Sunday, June 14, 2009

GSA Ceramics Degree Show 2009...

Kayleigh Lockhart - Ceramic Design

Peter Kiernan - Architectural and Contemporary Ceramic Design

Gillian Rae - Ceramic Design

Stuart Carey - Architectural and Studio Ceramics

Ayala King - Art and Ceramics

Yesterday, my friend Helen and I went along to see the degree show at Glasgow School of Art...the school we both graduated from in 2004, and 2005 respectively. 

I took along my camera, wanting to document some of the new graduating talent - and have shots to share from Ceramics today, and later, from the Silversmithing and Jewellery department. 

Ceramics was my favourite show in the school by a mile. I walked in and the first word I said was 'wow' was truly fantastic. This, however, is hugely bittersweet as the department is being closed next year - it seems they plan on going out with a bang, still, I can't for the life of me understand why they would remove such an important and viable discipline from the schools curriculum, especially when Ceramics is such a vibrant, marketable skill. *sigh* There is a 'Save GSA Ceramics' blog, for more information...

Some highlights above... {if any of the makers have sites or photostores they would like me to link to, please just let me know :) - and, on a side note, I would highly recommend *all* new graduates set up a blog page with some images of their work and contact details so that, in the aftermath of their shows, people who google them can find some more information on you and some visual prompts to remind them of your great work!}

Congrats to all the graduates from Ceramics 2009 - a really lovely exhibition...  :)

The show runs until the 20th of June and is well worth a look!

More soon,


anne murray said...

I agree Abigail, very strong show.

There will be the degree shows in September and June for the next 2 or so years before the bulk of the students will have graduated.

Some of the part time students are changing courses to Bristol (MA Ceramics) Dublin (BDes Craft Design) and I am transferring to Grays (BA Hons 3DDesign) to do my final year there.

Love your blog and flickr site,

Elizabeth Humble said...

Where's all the jewellery photo's abigail!! If you have any that would be fabulous as I've not been able to make it to the show, lizzie xxx

Elizabeth Humble said...

Btw.. the ceramic photos are beautiful ;)

Abigail A. Percy said...

Hi lizzie...I do indeed...those will be next. They need a wee bit of brightening as the exhibition space was so dark, but hopefully they will be up tomorrow...

Got some of everyone, so even if I don't pop them *all* on the blog, I will put them on flickr to view and link to the set :)


jim behan said...

Yes Abigalil. A wonderful show that did GSA proud but where is Adam Ross whose work was exceptional?
Jim Behan

Abigail A. Percy said...

Hi Jim, thanks for you comment...

Sadly, I can't feature everyone who showed, I have merely shown a selection of my favourites and the pieces I think photographed the best...the show was very busy and there was a crowd in front of some work - I may have missed Adam's that way.

Still - I recommend everyone go and check it out for themselves!

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Stuart Carey said...

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