Wednesday, April 30, 2008

From inside out...

Hi everyone...I am back in the workshop at last after a few weeks of time-juggling working at the show. It's lovely to have some time to just get organised, catch up and do all the things that have mounted up...I just can't believe how quickly the days are going by - the last day of April indeed! How on earth did that happen!?? 

I am working on some new pieces {and have been collecting and pressing lots of little tiny spring leaves and blossoms for inspiration}, in amongst making and filling orders, so I am hoping those will be ready to share soon and pop in the, stay tuned on that front....

On the way to the post office today I got caught in an torrential hail and rain storm - what timing, huh? Anyway, I was determined not to turn back and to get my parcels away tonight, even when literally wading ankle deep in the down-pour....I have really not seen anything like it for a LONG time....that's dedication for you isn't it? I think I deserve a gold star for that one, because, let me tell you - my soft leather spring-like shoes are not impressed at all, and are currently curled up in the corner looking very sorry indeed! ;))

Before I share some links for the day I just wanted to stop and say a HUGE Happy Birthday to my lovely big Brother, Chris who turns 27 today!....and also, equally warm birthday wishes to my dear friend Tessa as well....have a lovely day you two - missing you both! 

Links for the day :: Tim Knowles {amazing!} - This video made me smile so, so much and so took me back {can you believe it's almost 20 years ago!??} {via Jenny} - Manos Shop is open! 

Have a *fab* evening everyone! Hope the sun is shining where you are!

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lisa solomon said...

i'll give you 4 gold stars!