Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Ooh-lala...just look at the divine bright chartreuse that has been singing to me recently {though, doesn't it always?}!

....although these shots don't exactly show it, the colour I spied in this FANTASTIC striped hedge in my neighbourhood {got to love a bit of Suburbia in the City!} a few weeks ago exactly echoes the tone of the {Christian Lacroix} silk dress featured in the Financial Times Style Section* a couple of weeks back too...yum.

*speaking of which, it was one of the most beautifully styled and photographed shoots I have seen in a long while. I know one lady at least who would have loved it too!! ;)

I am excited to be getting out of the city tomorrow....wild salty sea air to breathe into my lungs...time spent poking around in some rock pools, forage for special stones and shells and have some freshly caught {and cooked!} Lobster by the harbour. Camera will come with, so I will share the goodness with you when I am back.....

Happy Wednesday all,


Anonymous said...

have fun and say hi to the lobster from me :)

Deniz said...

Love the dress and what a yummy colour.

love rockpools they are soooo amazing so inspiring- it has been my utter obsession for most of the year. Wish i could do the same, but i will just stay in the city and behave and work :D
( i still haven't finish my collection i was supposed to be done last monday...)
enjoy your day

shari said...

enjoy those tidepools. can't wait to see photos. and i love the fashion and hedge pairing. wonderful. xo

Deniz said...

hello i tagged you! read the details on my blog and please participate on the fun
how was the outing?