Friday, June 15, 2007

L'espace au milieu | The space in between...

...the mornings seem to be coming along very quickly at the moment. With [seemingly] less space for sleep in between.....thank goodness for the weekend!! ;))

Some links....

:: Katya de Grunwald...amazing photography and styling - found via the lovely Jen

:: Astrid has a new [and long awaited blog!!]..hurrah :)

Friday Flickr faves...

:: koisikawa by megumi.maruo

:: flower #4 by Ta

:: midori* by megumi.murao

:: shop window by Ana Ventura

:: shimane by wiiri

...such beauty this week! There was so many more that I was hard to pick. Something about discovering a beautiful image on flickr, taken somewhere across the world....feels like it is something just for you, something special. I love it [I love flickr!] :)
Hope everyone is all set for a great weekend....for me it will be a combination of work and some relaxation and family time. Oh, and more of the space in between.


ps - I am due to post over on the Ship but my copy of the book has yet to arrive [long, long story] but it should be here super soon, so I will post asap!!...hope you will join us.

EDIT: I just heard - the Glasgow School of Art Degree show has gone live you will find out about all the new graduates work here [I can barely believe it is 2 years since it was me!!]....;))


Astrid said...

Thanks for telling about my new blog. I'm flattered :-) Thanks also for introducing me to megumi.maruo's photostream. So wonderful - I could fave them all!

R.G. said...

Beautiful photo has a relaxing mood to it. mmm and an online book club! so excited to see this!

Karen said...

So funny...that is how I've been feeling lately as well..I am keeping my fingers crossed for the arrival of your book!