Friday, April 18, 2008

This fine evening...

Hello, hello!...isn't it great that it is Friday night!? I am just not long back in from having coffee with the lovely Mhari and wishing that I had had my camera with me so that I could have captured the amazing sunset burgeoning on the horizon. It has been a lovely day here....le sigh.

Fancy spending some time in the kitchen this weekend? Why don't you join me!?...I have shared my Panna Cotta recipe over on Design*Sponge - thanks for having me, Grace + Kristina :)

I'm really pleased to see Anemone's creeping back into the shops. This hopeful little fellow makes we want to get designing in his honour. But more on that next week...

Off now to have my dinner, and without trying to burst any bubbles, no Panna Cotta for me this evening. I don't have an parties of four or more booked in and it would surely be too extravagant for one, no? ;)

Have a great weekend all,

ps, do NOT ask me what is going on with my font sizing. Apple and I are not making the smoothest of transitions together. Maybe I am more of a logical PC person after all, and not the creative mind I thought. Sob. ;))


Anonymous said...

Loved the recipe -- and your jewelry -- I wish I had known you were from Scotland -- I might have changed my pairing -- anyway, I posted an update on my blog.

Have a great weekend -- wish I were in Glasgow!

Abigail A. Percy said...

Hi Tom! Thanks so much....let me know your website address and I will check it out :)

Anonymous said...

Anemone's are a pretty firm favourite of mine... so beautiful and bright.

Happy weekend, Abigail.
hugs, g

Luke said...

Hey Abigail,Great blog!
Some really nice inspiration here...i love the look of your home where did you find that awsome sofa?

Not really on topic but did you hear about the ceramics department closing down at the GSA?

hope your well

Abigail A. Percy said...

Hi Luke...thanks so much for stopping by!

...ah, the sofa. A gem, isn't it? It was my grans, and she has kindly gifted it to me for my first flat...I am so in love with it!

Yes, heard about Ceramics. Real shame - ceramics is still such a thriving industry I fail to see how they can't make it work. I am hopeful it won't happen but i think this time it might...! so sad.