales galore...all v. soon! xx

isabel - thanks so much! so sweet of you to say..thanks for stopping by :)

kristi - *blushing*..thank you!

cleo - oh my!! Thanks!! :)

hugs to all xox!