Tuesday, September 18, 2007

demain | tomorrow...

Just some floral offerings from me today {including the wonderful single chrysanthemum bloom I bought 2 weeks ago that is still going strong!}...as I am working on some new pieces for a shop update tomorrow!!

Thank you so much everyone for such wonderful comments on my Paris photos over the last week or two, I am so glad you enjoy them....there will still be some more to come for sure, except not so regularly from now on as 'work' things [and flowers apparently!] will begin to feature back here some more too....

Some links for today....

These photos are making me smile...untitled from Jordis, berlin V from pourquoi non?, morning and .... from jelens, What's one thing more? from Gracia and Louise. So good, right?

Beauty in art and photography :: Valerie Hammond via Camilla yesterday....Toast for the home...I am seriously swooning over here!!

It's getting cold here, how about where you are?
see you tomorrow,


marsha said...

love these photos.

i can hardly wait for the shop update!

lisa solomon said...

oh that mum!!!
yay for shop updates!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not a big fan of chrysanthemums, but your photographs show them in a stunning new light!! Thanks for the lovely links and swooning over Toast catalogues too.