Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Inside the Cover...

Hi friends! Its been over a week again - and let me tell you, one of the busiest weeks too...my mind seems fully occupied, as do my days, hands {busy making} and everything in between. Fits well with Spring, all this busyness and productiveness...so I enjoyed leafing through this amazing catalogue that landed on my doorstep and taking a few minutes out. Return of 'Inside the Cover', anyone? 

// Marian Hosking: Jewellery

...thank you kindly to the lovely Belinda Jessop who sent this beautiful tome my way...it is so inspiring!

I have been working shifts at Glasgow Dazzle, in the Merchant Square which has been good fun...and I have been back in the studio these last few days, catching up with orders and working on some new designs for the shop which will go in soon...perhaps next week? We will see how time goes.

Between now and then, my parents are moving house tomorrow! So I will be helping out with that...I will back in Dazzle on Thursday, so if anyone is around then and fancies popping in to say hello, I will be there.

Despite all this going on, I have an overwhelming urge to go out dancing!!? Go figure ;)

// Listen to Dawn Kinnard if you get the chance -  whom I heard for the first time last week on Later, with Jules Hollands...mmm.

Back here soon! Have a great day,


donna said...

Oh, i looove Marian Hosking's work, this book looks gorgeous!


Nicola Wyllie said...

Had my first experience of the Dazzle exhibtion on Monday... Sooo many pretty things that i wanted to buy. If only i wasnt a poor student!

Nicola x

lisa solomon said...

oh my - what a lovely book/jeweler....

hear you on the busy....
lots of hugs!!

Catherine Chandler said...

Saw your panna cotta on Design*Sponge...Yum!!!