Wednesday, November 21, 2007


This week...when I close my eyes, this is where I want to be. {Paris, of course} I have so much to do at the moment it is all feeling extremely stressful and I am feeling awful as well so that doesn't help much with productivity levels. However - I will get there I'm sure {almost sure}. This time of year always feels hard....right?
Just stopping in quickly to wish all my American friends and family a very wonderful and happy Thanksgiving. You are all so very dear to me and I am very happy, and *thankful* to have you all in my life.....thinking of my brother too, all the way away in Sacramento, and hoping you and H are will be having a lovely Thanksgiving together in your new home!! :)
Thank you all for all your support so far this year, it has been amazing....I think we should officially have a UK Thanksgiving so there is the opportunity to say these things more often ;)
See you back here on Friday for the 'decking out' of my little shop...
Have a good Holiday everyone!


Dror said...

Hello Abigail,

And this is where I wanna be, London of course. Hopefully I’ll be there next month. Meanwhile wish you health and happiness.

Anonymous said...

beautiful photo abigail.

gray design said...

Hullo - the turkey is in the oven! yum.

miss you